Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Random

This is a random post but it has a purpose.

I've read/seen/heard/thought some things lately that I feel I need to share.


First of all...I'm thinking of starting that twitter thing. Is is fun? Is it worth my time?


You need to go check out this post. I found it hilarious for some reason. You need to skip down and read the italics part. That's what slayed me. (No, Lula, Heather and has nothing to do with Edward and his kind...I just used the word slayed!).


Trooper Thorn has written a screenplay and he's started a new blog to dole out bits and pieces of it. It's not been made into a movie...yet. Let's try to change that, shall we? He's only got the first installment up, but so far, it's hooked me. It's kinda Jude Apatow-y...I'm totally picturing Paul Rudd as the lead.

Click here to read.


I'm going back to New Orleans for a visit this weekend. I'll be bringing back a special visitor on the return trip. My daughter's friend, Z, is coming back to stay with us for a week. Next week is the last official full week before my kid goes back to school, so what better way to spend it than to have her good friend from back home come and visit!


Light of my life is RIDICULOUSLY excited because she's managed to save up $100 to help pay for her iPod. This girl seriously loves music and she takes pretty good care of her expensive electronic toys (DS Lite, stereo, plug and play games, etc....).


I had her go through my iPod last night to pick out what songs she wanted to put on hers and I was so impressed with what she chose.

First of all, she chose lots of Jimmy Buffett. More specifically, she picked some Jimmy that's a little obscure. She picked my fav, "Stars on the Water". She also picked out "Werewolves of London". Jimmy covered that for the movie, "Hoot". She also chose lots of Bobby Darin as well as the "kid-friendly" (insert sarcasm here) songs like "Love Shack", "Baby Got Back", "Beautiful Girls" and the such. However, she did pick out the entire soundtrack to "Chicago". My girl's got taste, y'all. We'll also be downloading all the songs from the soundtracks to "Grease" and "Grease 2".


I love the small town I live in. They post the school supply list in the newspaper. So easy! AND, the list is not one like the ones she had when she was smaller. I mean, seriously, does it matter if the kid has Rose Art or Crayola crayons? The reasoning I was given for that is that they wanted all the kids to have the "same brand" so no one would feel out of place.

Really? Don't make me start a post about this. You don't want that. I could SOOOOOO go off on this kind of "helicoptering parenting" kind of behavior. Please, please, please don't get the teachers involved in this stuff, too.


I'm taking a half day tomorrow so we can get on the road early.


I was on such a high on Monday when I discovered that another item from my etsy shop was purchased! And...she isn't a blogger. She's just some random lady!


The best news for baby, J.D., is walking again!!!!! Albeit, like a drunken sailor, but's walking!


I leave you with these images:


Mama Dawg

21 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Katie Says

have a great trip in new orleans!

Mama Dawg



Cute blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. I am from SW LA between Lake Charles and Lafayette. My boyfriend is actually from Baton Rouge and that is why we are always at Blue Bayou :) How 'bout you?? I see you are on your way to New Orleans....


I love you even more now that I know you like Grease 2!!!! No one I have ever met in real life will admit to liking this movie. I can sing all the words of Cool Rider and Girl for All Seasons!! Love that movie! Love the music!!

Manager Mom

OK - the Twitter? DEFINITELY.


Thanks for leading me to dialing under the influence! I'm sucked in already!


Congrats on your non-blogger Etsy purchase! That's exciting!!

How long a drive is it to New Orleans? I have lots of family in Baton Rouge. I love visiting Louisiana. I think it's great you're letting Light of your Life have her friend come visit. We flew up Donny's best friend from Austin a few times this year because he missed him so much. They were really tight before we moved and this move was hard on Donny. :o)

It's like the saying goes...make new friends, but keep the old! One is silver and the other's gold.


I loved your pics! Those are great! I so agree on the school supplies-who cares who made them, as long as you have them, right?


It's sad that they would jump on board enforcing corporate hegemony (I assume the required brand was Crayola). I wouldn't be surprised at all if Crayola paid the school some small amount of money to get their name on the supply sheet. It's a great idea for someone in a boardroom with their soul hung on the coat hook.

You should buy her RoseArt or Prang crayons and tell her to respond whenever questioned that, "I could have had Crayolas, but my mom is teaching me to fight the power instead."

Has anyone seen my crazy-man-on-the-street sign board? I need to keep going on this rant. ;-)

Trooper Thorn

Thanks for being my Standard Bearer Mama D. Readers and potential viewers for Dialing are pouring in. Part 2 up tomorrow.

Maybe Sven should be in the film. Sounds like he could play every role.


hey emily its stefanie...vickys friend. i wanted to order some stuff from your esty shop...but i figure since you are comming here this weekend i could skip the whole shipping deal!

list of what i want:
Buddha neacklace &
cross necklace

umm if you can bring them down here please do and i will pay you when you get here...if you cant do it like that then i'll go ahead and order them...just let me know!

thanks love me!


Your daughter has great taste in music...and again, I love reading your random stuff. About that poll on the side, I couldn't choose because they all sound good. So whip us up some stories..except for the nekkid men one...leave that out...

Mama Dawg

Amy-Thanks! I used to live in New Orleans in Uptown. All the years I lived there, I never went to Blue Bayou! Can you believe that?

Jen-Awwww.....I'll admit to anything. Believe me...wanna know another shameful movie I'll admit to? "Crossroads"...yeah, that horrible movie with Britney Spears. I'm sorry, but when they start singing Joan Jett at the club/bar...I'm outta my seat dancing.

Manager Mom-Yeah, I didn't even wait for a response from you guys. I went ahead and did it!

greedygrace-Yay! Glad to read that someone actually took my advice! Your package is being mailed today!

Rhea-Yeah and if you read the comments below, a friend of a friend (who lives in NOLA) wants to buy two more!

It's a 5.5 hour drive to NOLA.

I love that saying! It reminds me that I can branch out and meet new people without having to give up the old.

miri68-Thanks. I love LOL cats and dogs. Yeah, the school supply thing throws me every time.

Dan-Man, you always use too many big words. I'm always running to to decipher what you've written....LOL! Just kidding.

Hey, I could start a mini-revolution amongst the elementary school set. She can be a mini-female version of Che.

Now you got some good blog fodder! Go with it Crazy Man!

Trooper Thorn-You're welcome. I'm always up for showcasing talent in any form.

You're right, I think Sven could play every part. Even the mom!

Stefanie-Ok sweetie. I'll bring 'em down when I come this weekend. They're all yours!

Debbie-Thanks! I think she has wonderful taste.

Believe me girl, you wanna hear the nekkid men story. It's about a bunch of them all at once!

Katy Lin :)

enjoy your trip! just a bit of good traveling news: you won my giveaway! please e-mail me your info at katylinvw(at)yahoo(dot)com

Mama Dawg

No way!!!! I finally won something! Whoo hoo...and it's for a cool product. I'm so coming over to claim it!


First of all, I love how you got all slayerish with your vocab and then outed me, Tiff and Heather. 'Cause you know how we are. Yes...we are those vamp-loving peeps. And I'll go read that post as soon as I finish here, promise.

Second, YES on the Tweeting. I am Lula34. We can twitter and tweet all the live-long day.

Just last night I finished "Eclipse." And I'm not owning up to how many times I've read the series, 'cause why embarrass myself any more than usual? I can hardly stand the wait 'til next Saturday...then again, I don't want it to end. I especially don't want it to be over if Meyer chooses to end it they way I think she should. But that's a whole other story...

Hilarious pictures...I play well with children, too.


Have a great time in NOLA!!!! Drive safely......

I love the Ipod list- we'll have to a Favorite Ipods tunes list with all the bloggers, I need to add some tunes to my list but I'm drawing a blank.


Being a teacher, I know why Crayola over Rose Art... Ok, no I don't.

Stop by and visit. I have a present for you to pick up. :() It's on both blogs, so pick one.


I love this post. Random is where it's at. You are so gonna love the contest I am going to do tomorrow.

And twitter - I see that you didn't debate long about it. I am thinking that I want to get on this bandwagon, too. Because the news here was talking about some woman whose cable went out. So she bitched and moaned about it on twitter...and they were there within the hour to fix it. Twitter power to the rescue...

Mama Dawg

Lula-just added you as someone to follow on Twitter. I love this. I'm halfway through New Moon. Eclipse is next (again) and then it'll be time for Breaking Dawn!

Lisa-Thanks and I agree on the blogging list of songs. I could find some new ones to add!

Jen721-OMG! You are too cool! Thanks!

Kat-can't wait for the contest. I'll def. be by to check it out. Join us on twitter!


You should start twittering! I'll follow you. I'm mindlessjunque.

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