Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This Shot Was Totally Set Up

Awwwww....I was so cute in high school.

Thanks to Damon Burke for the blast from the past.

I love how flat chested I look in this. In reality, they were SPECTACULAR!!!

But, not so much any more.

Here's some more shots. This was at my senior Homecoming Dance. I, a senior, asked a FRESHMAN to the dance. Let me tell you, this was the best DAMN DANCE EVER. I had more fun with this freshman than I had with any other guy.

Here's my attempt at a sexy pic for my now ex-husband. I was slightly tipsy when this was taken. As you can tell by my sleepy eyes.

This is me on Decade Day at my high school. I'm the hippie. My friend, J, is the lovely Jackie O.

I don't know why I love this picture. It was taken by a kid that I was baby sitting for. But I love the carefree aspect of it.

This is me on the first day of 8th grade. I always made a big production of dressing up on the first day. My nails even matched. Yeah, I was a dork!

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving!


32 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


You were such a cutie in high school. I am sure they are still spectacular hun. Happy Day before Thanksgiving. Wishing you and your little one a great Thanksgiving.


Your high school pic looks so much better than mine. As soon as I swallow my pride (its stuck somewhere in my gullet) I may show you...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, MD!

J'Ollie Primitives

I managed to collect and destroy any evidence of high school pics...bad perm, big glasses and all. They were too scary.

Your pics are tooo cute! Dang you!


Feel free to dress up as a Marine any, really...feel free. And e-mail me. Kthxbye.


Beautful pictures Mama. You look so exotic - are you Armenian?

Jennifer and Sandi

Those are great pictures!!


- Jennifer

Jaden Paige

Awww, so cute! I love the bubble pic too, and the sexy pic is priceless! Gotta love a uniform ;)

Have a great Turkey Day!!

Mama Dawg

Wow, that is the first exotic I've ever gotten! Thanks Cocotte!

Nope, I'm not exotic OR Armenian.

My background is mostly English if you had to put a percentage of sorts to it.

My heritage is All American Mutt.

I'm mostly English and the next bit is Norweigen (sp?).

And then? A little bit of everything else.

Thanks for the compliments you guys. Especially Jess's. Cause that IS a compliment!


You're a total hottie. I love those pictures!! You look like you had a blast in high school. I love it.

Middle Aged Woman

That was some serious hair in 8th grade, girlie!


Trust me...I meant for it to be! I can't resist a girl in uniform! If you had an British accent it would be a throw down for sure!

Mama Dawg

Sorry! I can't even fake a British accent.

However, I've been told my southern one is kinda cute!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

You look like you were tons of fun back then too. And a hottie. You must have caused quite a stir.

La Pixie

aww, your high school days look like fun! I love the huge hair in the last pic. HA

steenky bee

I would do the girl with the gum. Wait? This IS "who would you do?" right? Definitely the girl with the gum....


Wow.. all gorgeous pics!!

Steenky Bee, I'll let you get away with the girl with the gum.. but only if I can have the Army girl... HOT.

hot like bacon.

or bacon wrapped turkey.. mmmm...

happy thanksgiving!! :D

(see how I brought that full circle? i'm a genius like that.. you're welcome.)

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures

Oh my God. I would never post anything from my high school days. Way too high of bangs and big green glasses. Wow it was a pretty site! Love your blog! Happy Thanksgiving!

Jaden Paige

PS: I gave you some awards if you want to stop by and grab them sometime :)

Vodka Mom

oh MAN you were hot. Isn't it nice to take a trip down the lane once in a while??????

Captain Dumbass

Mama Dawg?! Hubba hubba! Don't even get me started on the Marine's uniform.


Great pics! I don't think I'm every going to post my 'school' pics, heheh! Of course, I guess I could colorize them in Photoshop... ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Swirl Girl

The last one looks a little 'channeling the spirit of Sarah Jessica Parkerish'...huh?

you are all that a bag of Cheetos!!

Jodi @ blog-o-licious

these pictures rock.


Great blast from the past! I also rocked the 'angry hair' look from the last photo. My dad always called it angry because it was teased so much. What a comedian!


Woot Woot!

Loving the pics!

That chick in Camo is looking all sexyyyyyyyyy


Damn I just left Mariah and I think I'm the only dude that comments there too!!
I'm loving my odds here too!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer and Sandi

Happy Thanksgiving !

May you and your Family have a Super Supper!!

God Bless!!!!

J n S


You are beautiful! And the Sarah Jessica hair...oh, how I wanted that when I was in HS. I so need to do an 80's post...


Look at you working the camo. Is that a trapper keeper in the last picture?

Happy Thanksgiving!


You were a dork, but you're my kind of dork, so you're all right, kid.

sassy stephanie

You are so cute! Hey, at least the fish was taller than you!!!


I LOOOOOOVE looking at old photos! oh the trip down memory lane. SO CUTE YOU WERE! Damn look at that thick long beautiful hair in you 8th grade photo :)

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