Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Buy My Stuff!!!!!

Oh.....I went and D-U-N it (like Natalie from Big Brother says).

I opened an Etsy shop. It's over there on the right side above my blogroll.

Achhhhh...I hate putting myself out there like this, but mama needs gas money.

That and I truly enjoy making these things.

Right now, I'm starting off with my sunglasses/glasses cords.

You know, the ones that you attach to your sunglasses or glasses to keep from losing them? Yeah, like what your granny wears...except mine are cooler.

At least, I think so.

I made a few several years ago when we first went to Disney World. I made my mom, light of my life and myself one and they worked perfect there.

I have to ALWAYS wear sunglasses (even if it's overcast) or else I get bitchy (er). But I'm notorious for losing them in theme parks. Yes, I've been to enough theme parks to actually develop a HABIT of losing my sunglasses in them.

Light of my life made her own (picked out the beads and strung 'em). She still has hers.

Last year, when my neighbor was going to Disney with her mom, friend, sister in law and her two daughters, she asked me to make some for her and her group. I obliged and the funniest thing was...she PAID me to do it!

Ding, ding...lightbulb over the head time!

Due to the move and getting all my stuff set up, I've just now gotten to the point where I can start this whole thing over again.


Anyway, I'll periodically add new cords on there when I get a chance to upload photos and all that stuff.

Man, I really need a home computer.

I also have a couple of other things that I make that I'll add on as well.

Stay tuned!


Mama Dawg

P.S. Thanks in advance for looking! And by all means, tell your friends and family about them as well. I'll even go so far as giving you permission to add this to your blog! How's that for generosity? Never say I didn't give you anything, Internets!!!

P.S.S. Wanna know something funny? After all the hullabaloo of making the sunglasses cord so I wouldn't lose my sunglasses...I left my sunglasses AND the cord on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride at Animal Kingdom last year! Hey, I never said that they would prevent you from taking them off and putting them in the pouch for fear that they would bounce off during the bumpy ride and then getting up and leaving the vehicle while your poor sunglasses and beautiful sunglasses cord stayed behind. I'm not a miracle worker!

19 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Hey. Good idea! Do you make them for those extra large ear pieces? You know, the extra large glasses.
I would love some. What about with material? Like skulls? I would so go for some skulls.

Good luck with it all!!


Oh my stars, those are awesome!! Should we shout them out on SITS on Sunday?

Mama Dawg

Hey, if you want to, go ahead! I'm down with 'dat!

Seriously, you would do that? That would be sooo cool!


Mama Dawg

Sheila-I haven't tried any with material but I'll check in to that. That might be do-able. If not, I'm sure I can find some skull beads!

John Deere Mom

I LOVE the silhouette pic in front of the aquarium..so awesome!


Very cool stuff. Have you ever thougght of making lanyards? (long necklace that holds a name badge) I teach and sell a boat load of them to teachers around the district. We teachers like shiny and sparkly things. They help take our minds off of what we're doing...


Awesome stuff, Emily. I like it! I just placed an order. :o)

We girls gotta look out for each other.

Manager Mom

This etsy shop stuff is all the rage! I've heard of many other people setting up shops there. Wish I had some talent to make things I could sell...


I love that Safari Ride! Yeah for you going into business!

Mama Dawg

John Deere Mom-Thanks! I LOVE that picture myself!

jen721-I had not thought about lanyards. Thanks for the idea! I'll have to check in to that.

Rhea-Thanks!!!!!! Oh, you don't know how you made my day!

Manager Mom-I'm sure you have some talent for something like that. You just gotta figure it out! ;)

Tiffany-Thanks! Yeah, that ride is one of our favs when we go. We ride it at least 3 times when we go.

Mama Dawg

Rhea-Your order will ship on Friday! Thanks again! You bought my favorite one...the black and white! I hated like heck to let that one go but I knew I needed to. I've got enough of those beads left over to make myself a bracelet out of them, so I think I'll do that!

Selfish Bastard

whats an etsy?

Mama Dawg

An etsy is a place where you can sell your handmade crafts to make a little or a lot of cash.

It's a place to get back to handmade goods and not all this commercialized crap.


The black and white one was just awesome. I had a hard time deciding, I wanted to buy more. hehe Even though I don't really wear sunglasses. I just like colorful things, and I wanted to help you out. :o)

Mama Dawg

Rhea-Thanks! I don't wear mine all the time, but when I do wear it, I'm grateful for it.


Cool! I am working on coming up with a creation of my own for Etsy too. I need to get back in the creative flow.

Mama Dawg

Scargosun-Good for you. Let me know when you get it set up. I'll go take a look-see!


Anything that is inspired from a Disney trip is my kind of craft. Love it!! Good luck!! Hope you sell a LOT of them!

Mama Dawg

jen-I hear ya!

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