Monday, July 28, 2008

Who Would You Do?

So, I got this book for $1 at Barnes and Noble this past weekend and I thought it would make for an interesting Monday morning post. Funny how now everything I do becomes potential blog fodder.

Anyway, it's called "Who Would You Do?" by Susan Segrest

I'll do a post every Monday with a "Who Would You Do" question and you need to answer WHO and WHY (did you pick that person) in the comments section!

You can answer all week long!

Here's the first one:

Would you rather have an erotic all-nighter with Tom Cruise-but the next morning you have to walk home in nothing but his boxers, and along the way you run into your mother, your priest, and your first-grade teacher-or a mere five-minute quickie with Brad Pitt but with no public humiliation?


Mama Dawg

*Editor's Note---You HAVE to pick one or the other. Even if you're a guy and the only choices are guys...same for girls...believe me, there are lots where it's only girls to choose from.

36 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Mama Dawg

I'm gonna go with a 5 minute quickie with Brad...cause, dude, he's dating Angelina! He's gotta be good...even if I only get 5 minutes. Plus, have you seen Tom lately? Yuck...


Can I pick neither??

Mama Dawg

Nope, you have to pick one. That's the rules. I'll edit my post to post that part!


Five mintues with Brad would be stellar compared to a full night with Tom. I know this for a fact.

OK, I'm just kidding. I could care less about the public humiliation--I'd still pick Brad. He'd just be better. I know this for a fact.

Kidding, again.

Apple Joos

Brad, but at the 4:58 marker, I get to kick him in the balls for messing around on his wife.

Mama Dawg

Oh, Lula...I wouldn't doubt for a minute that you know firsthand since you know all the celebrities (Paula Deen, anyone?)

Apple-hear, hear!!!!! Although, technically, they're not married...but I ADORE Angelina too much to let him get away with it totally...but not enough that I wouldn't enjoy the first 4:58 minutes!


No contest for me, this is easy. Brat Pitt all the way. Tom Cruise scares me a little.

Mama Dawg

Rhea-I know. Even before the couch jumping, he was getting a little weird.


Um, I already had the 5 minute quickie with Brad Pitt! And I will go back for more.

As for Tom Cruise, well..... Scientologists simply scare me.

Mama Dawg

jen721-I know. They're freaky. I used to LOVE Will Smith but I'm slowly changing my mind.


This is a no brainer. Tom Cruise is icky.

Mama Dawg

Kat-I agree!


OMG Brad, Brad, Brad. Tom Cruise is a freak!!!!!! Now if the all -nighter was with Josh Holloway, I would endure the public humiliation. I would even walk home naked.

Mama Dawg

Sue-Yummmmm...Josh Holloway. I would walk him naked wearing a big sandwich board that said "I just did Josh Holloway and he was TERRIFIC" and not even blink an eye.

Middle Aged woman

I'm a blogger now, so I'm gonna go with the Tom-Cruise-humiliation scenario, just to have great material to write about.


Brad Pitt hands down...because Tom Cruise is the devil.

Mama Dawg

MAW-I hadn't thought about the potential blogging material.

Scargosun-Yay! You're back!

Mom Taxi Julie

Brad of course, Tom is just weird!


5 minute quickie with Brad. Humiliation or no humiliation, he is one divine HOTTIE.

Mama Dawg

Julie and Lisa----good answers!

Weith Kick

I'll plead the 5th. BUT! if I was a woman I think the Tom Cruise nuttiness, scientology factor would scare me "Far and Away." Very Far and Away. As for Brad Pitt, I'd also be afraid here too because he's had sex with Angelina Jolie and she's had sex with Billy Bob Thornton. Eeeuuw.

Mama Dawg

weith kick-first of all, what's with your name? There's gotta be a story behind that...second of all, I NEVER thought about the Billy Bob connection. You make me wanna ALMOST change my answer. LOL!

sassy stephanie

Tom Cruise...ewww. Never was a fan. Who wouldn't go with Pitt over ewww. Pitt's a tasty dish. I should know. Had 'em. A few times. haha

Mama Dawg

Stephanie-LOL! Everyone here seems to have had a piece of I wanna change my answer.

sassy stephanie

Naw, he may be a man whore, but far better than ewwwww. I'm keeping him. In my bedroom. Right now. Gotta run!

Weith Kick

Mama Dawg... Not much to tell with the name. When I was a kid there was this girl who used to reverse the first letter of my first name with the first letter of my last name and vice versa. So my initials are actually KW, not WK.

Insane Mama

I don't think Lula is kidding. I think she knows something. I'm going with brad... I hate pulic humiliation


Just because I say I'm kidding doesn't mean I am kidding.

Chew on that one for a while.

And girl...I'd tell my entire church if I did Josh Holloway. Or Jason Statham. HECK FIRE, even Edward Cullen and he's FICTIONAL. My husband would understand.

Yeesh, I sound like such a hussy. I'm not. Just with Brad Pitt.


Oh, Lord. This is a no-brainer. Brad all the way, no question! Delicious!

Mama Dawg

Sassy-Yeah, I'll have to agree. No matter how much of a man-whore, he's still better than Tom!

Weith-Well, that explains that!

IM-I know! I think she not only knows something, I think she's UP to something!

Lula-You're making my head hurt with all the speculation! You have a very understanding hubby!

Lisa-I came to the same conclusion!

sassy stephanie

I really want to eat that pink and blue cupcake.

sassy stephanie

You know, since I'm all tired from being Pitted all damn day.

Mama Dawg


That's got to be the greatest line EVER!!!!

Genius, pure Genius!


This is a fun idea! I'm going to have to go with the majority and go with Brad. I like quickies anyway. Plus I'd be worried my hands would turn purple from being with Tom (did you see the pictures of Katies freakish purple hands?)

Mama Dawg

jen-I saw that! What was up with that? That was weird.


Majority rules...Brad Pitt all the way! If it were back in the Top Gun days I would have at least thought about it but now he's just plain freaky.

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