Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Secret Lover

He’s absolutely gorgeous.

Deep brown eyes.

Black hair.

He’s a big boy.

He listens to my every word (mostly).

He brings me presents.

He's a leg man.

And…he loves sex.

Yes ma’am (or sir).

He sure does.

Wanna see his a picture of him?

Sure you do.

Yeah, it’s my damn dog.

His little balls have dropped and he’s discovered how good it feels to hump my leg.

Time for the vet, I guess.

Sigh……too bad he’s a dog. Otherwise, he was sounding pretty great, huh?

And no, I’m not into lap dogs. You pervs.

Such is my life.

How’s your Tuesday?


30 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I'm a huge fan of weiner dogs.


Lol that's hilarious! It's so cool that ya'll have a dog now. He's so cute!!


OMG. I love the little snarl on your dog's lips. It is way too funny.


I KNEW you were talking about your dogs! Can't fool me. Nope. Not me.

My Tuesday's good so far. Thanks for asking. Nobody's trying to "do" my leg or anything but...the day is still young and a girl can dream right?


Awww! He's adorable. Now get him to the vet ASAP! No leg humping allowed. That freaks me out for some reason. lol

My Tuesday is ok so far...I'm trying to avoid all reality and responsibility, so as long as that works, I'm good.


It looks like he's smiling mischievously.



My older dog (13) hasn't gotten over his need to hump anything that flies low. Just saying.

There's a 'nut' theme going on this morning, heh.

Mama Dawg

I know, I totally saw that.

The Captain and I also had a tequila theme going on last week. Total coincidence.

Jennifer and Sandi

Hahahhaha good one!!! But I have to agree with ya...he is a sexy looking pup!!


- Jennifer


Okay, that was funny. Better humping your leg than dragging his butt, right?


ahahaha that's great. Chunk and Chloe hump each other all the time. I'm glad they do it to each other though. :)

Captain Dumbass

But is it a coincidence? Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more, say no more...


ur lover is really, really hairy. you should consider waxing him. :)

Ms. Partly Cloudy

HAHAHAHAHA! Wow, you totally were leading me around with that one. I saw the picture and at once was horribly disturbed, and cooing at the cute doggie. I am having MASSIVE dog withdrawal. I play with my sister in law's new puppy, but he's only five months old, and has not yet learned that human flesh is not a chew toy. He also humps my feet (because that's the biggest part of me he can get on top of). Liam's dog just hates me, because he's Liam's best buddy.

Damn, this is a long comment. Guess I'll end it here.

PS- So, Mama D, when were you going to tell me you were hot? Because I saw your new picture. And my eyes bugged out. And I drooled. So yeah, you were going to tell me of your hotness...when?

Trooper Thorn

"I'll take 'Dogs or People' for $500 please Alex"
"The answer is 'These are better companions'"
"What are dogs?"
"Correct for $500!"


You got a new avatar! And your dog. Oh my. Get thee to the vet.

Do you remember that farside cartoon? With the dog in the car. Telling all his friends that he was going to the tutor? Just tell him he's going to be tutored...

Jaden Paige

LOL! I had a feeling it was gonna be your dog, but it was still great anyway :D

Cute pup! Sounds like it's time for the ol' snip snip ;)

Momo Fali

Aw! He's so cute! Shame he can't make some puppies.

...love Maegan

lol....i'm in love with my dog too. I keep thinking if I keep treating him like a baby I'll never get knocked up!

King of New York Hacks

When is the unrated version coming ??

Two Dogs Running
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mama Dawg

NY Hacks-that's for my secret blog, sorry!

Vodka Mom

oh jesus I SHOULD'VE seen that coming. HA. LOL.

you're damn good.


Your dog is so sweet, they are
definitely family. I have 3,
one 21 years, one 10 years and
one 13 weeks.
Bye the way, being an animal lover
shortens your trial period as an
adopted family member.


You c hanged your profile picture!! Nice!! We see you now!!

steenky bee

Well, if he's a gentle lover then maybe it wouldn't be so bad, you know?

Twenty Four At Heart

He's adorable. I've always been a sucker for the ones that hump my leg.


Now that his balls have dropped, I assure you he'd rather you not refer to them as "little".

You can tell him from me, "You're welcome, big guy."


He is a cutie! However, it is best to take care of the leg humping as soon as possible. I had a toy poodle addicted to humping my ARM for a year. It got old fast!

sassy stephanie

Poor lil guy. He's going to get 'em ripped right off and doesn't even see it cuming.

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