Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Delicate Question

I have a...uh...friend that needs to dispose of a certain battery operated "boyfriend".

How does one go about this?

Wrap it up in newspapers and dispose of it with the regular trash (which may include items with your name and address on it)?

Are there any environmental issues with the disposal? You know, like pesticides, batteries and tires?

Is there a recycling center? (ewww......gross).

Ideas? Suggestions? Advice?


Mama Dawg

7 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


My "friend" told me that you should just wrap it up good, double sack it and throw it out in the trash. As far as "she" knows, there is now recycling center. LMAO!

Mama Dawg

LOL! Thanks!


Take the batteries out of BOB and dispose of in bad, wrapped up OR if she has a papertowel tube, stick it in there THEN put it in a bag. :)

Unless it's too big for the papertowel tube.



Mail it to me...I will put my apron on, take it Target and surprise an un-suspecting patron with a new gift...


I'm laughing too hard to help right now. The idea of a recycling center is too much.

insane mama

my er um "friend" told me to send to a reconstruction specialists, for a bit of a make over and if there is any juice left in those double A batteries, send them over here

Mama Dawg

Sorry, the batteries have no more juice. My friend told me the reason she's getting rid of it is because it's broken. Apparently from too much use. Who knows? But, suffice to say, she's got a replacement already. Something about a bunny or rabbit? I dunno.

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