Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

This is my mom. Working on a puzzle book. At Disney World.

Gotta love my mom.

This photo was brought to you courtesy of Candid Carrie for her Friday Foto Finish Fiesta.


Mama Dawg

P.S. I gotta learn how to do that thingie where when you click on a highlighted word, it takes you to the website. Anyone know how to do that and can (IN PLAIN ENGLISH, not html) tell me via the comments or my


Update: I tried that link thingie (thanks LiteralDan for the help!)

10 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Your mom looks adorable with her overalls and pink bandana!! Was Disney World just not doin' it for her? She'd rather work her puzzle than hug a freaky giant mouse.


Easy peasy-- when you're in the posting tool, highlight the word(s), and then click the little icon of a globe with a couple of chain links over it (the toolbar just above where you type). A window pops up where you type in the link you want, and then click OK.

Any questions, just let me know!

Mama Dawg

Thanks! I'll try that next time. Or maybe I'll edit this post as an experiment.

Heather-She actually loves Disney World (not as much a fanatic as me) but my daughter and I had gone off to ride Dumbo (which she won't ride and I don't blame her) and she just sat on a bench waiting for us. She's like me in that if she has a book to read or a puzzle book to do, she can pretty much wait all day.


Thats kind of funny! I don't think I would even think to bring a puzzel book with me into the park.

Mama Dawg

Both of us do that. At all times, we either have a puzzle book or a reading book on us.

Mom to 3 Monkeys

Too Cute! What else do you do but relax at the castle?!

Mrs. Romero

You got to love a women who is prepared.

Lex the mom

A remarkable thing - being ready for the boredom that sometimes hits. I am never - I suffer through it all. I will be thanking your mom at a later date for this. Great image.

Mama Dawg

Thanks guys. Yeah, just call us the Prepared Family (makes us sound like mustard). You should see the inside of my purse. Bandaids, Neosporin, alcohol wipes, Tylenol, Chapstick, bottle of water, Kleenix, etc..

And we barely use any of it!

Sunshine Buzo

Suduko? Ha ha...that is good.

She's really cute btw. Tell her. :)

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