Friday, May 9, 2008

Overactive Imagination

You know how I keep telling you people that my inner 4 year old keeps coming out?

I'm not kidding about that and I'll give you another example.

Last night I went over to B & L's to help C with a project for school. While there, light of my life was having a grand old time doing whatever it is 8 and 9 year old girls do. It was close to 7 by the time I got finished and I had to get home to watch Survivor.


Anyway, I went home and left light of my life over at their house to finish playing. She had already eaten dinner over there and didn't want to come home yet so I said after I ate dinner and watched Survivor, I'd come back to get her.

I went back over a little after 8 and when I got there, B wanted me to download pics from our weekend so she could get them printed. I went back home and got my camera and came back. By the time we got finished, it was close to 10. Light of my life had fallen asleep and was sleeping pretty soundly. Even though it was a school night, B said just to leave her and she'd take me home to get some clothes for her and her backpack. Since we live right across the highway and all three girls go to the same bus stop (at the end of B's drive), it's not a hassle to do this kind of stuff.

We went to my house, got some stuff for light of my life and B took it back. I finished up doing whatever it was I was doing (I think getting a peanut butter cookie and some milk) and I went to bed (after watching 2 episodes of Friday Night Lights season show ever!).

Around 2 a.m., my phone beeped saying I had a message. The phone never rang which was weird. I don't ever put my phone straight into voice mail. I always just let it ring so I can screen calls. I listened to the voice mail but it was dead air. I checked my missed calls and saw that it said "B home" and the call was at 2:07 a.m.

Here's where my inner child came out.

My first thought, swear to God, was, "A monster is in their house and light of my life is trying to call me to rescue her".

I swear.

And no, not a figurative monster like a serial killer or rapist. An actual literal monster like from a Steven King novel.

It gets worse.

My second thought was that someone from the dead was trying to get in contact with me. (thanks Jared for that one....that was leftover from your post about that dead woman being buried with her cell phone and her husband thinking she was calling him).

I thought that when you became an adult you were supposed to be able to handle things like this in a mature fashion.

Finally, my third thought was "Light of my life must want to come home because she's not sure where she is".

Sure enough, a couple of minutes later, she called back, the phone actually rang and I went and picked her up.

To further add to my humiliating overactive imagination, whenever I'm outside in the dark by myself, I SWEAR things are watching me. Just waiting for that one vulnerable moment when I let my guard down and then they'll pounce.

Sigh......I think I have a Peter Pan complex. Or at least partially. Cause I can hold a job and pay my bills and take care of an 8 year old. Sometimes.


Mama Dawg

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