Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shame, Shame, I Know Your Name...

...and it's Jesse Jackson.

Really? Seriously?

You really didn't know your mic was still on?

I find that hard to believe. Especially for a sh*t stirrer like you.

I found Senator Obama's words to be quite frank and fitting since he grew up in a home without a father.

As a single mother, I applaud this effort on the Senator's part to get fathers to take responsibility.

I also don't believe that this statement should only apply to African-Americans. I feel it should apply to fathers of ALL races.

I'm not going to go into this any further. Yes, I'm a coward. I hate confrontation and hate politics and my blog is not about that.

I just found this to interesting "situation" and felt the need to say a little sumpin' on it.

My sumpin's been said.


Mama Dawg

13 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Yep, totally agree. He is going to my island. This island is a place where I put people that irritate me or are just plain too stupid to be in public. I will write a post about it soon.

Mama Dawg

I love the idea of an island like that. Can I dump some of my people there as well?


Oh, oh, I have people for that island too! That's going to be one scary island...


I totally agree with you as did Jesses own son. He made an interesting statement.

The real reason I am here, besides my daily visit, is you are going to have your question answered on this Sunday's segment: Ask A Monkey. Stop by and get their pearls of wisdom.

Now, I am off to review yesterdays photobombers. I need some laughter today...

Mama Dawg

Rhea-yeah, I think that's going to be a REAL crowded island. Maybe we should just ahead and reserve Greenland or something.

jen721-yay! My question will be answered. Sorry you need some laughter but at least those pics do the trick!


OK, so I'm a super dork and NEVER pay attention to ANYTHING politics. I guess I better fill myself in on what's going on.

Thanks for adding one more subject to the list of subjects I have been purposly keeping my head in the clouds about!

Mama Dawg

Sheila-sorry! LOL!


I know what you mean about not wanting to dedicate yourself to writing about politics too much, cause it's one of those no-no topics of legend, but sometimes you just have to say a little something about something, and then step away and back to real life.

And I agree about Jackson and Obama.


Jesse Jackson's statements further clarify my opinion that he is a douchebag.


Jessie Jackson has ALWAYS been on my island. (Scargosun--I am totally stealing this from you and will give full credit, I promise.) But I have no idea what you're talking about...
You Tube to the rescue!


Dude. No politics? Why?!?! We need some good blog fodder occasionally and I think this one is PERFECT. That jackass was just ready to go on a press circuit, it was his way of getting it done.


Jesse Jackson just likes to hear himself talk. I'm sure he is pretty humilated about these comments and he deserves to be. What an idiot!

Mama Dawg

I agree with all statements made above! LOL!

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