Monday, July 7, 2008


Here's the snake. Sorry for the bad shots. I was trying to hold on to the pole and video at the same time!

9 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Anti-Christ in Training.


I hate snakes.

Ive actually eaten one though...and no they dont taste like chicken, they taste like snake, and snake is discusting.

Alligator on the other hand, tastes like chicken, with a shrimp texture...

And now you know WHY im vegetarian now.

Mama Dawg

That's why your a vegetarian? cause of alligator and snake? LOL!

Insane Mama

Thats actually pretty cool! I have a video on quicktime how do I upload it to youtube? It says it's uploading but it never finalizes, is it too big orsomething?

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Mama Dawg

I don't know. I upload mine to my neighbors computer in their video portion (is that what you're talking about) and then upload to you tube. It did take forever but it will give you a completion message when it's done. Try it again.


It takes me forever to finish uploading tiny video clips. So, I only do it every now and then.

This was like watching a horror movie...I knew what was comin', the video was moving like crazy and I Didn't know where it was...I was scared!! I love your daughter's comments. hehe

Mama Dawg

Yeah, she's a card.


Just watching that video gave me the shivers. Ick!!

Mama Dawg

I know. Trust me, it was scary...but also a little cool!

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