Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

I wish I could say that these pics were self-explanatory, but I'm afraid that someone may get the wrong idea.

Like, you know, these are items inside my house.

Y'all, I can be white trashy about some things, but I'm not THIS white trashy.

A couple of weekends ago, mom and I were hitting the local flea markets (the same weekend I got my china cabinet) and I stumbled across these two gems.

First, may I present, you know, I don't even know what to call it...that's it...I'll call it an it.

You can't see the back of this but if you could, it would have a handle or the mouth portion of a pipe on it. I don't know exactly because, quite frankly, this scares the living bejeezus out of me.

These gave me nightmares. For reals. NIGHTMARES...or as I like to call this particular one...nightHares!!! (LOL, sometimes I crack myself up!)

Enjoy! Have a great weekend!

If you want to join in on the Foto fun, click here to go to Carrie's humble abode.


Mama Dawg

18 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Candid Carrie

Oh My Gosh, that bunny has fire eyes! Thanks for playing!


Thanks for passing on the ;)


Wow, that's freaky! You bought them, right?


Those are scary, especially the clown thing. Good luck with that! LOL


I like the bunny. The clown would give me some serious nightmares!!! Why are so many people afraid of clowns?


That thing would not live in my house. I live alone. If I got up in the middle of the night and forgot I owned it I might have a heart attack and die. Then I would smell for weeks, the cats would eat me and then maybe the neighbors would send the police to find out what stinks and I would be found. NO NO NO!


Well, as Carrie knows, I'm a fan of weird clowns--so that first one is right up my alley! I fond of the devil-eyed bunny too!

I like the background on your blog--very nice!!


Wow, that bunny looks so, um, realistic. Okay, not really. Actually really weird.

Judy Haley

You might do a little extra research on those two items. I'll bet they're both collectors items (even if they're not in mint condition) and worth some money.

great finds


okay that is Freakishly trashy! lol!


Dagnabit, Blogger ate my comment. I was saying those two items are absolutely freakin' scary! But fun. Freaky fun. You're hilarious.


cute and funny.. i think that first one might be a clown. i've gotten some great stuff from flea markets.


Um...that Hare is totally posessed. Look at those demon eyes. POSESSED. But, also...strangely cool.


That bunny was out drinking to much, his eyes are bloodshot.


I am so having nighmares now.


The bunny is kinda cute (minus the scary eyes) but that other thing is just bizarre.

Osman S Borutecene

I don't really agree on the scariness of the first picture :) It can be interpreted as cute too.

Mama Dawg

Whew, you people are some commentin' lovers!

Carrie-That's what I thought as well!

2 to 1-Sorry! I did not buy these freaks of un-nature.

Candy-hey, that's my aunt's name! Cool! and yes, the clown thingie is the scariest one.

jen721-I don't know but I'm afraid of clowns as well. Mine stems from Poltergeist and It.

Lauren-I hear ya! That's why I didn't get them!

Jennifer-I've seen your blog before and I'm like Carrie, I have to scroll down first with my eyes closed until I get to your post!

Teri-I agree!

Jude Haley-I don't think these are worth anything. The rabbits are just plain old Hobby Lobby type purchases. The clown might be something, but I doubt it. Either way, it's not worth the money to have these in my house.

Shelle-I know, right?

Rhea-Thanks and they are freaky!

Jessica-Let me know if you want 'em. I'm sure they're still there!

Lula-I feel that the bunny could probably hypnotize me if I'd let it.

Z's mom-What a spin! I never thought about it that way!

Scargosun-Don't you mean nightHares?

Lindsay-yeah, the red eyes ruin it for me.

Osman-thanks for stopping buy. I don't know about cute. But hey, everyone's entitled to their opinion!

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