Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jaeger Makes You Poot Part 3

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Friday morning, we slept in for quite a while and then got up and went to Wal-Mart. Just ask B, that was the scariest ass drive we’ve ever been on. I don’t know how many times we had to tell Big C to stay in his lane and to slow down. We had to go to Wal-Mart to stock up on food to eat that night. We farted around there for quite a while and then went back to the house. A little while later, we decided to go out on the boat for the rest of the afternoon.

(yes, this is me, on the can't see my face, but I'm soooo relaxed right now)

I’m still wary around Big C but he’s not acting strange or “handsy” or anything, so I slowly start letting my guard down.

However, I guess my “cold shoulder” got noticed by him after all cause he started getting real snarky towards me. He kept asking me OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again “What’s your problem? You’re angry about something. Seriously, you need to go see someone about that problem. I can help, tell me what it is.” This is one time when I didn’t keep my mouth shut and snapped back, “Have you ever thought that maybe I just don’t like YOU?” He just laughed. It kinda stayed this way the rest of the weekend.

There were moments when things were ok. But it took a lot on my part to act as normal as possible.

We all got our drink on. L had bought some Red Bull and we had tons of vodka so that’s what L and I were drinking for most of the afternoon. I guess the drinks were a little strong because I got buzzed and nearly drunk real quick (that and the lack of food for most of the weekend. When we did eat, it was delicious but I’m not a small girl and I need to eat breakfast, lunch AND dinner with a few snacks in between as well…boiled peanuts do not make for a good lunch…especially on Red Bull and vodka). I can remember that at one point, I was laying on my back on the boat seat and then I turned upside down to hang my head over the edge. For some reason, this made my head less “fuzzy”. At one point while I was relaxing like this (I wasn’t feeling sick or anything, just buzzing along real nice), Big C came over and again touched me on my legs! Seriously!

I’m usually not this much of a wimp when it comes to standing up for myself…especially if I feel violated. But, I really didn’t feel “violated” (and before anyone bothers to correct me on this…I know what it’s like to feel “violated” and this wasn’t really it). But, in this case, my neighbors are still “new” to me and I don’t want to rock the boat. I have to live by these people for a long time and I really, really like them. It put me in a bad spot and I hated that.

We cruised around for a bit longer and then ended up at the same little cove area where I peed a tree to death. B & L got off the boat to take care of business (L had to find a new tree to use since I killed the last one) and Big C got off the boat to hang with the dog. I went to the back of the boat to jump off the back to swim for a while.

This is where one of the most hysterical things happened the whole weekend!

I promise, I'll post Part 4 before I leave for the day. As much as I'd like to drag this out, I'm already bored by the story and I'm sure you guys are, too.


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You must have some seriously sexy legs if Big C can't keep his hands off them. hehe

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LOL! I wish!

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