Thursday, May 29, 2008

Update on The Cat

Got off the phone with the vet just a few minutes ago. I had called at 2 but the lab results hadn't come in yet.

I called back at 3 and the vet said that his white blood count was elevated and his hemoglobin count was low and he was slightly dehydrated but that the levels weren't anything to be concerned about.

He still feels it's the heart throwing off blood clots but just in case it's another ear infection, he's been injecting him with Baytril and then injecting him with dexametazone (unsure of spelling) which is a steroid.

You can't really give cats blood thinners (to help with the clots) and the cost to get a sonogram at the university is $700 but the vet doesn't recommend it due to J.D.'s age (not that anything would happen to him but because he's just so old that it might only confirm what the doctor suspects and it wouldn't do any good in the long run).

He did say that he's already showing signs of improvement from this morning but that he wants to keep him one more night to continue the injections because they appear to be working.

So, I'll hopefully get to pick him up tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for all the good wishes!


Mama Dawg

4 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

insane mama

ahhh, poor kitty
hopefully you get to bring him home soon and cuddle with him. I'm sorry, this love that we have for our pets can be so painful at times.
Hugs to you and your cat


Oh, I hope he gets to come home tomorrow.


I'm hoping he continues to improve, and this passes soon-- good luck!


I'm just passing through via Psuedonymous Teacher and thought I'd let you know that my cat had the same thing/similar with the clot and heart condition. I sure hope your guy is still doing well and I'm looking forward to getting to read your blog!

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