Monday, July 14, 2008

Totally Random Monday

Did you guys miss me? Didja even know I was gone?

*said in a tiny, sad, pathetic voice* You didn't?

Well, why not? *said in a LOUD angry voice*

Ahh...just teasin'.

Most of you probably didn't even know I was gone since I used that handy-dandy blogger post thingie that allows you to post a post without even being near a 'puter!

I had Friday off of work. It was nice.

I got a whole bunch of nothing today. I'm working on some posts in my head, but it takes me forever to articulate meaningful posts so it'll be a while.

John Deere Mom taught me how to widen my blog column and my header. She ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

I leave you with the following bits of flotsam and jetsam.


Light of my life got a new beta fish this past weekend. She named her Monica after Monica from Friends. Yeah, we love that show. So much so, we're contemplating buying 5 other betas to round out the group. Light of my life is mad that Mike (Phoebe's boyfriend) isn't considered a "Friend". She gets way too emotionally attached to Friends.


Speaking of emotionally attached to TV show characters, she also cried when Stephanie from Survivor was voted off. Remember Stephanie? And Bobby Jon? She LOVED Bobby Jon. I, personally, got emotionally involved with Ozzie (from his first stint, not the second) but for totally different (read: dirty, nasty, HOTT) reasons.


I took out a pair of panties the other day (clean from my drawer) and noticed my panties have stretch marks. Is that possible? And if so, what does that mean for or about me?


I was driving home from the vet's office a couple of weeks ago and laughed when I spotted an entire unopened non-flattened package of hot dog buns in the middle of the road. Some poor schmuck is going to get home and say "Well, Ethel, I could have sworn I bought a pack of them hot dog buns...I dunno" all the while Ethel is yelling "Jethro...we cain't eat no hot dogs without them hot dog buns".


I laughed harder a couple of miles later when I saw another package in the same condition.


Yeah, I have actual thought process like that in my head while I'm driving. You should see the looks I get from my daughter if I accidentally slip and say something like this out loud.


On this same driving trip, I saw a little old black man with no teeth (you know what I this) driving a white Chevy Malibu (the old model, not the new one) that had these god-awful FLAMES painted all over it. I wondered out loud (to absolutely NO ONE in the car) about the story behind that.


Do people who pronounce oysters "ersters" know that they're saying it wrong? And when they hear someone say it the correct way, do they think WE'RE the stupid ones or do they know they're pronouncing it wrong?


That reminds me of Dooce and her whole pronunciation of the word "crayon".


I feel guilty when eating sugar-free rice pudding and tossing it away cause it taste nasty when there are people in Haiti eating mud cookies.


When listening to the song "Making Love Out of Nothing At All" by Air Supply, I always feel the urge to sing this part out loud:

"And I can make you every promise that has ever been made
And I can make all your demons be gone".


I think ending on an Air Supply song will be sufficient.

Have a good Monday, Internets!

How was your weekend?


Mama Dawg

9 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


It was odd without working on my blog, but I think it was needed. I'm making up for lost time now, anyway.

Can you share how you widened your blog post area?


I lived through my weekend. That is how it was. :) Glad you hear you had a good one!

Dirty White boy

im wondering if the old black man has a blog....

Mama Dawg

LOL! I had no clue who dirty white boy was! LOL! I certainly hope he does!

Mama Dawg

Dan-I dropped you an e-mail so this comment is redundant.

Scargosun-Glad you survived your weekend from hell.

DWB-Ahhh......I already responded.


Dagnabit, I was wondering what happened to my hot dog buns.


LOL about the hotdogs on the road. That's kind of weird. You know that doesn't usually just fall out of a car like that on it's on... It would have been hilarious if it has been a trail of individual hotdogs though....hehe

Cute about the beta fish and getting a bunch more for the cast of Friends to live in your fish tank. My boys named our fish after Greek Gods. lol


You're gonna need 5 more bowls for 5 more bettas. Their nickname is 'fighting fish.' Hold up a mirror so Monica can see himself (usually stores sell males, ours is Bill) and you'll see those fins flare in indignation at the site of a competitor. Hmmm, a fish with sexual identity issues. Seems like blog fodder.

Mama Dawg

Debbie-I know where they are!

Rhea-I have no clue what the story was behind the hot dog buns. I'd love to hear it though.

Greek Gods? You mean like Johnny Depp and Christian Bale and Matt Damon...or real Greek Gods? LOL!

MAW-Yeah, we're betta pros here. I know to keep 'em in seperate bowls. We already have Summer. Johnny just died and Monica is his replacement.

For some reason, my daughter loves the female bettas better than the males.

No gender identity crises with us!

We used to keep the male and female betta bowls right next to each other and watch the male get all "fluffy" when the female would swim by. It was funny.

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