Sunday, May 25, 2008


When light of my life was at her awards ceremony on Friday, my aunt was the one who went to take pics and to be her "cheerleader". My aunt lived in this same small town we live in when she was growing up (this is where my mom's family is from). Anyway, she didn't realize that a girl she went to school with was one of the second grade teachers. Light of my life saw my aunt talking to her and asked her later if she knew her. My aunt said, "Yes" and my oh so clever daughter then said "Let me guess, we're kin to her." My aunt laughed out loud.

It seems that almost everyone that my daughter and I meet, we're related to in some way. I told you it's a real small town!


I really need a voice recorder to keep with me when I come up with blog ideas. It gets really hard to write down my ideas when driving 60 mph on a country road.


No matter how inconsequential or ridiculous the message, I ALWAYS save light of my life's voice mails on my cell phones.


DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT pick up a carton of Bright and Early and shake it without pinching shut the carton. For some reason, Bright and Early still has those fold up tops (instead of the new fangled twist tops that OJ comes with now). Don't ask me how I know not to shake wasn't pretty.


I really, really, really do not miss living in New Orleans.


Mama Dawg

9 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


See, and I really really do miss it. I guess I don't miss the humidity...or the big bugs, but I do miss other things. Colorado is pretty, but it has no character. Know what I mean?

I love that your little girl thinks everyone is related to her!

Mama Dawg

I always start to miss it a bit but by the time we come back to visit, I quickly realize why I left in the first place. Of course, I wasn't born and bred here, so that makes a difference. True native always feel the tug back to the homeland.

When I moved away, I relaxed for the first time in years. No traffic, no asshole drivers, no potholes, no lost mail, no high prices for everything, no rude cashiers in stores, no questionable foot traffic in front of my house, no break-ins, etc....

As soon as I get back for a visit, I get all tense and anxious and rude and mean.

I guess I'm just meant to live in the country. LOL!

insane mama

I live in a BIG town, I mean City
but I had a small town moment. My daughters swim coach is my fifth grade teachers son. And my fifth grade teacher is friends with my daughters fifth grade teacher
Whew, that was tough


"As soon as I get back for a visit, I get all tense and anxious and rude and mean"

Funny...that's what my sister and I say about going back to visit Rhode Island.

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I had to laugh that you save all her phone messages. I do the same thing. I just can't seem to delete their cute little voices.

Jah Air Red

its like that in the town im from, everyone is related to everyone else.


your little girl is adorable!

Mama Dawg

Thanks, mom2fivebratz. I think she is as well!

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