Monday, July 21, 2008

We Have A Winner!!!!!

Below is my lovely assistant, light of my life!

Here she is showing off the lovely hat we will use to draw the name out of.

We did this at our neighbor's house. That's their lovely trunk behind her. That's her best friends hat. We didn't do this at home because I don't have a computer at home (hello, Dell or Toshiba or even Mac...we're more than happy to receive a free computer with all the bells and whistles at any time! Just call me! Or e-mail me! Or leave me a comment!) and I wanted to get pics and what not at the exact moment the momentous event occurred.

Here she is helping me fold those tiny pieces of paper.

Here she is with the hat full of the tiny pieces of paper. have to click here to find out the winner!

Congrats to the winner. The winner will need to e-mail me at the e-mail address on my sidebar to let me know which sunglasses cord he/she wants or if he/she wants me to make a custom created cord.


Mama Dawg

17 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Congrats to the winner! And how fun that you video taped the big event.

Mama Dawg

Thanks! I thought it might be more fun!

Jozet at Halushki

OMgoodness! Your kiddo is very, very cute!

Mama Dawg

Thanks! I adore her!


I can't believe I won...

You did say weather moose, right? Cause that's what I heard.

Weather Moose


Your Light of your Life is just adorable. I love that you video taped the drawing! Awesome!

Congrats to the winner!! Greedy Grace, I think it was. :o)

I got my sunglass cords in the mail, and I LOVE them. They're much cooler than the pictures showed.

Mama Dawg

Chris-Yeah...sorry...but you heard wrong.

I do have a consolation prize though...and it's real manly.

You've been awarded the "Come and Weedeat My Yard" award.

It's a "you pay your way" award to come and weedeat my HUGE yard! Yay! Come and claim any time.

Rhea-I'm so glad you got them and am so glad that you like them.

I think she's adorable, too!


I can understand why you call your daughter "Light of My Life". She's just precious!

Mama Dawg

Lindsay-Thanks! I love her!

Mom Taxi Julie

What a cutie!


Yee-haw! I'm so excited! And what a cute way to announce the winner!

Mama Dawg


Grace-Congrats!!!!!! Just e-mail me what you'd like!


I'm happy for Greedy Grace, but even happier to hear such beautiful southern accents coming from both you and your gorgeous child. 'Cause I'm all Georgian and southern and loving the life of being a Belle, but my accent sucks. I mean, it just plain does...oh, it's twangy and all, but it's not anything you'd want to listen to all day. We can't all be 'Sippy Sounding, I guess.

Dirty White boy

congrats to the winner!

Dirty White boy

hey...spotlight is the kill?? Friggin awesome.

Mama Dawg

Yep, DWB, in honor of you and your awesomeness, the spotlight is "The Kill".

Mama Dawg

Lula-Anytime you need a southern twang fix, just holler at me and I'll get a you tube up right away!

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