Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Weekend

We had to go back to New Orleans so I could drop light of my life off with mom who's staying for at least another week to take care of K. Light of my life is out of school and she would have more fun staying with mom in New Orleans than she would here with my aunt and grandmother.

We mostly shopped and spent time together. I went to eat sushi with R on Saturday night and saw a movie with her and V. We saw "What Happens In Vegas" and it was surprisingly good.

On Sunday, T, her daughter Z and light of my life and myself decided to go to the Greek Fest. We ended up meeting up with K, my mom and V and saw R and her crew there as well.

We even ran into light of my life's old daycare teacher and her daughter. We've known them for about 7 years.

It was cool.

Anyway, here's pics from Greek Fest.

On the way to the Fest.

Here's a pic of the fest from the sidewalk. That's Bayou St. John.

Here's the sign showing the announcement of the fest.

Here's T, Z and light of my life. The food was so good. I love me some stuffed grape leaves.

Here's light of my life climbing the big kids rock wall. She ROCKS!!!!

She's not that brave of a kid and it takes a lot for her to try something like this. But it was her idea. I didn't think she'd make it this high, but she did. I'm so proud.

We also ended up going out on a canoe with the two girls. Let me say one thing...never again!

I love to canoe, but I'm used to doing it when there's some movement on the water. It's harder to do it when the water was as still as the bayou.

At one point, we were getting ready to hit a rock on the bank (when I say hit, I really mean lightly bump!) and the girls (who had watched Titanic the night before, I might add) were yelling "We've hit an iceburg!!"

After laughing my ass off, we got turned around and headed back. When heading back, we got turned sideways and some ladies in another canoe were laughing (gently and not in a making fun of way). They started laughing even harder when they heard me yelling at the girls (who were freaking out at turning backwards) "This is not the Titanic, it's a canoe. You're not gonna die like Jack!".

Good times.

Hope you're Memorial Day Weekend was good.

Off to eat lunch.


Mama Dawg

2 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I'm jealous of the beautiful sunny skies you had! And Greek Fest - mmmMmmmm - I can smell the yummy food from here!


That looked like a Day of fun. I went to the beach with my husband and the kids (I met up with them there cause I had to work). We all had fun.
Glad yours was great too.

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