Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Camper Girl

My camper girl came home last Thursday! I was so happy to see her.

She had a blast.

It was a Baptist church camp...aghhh...but she wanted to go.

Before I get all sorts of hate mail about this...I've explained before that I'm not religious. I especially don't believe in organized religion.

However, my daughter is interested in church and Sunday School and bible camp and all that. Since I don't feel it will hurt her to learn and it will only enhance fellowship with our community, I attend church every Sunday WITH her. Mostly cause she's too young to go by herself. And, I feel that since I'm always growing, it can't hurt me either. I like learning and I like the sense of community that I have when I attend.

That got way off topic.

Let's get back to the topic at hand.....my camper!

Here's a pic of her unmade bunk. I took this on the day I was picking her up. She had the top bunk.

Here's a pic of her when I first got there. She was sitting on the floor near the front of the fellowship hall where they were putting on a performance for us. We still hadn't hugged yet but to be honest, I don't think she cared much at that point. She was just so excited to be a part of this whole experience. You can just see the joy in her eyes! (and yes, I know she has a severe case of red eye, but I'm about to leave for the day and I'm off work tomorrow and I'm too lazy to go and correct it. She can be the evil queen that owns the bunnies from below!)

Here she is performing a song in sign language. She was so proud of herself. She's been going around all week singing all the songs she learned. It's so sweet.

I'm glad she's home.


Mama Dawg

12 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I never went to camp growing up and always kind of wished I knew what it was like. I'm glad she had a lot of fun, and that you are letting her figure out religion for herself. I know that is probably difficult, but I'm sure good for her in the long run that she's got a say in her choice.


I sent both of my kiddos to camp at the beginning of June. It was a lovely week. But it was so sweet to have them and their stinky clothes home again...


She is so beautiful. I'm glad she enjoyed camp!


This is almost enough to make me wish I got to learn sign language songs at a Baptist church camp. :-(


Did anything about the name of the camp include a lake or a forest? My baby sister is a counselor there for the summer... so I have to ask...

Trooper Thorn

Let us know how long she sleeps after she comes down from the Camper's High. My kids were always very excited, then slept for 22 hours and we learned they hardly slept at all in those unmade bunks.

After a week of exhausted lethargy, they were back to their old, bored selves.


She is gorgeous...and all good Baptists learn a song in sign language. My girls are still singing the one they learned in VBS last month. Good times.


I think it's so wonderful you take her to church even though you don't believe in organized religion. That's a truly wonderful parent to expose your children and let them see what all is out there.

I'm just so impressed! We don't go to church, but I've told my children that if they want to go, we'll work it out. And I encourage discussion about it.

Love the pictures!

Marcy - The Glamorous Life!

The picture of her right when you go there is great. she seems to be filled with joy. Just the way kids should be.

Maternal Mirth

I, too, am not a religious person. I get it, but, um, I also get that it's not for me.

Organized religion, that is. Not God. God is ok ... :)

Mama Dawg

Lindsay-Thanks. I am wanting her to make up her own mind about religion. I don't feel like it's something that should be forced down a person's throat. If she chooses in the future to turn away from organized religion, I will be there to support her. If she chooses to stay w/in the organized religion atmosphere, I will be there to support her. It's such a personal choice and decision. I don't feel it's my right as a parent to force her one way or the other.

Sorry for the soapbox. I'm getting off of it now.

Kat-yes, the quiet was nice, but after about 2 days, I was ready for some noise!



AFro-yes, it had the word Lake in it. E-mail me if you want the specific name.

Trooper-yeah, she slept for HOURS past her normal time.

Lula-Thanks! Yeah, even now, a week later, she's still singing and signing.

Rhea-Thanks! Yeah, I feel it's a personal choice. See my soapbox rant in Lindsay's answer for more info!

Marcy-I agree. Children should be filled with joy. After all, you're only a kid once!

Mirth-Yeah, I decided quite a while ago that it's not for me. I believe in God, but as far as organization goes...it's not for me. I feel that my relationship with God is a personal one and not one for the public to know about. It's one of the reasons I stay away from that topic for the most part here on this blog. Sex, politics and religion are things I rarely discuss here.


You are such a better person than me, because I just could not bring myself to let any of my kids go to a religious summer camp, no matter how much they begged. There are some things I just can't chance the indoctrination, no matter how much they ask. For example, I have adeptly sidestepped the Boy Scouts issue each time Bailey has brought it up, and will continue to do so.

Philosophically, I side with you, letting kids make up their own minds. I just can't practice what I preach on a few issues. sigh.

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