Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You Must...

...click here for some VERY un-p.c. fun. Please, no comments or e-mails from politically correct asshats. I really don't care. It's funny stuff.

If you thought that was funny...this one's weird. Click here. It's very graphic...so beware.

What's funny about this one though, is when I started reading it...Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" started playing. That's what set me off!


Mama Dawg

P.S. Thanks to Tracey and her hubby, St. Richard for the word asshats. I have to say, it's probably my new favorite word.

22 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I am over here laughing so hard that I am crying. And cannot talk. Unfortunately, my daughters are now going arounding chanting about "crap your hands" Elmo.

Oh...and the Craigslist one...you must go to Craigslist and read the best of Craigslist. There are some HILARIOUS ones on there. There is a similar dating one - wanting to find someone into World of War Craft. Must be a certain level. Go to dinner first. Can't be over $25.

And my fav Craigs list ad is this: TRADE: my coke for your pot. And you click inside and they want to trade a 12 pack of coke for a cooking pot. Too funny!


That was hillarious. There are some sickos out there!


Where do you find this stuff?

And you are ON for The Goonies sequel. The Coreys just had a falling out, so Feldman is ready for a new role. I wonder if Keri Green is up for it?

Mama Dawg

Whatever happened to her? And the fat kid?

Mama Dawg

Kat-I'll have to go there to read them. I love reading List of the Day. Cary's awesome!

jen721-tell me about it!

Lula-see above and I go to List of the Day. It's on my blogroll.

sassy stephanie

OMgosh. I was laughing so hard, tears formed. I think my fave, other than the obvious, fucking lovely, has to be "vegetables".

And, equally making salt water form is the Kat comment above about crapping your hands.

Mama Dawg

Stephanie-yeah, the Elmo one got me, too!


Ow my sides... I think I broke a rib laughing at the Engrish!

Mama Dawg

Lori-be careful there. I don't have liablity insurance on my blog.

Weith Kick

I'll have to check it when I get home as I constantly live in fear at work that Big Bro is watching. Asshat, huh? I'll have to remember that. I've always enjoyed the term fuck-stick.

Mama Dawg

Someone else mentioned that one to me as well in a private e-mail!

How funny. Now that I've gotten two recommendations on that one, I'll have to use it, too.

1 out of 3 bloggers recommends fuck stick...how's that for a tag line?

Complaint Department Manager

Mama Dawg, since you have photoshop, I was wondering if you could do something for me? If ya can, email me @ charlesmdoan@yahoo.com



Thank goodness for Craigslist! I can always find exactly what I need!


Hey, come check out my latest post... email with any questions.. wanted to email you, but I can't find it... I know we emailed about it before....T


Oh, and the link... hysertical.. wild lice....


Simply awesome-- I'm eternally grateful for you pointing this out.

If only they'd let me help them! I would absolutely do that for a living.


Asshat? Love it. I usually just say Ass. But with my voice lowered and a stern look. I think it makes people quake. Or laugh at me. Hopefully quake.

Rph Mommy

I love Cary. His site sends me into fits of giggles on a regular basis. Brilliance.

Middle Aged woman

My favorite regular use of the term "asshat" is Jen Lancaster at www.jennsylvania.com.

Mama Dawg

CDM-I just e-mailed my friend. I'll let you know.


Tiffany-I read it. I also e-mailed you.

Dan-I'm afraid to ask which one you'd want to help! LOL!

2to1-LOL! I try the stern look, but it just doesn't work for me.

rph-I know. He's the best. I get daily laughs from him!

MAW-I'll go check her out right now.

sassy stephanie

Ok, had to dig through your old posts to find this one and share this.

Heard the latest: ROR?

Raugh out Roud...it's a Beijing thang.

Mama Dawg

That's a trip!

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