Monday, February 8, 2010

And God Bless Drew Brees, And God....

bless Sean Payton and God bless Tracy Porter and God bless Tom Benson and God bless the New Orleans Saints entire defensive and offensive lines and God bless the Who Dat Nation and God bless the city of New Orleans.

That had to be the most exciting game I've EVER seen. Of course, it's only the second Super Bowl I've ever watched from start to finish. My dogs thought I was going crazy with all the screaming and hooting and hollering. I need to check with my neighbors to verify, but I'm pretty sure they could hear me all over the hill.

Tracy Porter, you should win a medal for that simply GORGEOUS pass interception that Mr. Manning so sweetly sent your way.

I love you my home away from home. You done us proud. See you this weekend for the BEST MARDI GRAS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mama Dawg

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