Thursday, May 22, 2008


....I got nothing.

Really, I'm drawing blank. I'm still working on the blog about my weekend in Lake Martin.

I'm going back to New Orleans this weekend. Mom's still there taking care of K and the kids. She's gonna stay through next weekend as well. Light of my life will stay with her next week since she's out of school as of tomorrow. That way, she won't have to stay with my grandmother and aunt (not that they wouldn't take care of her for me during the day, it's just better all around if she doesn't stay for that long) and she'll get to see her friend, Z, some while she's there next week.

Plus, I get to see R. I haven't seen her since Mardi Gras and with K's emergency, I didn't get to see her this last trip, either.

I get to eat sushi this time.

I get to eat Thai this time.

I get to eat Mona's (best Middle Eastern restaurant EVER!) this time.

I get to go see the new Narnia movie and the new Indy movie (I love me some Harrison Ford, he's like Paul Newman to me....never gets too old. Well, Paul Newman is too old now, but for a while he wasn't).

Hey, I got an idea for a blot post. I'll end this one and start the new one.


Mama Dawg

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