Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jaeger Makes You Poot...The End

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Part 2

Part 3

After a little bit, I noticed that for some reason, the boat was moving. Around that time, Big C started yelling! Turns out, L hadn’t ground the boat good enough and it was floating way! With me ON IT!!!!! AND NO ONE ELSE!!!

So, I jumped up and while he was yelling instructions at me from the beach, I got the boat started. I accelerated the boat and when I did so, I gave it too much juice and it almost went completely vertical in the water! I quickly hit reverse and almost left the cove entirely. I had never piloted a boat before so I didn’t know that it only took a gentle touch to make the boat move. As quickly as I got it out of reverse, I slammed it forward again to accelerate and I almost crashed the boat! Luckily, I caught it in time and was able to bring it back to the shore and actually did a good job bringing it back to where it was initially parked.

L said he was laughing so hard, he almost fell down. B didn’t know what was going on because she was too busy trying to pee and L was laughing so hard he couldn’t tell her what had happened. Big C would not shut up about me almost crashing his boat and I just sat there all proud of myself for not crashing the boat and killing everyone!

We got back to the house and had yet another wonderful meal and lots of drinks. Big C’s friend, Bob (not his real name but that’s seriously what we called him the whole time), came over and ate with us.

(This is Bob demonstrating....god, I don't even remember, all I remember is that we were laughing so hard at this had something to do with Big C having a woody at a strip club)

We all headed out to the island for more conversation and drinks. Except for a few snarky comments and Big C deciding my new name was Amy, it was fun. I stayed far away from Big C so it was all good. I had quit drinking around 5 that afternoon mostly due to all the Red Bull and vodka, the almost-crash and I felt I needed to stay sober after both of the “handsy” experiences. I didn’t have another drink the whole weekend (except for a taste of some scotch), so I was pretty much the only sober one there. Well, B wasn’t drunk and never did get drunk but she was feeling good. Bob got so drunk he fell out of his chair and L had to hop up real quick to keep him from going in the water or the fire pit! Bob was hysterical. He kept talking to us about his ex-wife that left him for another woman. He and Big C had obviously known each other for a while and had had lots of escapades together because most of the night was spent listening to the kind of trouble the two of them would get in to. Despite everything, some good times were had. Mostly at someone else’s expense, but hey, if you can’t laugh at people and their problems, who can you laugh at, right? (that’s a joke, by the way!)

(This is Bob after he fell out of his chair...he also vomited up his dinner which apparently was some sort of rice dish...don't ask me how I know that...shudder!)

(This is the fire that Bob almost fell in and that L had to rescue him from)
Later that night, Bob discovered he had lost his phone so Big C and L went to the island to look for it. While out there, L ended up walking right off the island into the water. I so wish I had been there to see that. It’s amazing he didn’t get hurt. Big C was laughing too hard to do anything but lay on the ground holding his sides. B and I were in the house watching TV when L comes in the house, dripping wet! I don’t think I laughed so hard that whole weekend. He looked like a drowned rat (sorry, L, but you did!).

The next day, it was kinda rainy so we mostly lolled around and went out on the boat briefly. Mostly looking for goodies to bring back to the kids. We hung out again on the little island for a while but mostly hung out on the porch of the house. Big C ended up apologizing to me for being so mean and I forgave him for that. Of course, no mention was made about Thursday night but I just let it go.

The next day was Sunday and it was time to go home. I never felt so relieved in my life. I missed my baby girl and was miserable from being so tense the whole weekend. The ride back was uneventful. When I got home, light of my life and my mom weren’t even there! As disappointed as I was, it gave me time to think about how to tell them about the weekend without making it sound like I was too miserable. I had been looking forward to this for a while and they were so excited for me to have a vacation that I didn’t want to make it seem horrible to them.
The below picture made it all worth it, though.
(This is beautiful Lake Martin)


Mama Dawg

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It sounded like an incredibly hilarious weekend with people falling over and boat mishaps and drowned L. Wow. You had me laughing and I wasn't even there.


Oh my stars! Big C sounds slightly creepy, but Bob sounds HILARIOUS!


I'm so glad that it ended out OK. I was really worried that you were going to have to hurt Big C (and he deserved it). I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he was so drunk he didn't remember trying to cop a coupla feels (though I'm sure he was just being an ass and didn't think he was doing anything wrong). I'm glad you made it out alive!

Momo Fali

I have a friend like Bob. He's always our entertainment.


Hey, I just officially accepted the award from you-- thanks again! Check it out here.


you look like you had alot of fun. my 4th was boring. boring with all those kids, people like to ask...but yeah...boring. lol.

Mama Dawg

Rhea-yeah, despite the "handsy" host, it was hilarious.

Heather-Bob was hysterical. He kept me laughing the whole time. Of course, he wasn't doing any of it intentionally, which just made it funnier.

Lindsay-Yeah, that's pretty much what I chalked it up to as well.

Momo Fali-Don't you just love friends like that?!

Dan-Just checked out your site! So glad you passed it on!

mom2fivebratz-yeah, it was a fun weekend.


What a hilarious weekend! Sounds like memories well in the making there.

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