Thursday, May 8, 2008


I was just getting ready to log on to my e-mail account on Yahoo when I saw this headline:

"Clay Aiken's latest transformation could be his most drastic."

You know what my first thought was?

"Finally, he's turning into the girl he always wanted to be. "

Yeah, Clay Aiken lovers, don't bother e-mailing me. I really don't care. Really, I don't care. He's a stuck up S.O.B. and a so-so singer. Nothing to write home about.

Or to write about more on this blog.


Mama Dawg

5 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Yeah, he's a weirdo. What was his transformation??

Mama Dawg

IDK. I didn't bother to click on the article!


i shot clay in the ass with an air soft pellet gun at a party. he didnt know it was me. i blamed dave navarro.
lets just say the look was like...
:o (tilt your head)




I agree about Clay Aiken-- I never got why he was so popular

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