Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh, My Beautiful, Smart Child

I just called my mom to give her the status update on the cat (he's coming home but the vet was too busy to talk to me on the phone so I'll find out details later) and I chatted with her a minute.

Light of my life wanted to talk to me so my mom handed her the cell phone. Without even saying hello or I miss you or any of that, she immediately says "Can I give you some advice?"

Seriously. Just like an adult.

And what made it even better, her advice was sound and I'm actually going to take it.

Oh, man, I miss that little girl. My eyes hurt to see her, my arms ache to hold her and my heart yearns to be with her.

Still no idea when they're coming home. Hopefully soon. I know that I can handle it, but I don't like to.


Mama Dawg

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insane mama

ahh, I hate it when my kids are away, as much as I bitch about them... it's just so great when they return


It's hard when the house is all quiet. She'll be home soon.


:( Man, that's the worst!! I'm sure she's having a great time. She'll be back before you know it!!

ps I'm glad to hear kitty is doing better...I hope she's home soon too!


Glad to hear the good news, and hope it continues.

It seems like kids are always smarter than you think, doesn't it?

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