Saturday, July 12, 2008

Two Dogs Running Contest Give-Away!!!

Hey, y'all. I decided to host a contest. You can check me out here or over at Camp Candid Carrie's (along with some other great contest) and at SITS!

Yes, I'm a shameless band wagon jumper onner (is that even a wagon? I kid, I kid. I know that the real non-word is jumper). please don't leave me a comment telling me that the real non-word is onner...I'm aware of that...this is my sense of humor, love me or leave me.

Anyway, to help jump start my etsy shop, I decided to host a contest.

Here's the rule (yes, there's only one!):

All you gotta do is click on my etsy shop to your, your other right...that's it...and take a look around. Then leave me a comment telling me what color scheme or "theme" you'd like to see in my sunglasses cords that I'm selling.

That's it. Easy peasy.

This contest starts today: Saturday, July 12th and will end on Friday, July 18th at midnight. Via random daughter pulling a name out of a hat or bowl or garbage can...whatever's handy...I will announce the winner on Monday July 20th. While at my extremely boring job.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Oh...I guess you wanna know what the contest give-away is, huh?

Well, it's either a sunglasses cord of your choosing (whatever is left in the shop) or a custom made sunglasses cord.

And, while you're there at the shop, if you see something you'd like to buy...feel free! I won't hold you back!

Thanks for checking it out and have fun!


Mama Dawg

35 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


YEa! Congrats on your shop. As soon as I come up with something creative I will do my own too. :) Anyway, I would love to see a really elegant yest simple scheme, like the smallest silver beads combined with pearl-like beads but the pearl ones would be like every 5 or 10th bead. Ya know? I don't wear eye glasses but I Do have sun glasses that are difficult to wear on the head so I'll be back soon.


Okay, if you know me (or ANYTHING about me) you would know about my love of skulls. I know, I know, you're probably thinking, "SKULLS! NO WAY! GET A LIFE CHICK!"
But seriously, I like skulls, especially if they are cute and girlie like.

That's all I can think of right now. I seem to have a one-track mind.

Good Luck with the contest and the Etsy shop.

Insane Mama

I love the sunglass cords, I really like deep red, or deep blue. I don't use sunglasses or the cords, can you make necklaces? Cause I would sure buy those. Heck, maybe I'll buy sunglass cords for my mom... She is always losing her sunglasses


Why not some type of beach theme? Using tiny shells of some sort ? Hey, it might work?


GReat giveaway! You know I like your stuff. I"m so glad you started an Etsy shop!!

I like the flower up top, btw. Great colors, I agree!!


btw, my favorite color combinations are reds and oranges together ...and blues and greens together.

Multi color is a favorite as well.


Awesome work!! You did good;)

Let me just say that ANYTHING in ANY color green would be a MAJOR sell for me;) I'm a GREEN girl, LOL


Congrats on setting up your own shop! You know what might go over really to do combos of team colors. Like Red and Black for the Dawgs. Or Orange for Tennessee. Or Black and Gold for GA Tech...


I like the brown multi colored. It's really cute.


I really like your pink/green/dragonfly. I love dragonflies. I'm partial to greens in general, though. :) Very pretty stuff.


Sweet! I love the multi colored pastels!


How cute!! I totally agree with Kat; the team colors would go over blue and orange - Go Gators!


Love your stuff. I am a purple person. Guillermo likes green and Bernardo, likes browns.


Cute stuff! I love the brown cord. I would love you to do a maroon and white one (Mississippi State) and even some Tennesse Titan colored ones. Looks like lots of football fans on here!


I'm going to pretend Kat only mentioned the Bulldogs--and NOT Tennessee. I spit that team out of my mouth. BLAH!

OK, I am all about pink and green. Or pink and brown. Or brown and turquoise. OR like Deanna said, maroon and white for Miss. State, which is where my parents graduated from.

And you are not a band wagon jummper oner...I am totally doing a giveaway on my site next week. It just means we are FUN and generous people!


Congratulations on your shop! I love the red white and blue glasses cord! Well all of them really! I also am putting you in my link love for the week!


I like your stuff! I like bright colors that are cheery and flowers too. Anything girly!


I really like the multi-colored one - it would go with everything! They are all really nice, though - like the black & orange a lot, too!

Crazy Momma

Love the shop! Beautiful stuff!

I am thinking that some neutral colors, earthy stuff...oranges, greens, tans and such.

Great luck to you and your new shop!


Those are really pretty! I would love to see a black, blue & white pattern. Good luck with your new business!


Great job! I like the Dragin Fly ones! Have you ever thought of doing I.D. cords? I have to wear an ID badge at work, and I hate the generic cord I have. I would love something "saucier!"


Pink/brown or turquoise/brown would be pretty.


sweet cords. I'd love to be in this drawing. I'll even come back to your site to get to etsy for your items for sale to show my firends.

I like the Pink and Green beaded Dragonfly sunglass cord!


I think something daisy themed with baby blue and yellow would be really cute. All of my favorite things!

John Deere Mom

Yay for the wider columns! Glad it worked for looks great!

Mama Dawg


manager mom

I want some of those wider column thingies!

Also, how about a space theme? midnight and cool blues, silver, whites, yellow for supernovas, suchlike.


So cute!! What a great gift idea too!!
I love them all but love the multi colored one the best. All bright and cheery and reminds of the bead work I used to do. Love it!!

Thanks for the chance to win one



Love them! what a great idea- my favorite color would have to be a turquoise/orange combo ! my favorite!

gooooodddd luck!


Awesome job, good luck with it! I'm a man. As such, my DNA does not allow me to comment on beads. But they look neat.

Weather Moose

Middle Aged woman

B-day is next month and I have been totally digging on a peridot green/blue topaz combo.

Mama Dawg

Whoa! What a turn out!

Just to let y'all know, I'm taking down all these ideas. Don't be surprised if you see some of these pop up in the shop! Some ideas I already had on the back burner, but others are new and I like 'em. Keep 'em coming!


Ooops I forgot to leave a new idea that you might use. I love ANYTHING turquoise and silver think that would be a beautiful and classy combo.
Thanks for the chance to win!



Shoot I got all sidetracked by the comments and I forgot all the colors. But, I liked the one with turquiose (how do you even spell that word?)

ANYWAY! Good luck with your ETSY!

Kristinia - Loving Heart Mommy

I'd love to see: Lavender and Pink!

phillipsonlygirl (at) gmail (dot) com

I like your earrings they are really pretty!

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