Monday, November 3, 2008

Who Would You Do?

Was' up, internets? It's Monday morning again and you know what that means?

"Who Would You Do?" time (book by Susan Segrest)!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!

As a very busy actress in the adult film industry, you have four new skin flicks scheduled for back to back shooting: Hothouse Ho, Deflowered in the Shower, Vaseline Vixen and Frustrated Housewife Gets a Special Delivery. The problem? Deciding who is your best costar for each movie. Our options: Ted Koppel, Chris Rock, Matthew Broderick and Billy Bob Thornton.


*Editor's Note---You HAVE to pick one of the choices. Even if you're a guy and the only choices are guys...same for girls...believe me, there are lots where it's only girls to choose from.


16 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Billy Bob can take me in the steamy shower; Chris Rock, I'll get slippery with the vaseline, and can Matthew Broderick come pick me up in the convertible from Ferris Buehler's Day Off? I'll take whatever delivery he wants to give me ;)

Ted Koppel? You've got to be kidding me. Only if I'm blindfolded in that hothouse (is that like a greenhouse?)

Mama Dawg

Oh, man. Ted Koppel. Why did they have to throw that one in?

Ok. Let's go with Ted in the hothouse, Billy Bob in the shower (I totally agree Cocette), Matthew with the vaseline (eww....just writing about it makes me icky) and Chris for the special delivery.

sassy stephanie

Ok, I'm starting to not like you very much. These choices? Ew.

Billy Bob can Vaseline this Vixen, cuz I know he's just a little rough like that.

Matthew Broderick can bring the housewife the delivery, cuz I think he's a good daddy and can watch the kids for me when we're done.

Don't know what the eff a hothouse is, but Chris, you're up.

Ted...ew. Let's go with the shower, since I know that will be a quickie and his hair may look better wet.

Ashley. Unscripted...

Ted Koppel? Seriously?

Ho: Chris Rock
Deflowered: Billy Bob
Vaseline: Matthes
Housewife: Gonna choose death on this one.

Captain Dumbass

Ok, this one is going to take some careful consideration, I'll have to think about it before answering.

Rhea at Uptake

I think Matthew Broderick is pretty cute. I want him for all four. I know that wasn't an option, but that's what I'd choose!

Billy Bob is kind of sexy at times though...

Swirl Girl

I have to go wash my eyes out with soap now - just to get the image of Ted Koppel off my retinas....eeewww.

but for the rest of them - Frustrated Housewife = Mathew Broderick because he is Inspector Gadget and I would'nt say no to toys. Hothouse = Chris Rock because he is very double jointed in his fingers and could prune the tomato plants while doin' me....and Billy Bob = vaseline vixen just because.

Mama Dawg

You guys crack me up. Especially Swirl Girl.

steenky bee

Matthew Broderick and Ted Coppel for all of them. Billy Bob is too gangly. Chris Rock scares me and I'm pretty sure he'd work me into his act later by making fun of the white girl who was totally lost. Also, I sort of what to see what's going on with Ted's hair piece.

Middle Aged Woman

Billy Bob in the shower! Now I'm all too sweaty to finish the rest.


Why can't I have them all in the shower?

Mama Dawg

Now THERE'S an answer I can get behind! Way to go Katie!


My porn name is Lula Hills. Just so you know.

I am breaking the rules for the very first time on Who Would You Do Monday:
My new movie is actually "Limo Lovin'." It stars me and Billy Bob. Ever since he and Angelina told the world (at the VMAs) that they just "frakked in the limo on the way over here," I've had a creepy desire to see just how imaginative he'd be in a stretch vehicle.


Captain Dumbass


I feel dirty.

Renée aka Mekhismom

Oh my.
Ted Koppel? Seriously?

Here we go
Vaseline Vixen -TK
Hothouse Ho- MB
Frustrated Housewife: BBT
Deflowered: Chris Rock

Maybe I should visit on days other than Monday!

The Nice One

I really don't like those choices. I mean, come ON. Ted Koppel...the wig's gonna come off. And the voice. Imagine Ted saying "Oh.Yes.Like.That.Yes" COME ON!
And Matthew Broderick...OMG. I guess I'm taking Chris Rock because goodness only knows what Billy Bob's carrying (and I don't mean money).
Oh and Chris will give this HOusewife a Special Delivery.

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