Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yippe Ki Yay, Motherf*cker!

Yes, I put the * in so all you people out there that might not visit me due to the "eff" word will come on over.

You're welcome!

Anyhoo, my former internet love, Trooper Thorn, has decided to soothe my wounded feelings post break-up with a BEE-YOU-TE-FUL award.

Idn't purty? So purty. Look y'all. It's got a flutterby on it and everything.

There's some sort of rule where I have to post this:

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

But my question is, who follows up on these things? Are we gonna get fined if we don't post this? Is there gonna be a hit out on us? Is Steenky Bee going to stalk us? Is Captain Dumbass's kid gonna bite us on the ear? Is Jess going to make us do one of those upside down beer thingies? Or flash us her boobs? (yeah, you know you went to the link...don't lie)

For fear of my life and the life of my many, many animals and kid, I'll play along.

I'm supposed to nominate 8 people.

Dude, I keep giving awards to like the same 3 people.

Let me check my blogroll and see who I can scare up.

Let's see, nope, can't give her one.

Nope, he'll get a big head if I give him one.

What about...nah...she doesn't deserve it.

Shit, I'm all out of bloggers.

So, tell you what.

How about YOU guys give me some bloggers to bestow this award on?

Yeah, yeah, I like that. Do my work for me.

Someone, anyone, give me some bloggers to bestow this award upon. Once I hit the magical number of 8, I'll edit this post and pass out the award.

So, go ahead. Give me some names.


P.S. I'm totally kidding about bloggers on my blog roll not being deserving of this award. I just keep giving these things out to the same people over and over and over again. That, and most of you guys have this already.

P.S.S. Nope, not gonna tell you about the break-up. It hurts too much to speak of. However, he is making up for the pain by presenting me with this award.

P.S.S.S. I totally rock. Jennifer over at MN vs. TX also presented me with this award. In your face, suckas!

25 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I just took my award from Trooper and didn't bother with the directions. I'm like that sometimes.


I don't mind if you swear at all! I love awards but it does get tiring to re-gift, all of the wrapping and bows and stuff just does me in! Sorry about the break up!


Ohhhh Ohhh I have one!

This is Deb - she used to be my Office Mate...I love her!

AND, I would never make you do an upside down beer thingies...HOWEVER, ones, I did force Former Office Mate to go to the strip club where she was forever traumatized...or so she says...I think she really liked it!

Mama Dawg

Ok, I got one nomination so far. 7 more to go!

And Jess, I KNOW she secretly liked it. Who wouldn't?


TOP 5!!!!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Don't you wonder sometimes who starts these things?

Mama Dawg

Yeah, I do.


Oops, I just realized that you might think I was suggesting 'TOP 5' as a blog nomination. Which I wasn't. I was just happy to get into the 'TOP 5' of your comments. Heh.

How about... Sherry over at Sherendipity ( I don't think she has this one yet...

Mama Dawg

All right. 6 more to go! Bring 'em on, peeps, bring 'em on!

Jennifer and Sandi

You do rock woman! How long do all of us have to toss around this award?? See what T.T. created, it's utter chaos I tell ya!!!


- Jennifer


Congrats on your bloggy love from Trooper!!

I love getting awards, but I'm bad about passing them on.

Captain Dumbass

Just for your title alone I love you. And I love Jess for flashing her boobs. And SL just started washing the dishes that I'm supposed to be washing... gotta go!

Mama Dawg

Just like a man....declares his love and runs away.

steenky bee

Whoa. Someone flashed their boobs? Where was I? Sister, you know I would totally stalk you either way. If you told me to go to hell (out loud) I would still stalk you. If you had me arrested, I would still stalk you. Even if you tried to have me "offed" I would find a way to stalk you. I say you give the award to anyone who flashes their boobs at you. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go wax my chest and charge my camera batteries. Look for my entry soon!

Mama Dawg

Per Steenky Bee, the one who flashed their boobs gets an award. 3 down, 5 more to go!

Mama Dawg

Oh and if by chance Steenky does flash me her boobs, I'll totally post it and let y'all get flashed, too. Promise!


Typical Man... Who deserves one???? I'm taking a shower, I'll have to get back to you...

This is manic mariah, just not logged in. Because seriously I need to take a shower

Middle Aged Woman

Partly Cloudy said you were hot....


Congrats on the not one, but two awards on the same day! You kick *ss!

Trooper Thorn

You deserve it Mama. Now go have some rice pudding.

sassy stephanie

Who gets a big head from getting TWO AWARDS in the SAME DAY from the SAME BLOGGY FRIEND?? Not me. I'd never do that. Nevah.

Swirl Girl

i just flashed my boobs ...and as usual, nobody cares.


It's so nice to get an award. But I never remember to thank anyone for them. Or pass them on.


ok,Mama Dawg, u fit quite well
as a Dumbass. The "family" just
has to decide on your name tag,
we're voting between Ima,Wanna B,
and Sucha. Oh wait, bulletin in,
Steenky Bee got Ima, so you're
stuck between Wanna B and Sucha!
We'll let you know.
We are waving the Period of Probation as you have already
gone through hell with your
facebook experiences.
At least you were smart and got
the visits for free. I paid $50.00
to classmates!


I just found this. And I will gladly take this rectangle and run back to my site with it. 'Cause I'm an attention whore.
Thanks to GF for the nomination. The check is in the mail.

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