Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mascara Dripping Due to Copius Tears of Thanks

Ok, not really.

I don't wear mascara.

But, I do want to say thanks to two people who have for some reason, found me to be "hookable" (and no, that doesn't mean they think I have great potential to be a hooker....although.....) and Kreativ (must be a Russian blogger that came up with that one).

jenboglass over at Steenky Bee gave me this award like 100 million years ago. Due to our ongoing feud over who gets to stalk Captain Dumbass (she's ahead by like 1,567 points), I chose to ignore her for a while and am just now getting around to acknowledging her nod in my direction.

This one comes with rules (what's with the awards coming with strings...they should just be honored for their kreativity and hookableness without me having to work for it, right?).

I'm supposed to give it to 5 blogs that I'm hooked on.

But, here's the catch...I have another award I have to bestow upon 6 blogs.

So, in a bit, I'm just gonna award 6 people BOTH awards. How's that for a twofer?

Jaden Paige over at The Life and Times of Bendy Ruggles (how's that for a name?) awarded me this:

Isn't she so sweet? I just discovered her. If she becomes a big hot shot blogger, she can give me full credit for it. Cause I discovered her.

Hmmmm...what's that?

Others are reading her, too?


Oh, well, it's still sweet of her to give me this. I shall cherish it always *tossing it up on the top shelf in the utility closet*.

This one comes with a game of sorts.

I'm supposed to list 6 things that make me happy.

In no particular order, here's 6 things that at this very second I'm posting, make me happy:

1. Rhea's new pink streaks in her hair. I'm so impressed and jealous. I want some. But...I'm so happy for her that she got them. They look AWESOME.

2. Canadians. I love me some Canadians.

3. MAW's daughter, Partly Cloudy, has a blog and she's following me! Yay me! She's a pretty awesome blogger. She only has 3 post, but her second one ROCKED.

4. My dog, Max. He's the sweetest dog EVER. The way he cocks his head and has one ear up and one down while sneering at you is HILARIOUS. I'll try to get a pic.

5. It's fall. I love fall. For real. It's awesome.

6. I have green apple bubble gum. I love the taste of green apple bubble gum. However, I tend to chew the gum and as soon as the sugar runs out, I spit it out. Gross, I know, but then again, I just chew it for the sugar rush anyway.

So, now I gotta list 6 bloggers and award them these prestigious awards.

This is so tough.

Mostly cause jenboglass decided to break the rules and awarded hers to like a billion people. You suck, jenboglass. (not really)

Ok, let's give them to:

1. Pseudonymous High School Teacher-she lives in Hawaii...for real. Really reals. And she's a teacher. And she's a survivor. How can you not love her?

2. My girl Sassy Stephanie over at our piece of quiet. She's my bloggy soul sister. We're both 6 feet tall with long flowing hair and legs that are miles long. Swear to God, we are. Just don't ask for proof. We don't do photos or autographs for less than $25,000.

3. Middle-Aged Woman (MAW for short) over at Unmitigated. I admire the hell out of this woman. She's a late in life teacher, the mom to some awesome kids, she reads A LOT, she has the most awesome movie collection EVER. Can I be you when I grow up? Please?

4. Cocotte over at Suburban Musings. I can't nail down exactly what it is about her and her blog that I like so much. It's nothing really specific. I just like her. Plain and simple (no, SHE'S not plain and simple). Maybe it's because we both heart Trooper Thorn and I know that she's not a threat to our love. Yeah, that's gotta be it.

5. Let's go with a real newbie and give it to Jess over at This Life is Mine. She reminds me of someone and I can't put my finger on it. She also parties like I used to...before light of my life. least I can live vicariously through her.

6. Scargosun will be the last one in this category. Cause you have to save the best for last, didn't ya know? This is someone that makes me think. Our lives are sooooo different, yet I feel a real connection with her. Maybe because she does so many things that I wish I did. She truly tries to live a better life. She's so knowledgeable in so many things that I'm not. Plus, she has an awesome island.

So, everyone that's been bestowed this award, go forth and do whatever it is you feel like doing with it. I won't tell if you don't follow the rules. I can keep a secret. *wink*


10 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


So, I'm sitting here snickering over your #2 things you love at this moment ("some" Canadians) and then I keep reading and see my name! Thanks for the twofer. It gives me something fun to do this weekend besides the laundry!

Love you too, Mama Dawg!

Middle Aged Woman

Oh boy, oh boy. The awards are tres cool, but you know what makes me happier? That you mentioned Partly Cloudy's blog! Now I can bug her to post again! And she's gonna be really happy that you are reading! She was all sad one day because nobody had commented on her post about education. The I went to look and she had a comment from Mrs. G from Derfwad Manor!

Captain Dumbass

You deserve the awards, girl friend and if I wasn't so lazy about passing them on I would have given you one by now. But you have my love. I don't have photo shop though so I can't make you a badge. Ahahhahah!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Wowzie wow wow. Thank-you Mama Dawg. I do love your blog as you are so much fun and LOML is incredible in both pics and video.

Now I have something else that enables me to procrastinate grading essays.


Can I get a WHAT WHAT!! Thanks darlin!! I now must go and tell everyone I got an award! YAYAYAYAYA!

sassy stephanie

Hail to tha effin yeah. I mean, I knew I was awesome, but TWO awards in the SAME day from the SAME blogger. I fuckin' rock. Out loud.

And, girl, if they want proof of our gorgeous gams, just steer 'em over to my profile pic. I mean, it was a caricature modeled after us. For reals. But yeah, autographs, still gonna cost ya.


You are so sweet. I really needed a boost this weekend. Thank you!


I love checking out blogs that I didnt know existed. I just wish I had more time. The whole lack of time thing is screwing with my internet time. Still reading you though!!!!

Jaden Paige

Thanks for playing along! Pink hair streaks make me happy, too :D

Ms. Partly Cloudy

*gets out the pom pons*

2! 4! 6! 8! WHO DO I APPRECIATE!




*dances about* Thank you, you are also super awesome with a factor of ten!

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