Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy (Late) Halloween!

Ok, so I'm way late on this. Sue me.

Now it'll all be fresh in your minds instead of being blasted with others Halloween pics.

See, Ma, procrastination has it's advantages.

This here's Light of my Life getting all the pumpkin guts out. I love the look on her face.

It's our tradition that she draws the face on the pumpkin (no matter what it comes out to look like after carved) and I carve it. Thank goodness she's gotten better over time.

Here's the end result. Isn't it AWESOME! She rocks!!!!! I also love this picture.

Our little community has an event on the square every Fall and it's always near Halloween. Here's Light of my Life visiting the Fortune Teller. Look closely at her face. You can see how enthralled she is with what she's telling her. Light of my life was totally believing the fortune teller, too. The fortune teller told her "I bet you're a dancer" and Light of my Life was sooooo impressed. She totally forgot (and I didn't correct her) that she was wearing a dance costume as her costume for this event! LOL! I love my little girl.'s her costume on Halloween night. This is a homemade costume y'all. And when I say homemade, I mean I tossed a bunch of shit together and called it a costume.

Last year, after Halloween, Wal-Mart was selling all their Halloween stuff for like 75% off. I got 5 pairs of fairy wings for like $1.50 each. This is one of the pairs.

The "dress" is actually a camisole type teenager shirt that I got at the Methodist Rummage Sale for $1. It was pink, but I dyed it purple (thanks RIT dye!).

The purple tights and black boots and black shirt are all hers.

I did her hair up in two separate buns and added flowers and ribbons.

My mom did her face. See the pic below for a close-up. And yes, she decided on that post all by herself. No help from me was needed. She's stretching her dramatic wings. Lord help me.

Look at that make-up job.

By the way, the wings came off and stayed off about halfway through our excursion.

Typical. LOL!

One of the houses we visited had this guy dressed up. He was running around the yard chasing the kids while revving up his chainsaw. Light of my Life and her friend L had a blast.

Here's part of their decorations. I love this!

This is hands down, my favorite Halloween picture! Some random girl getting her SCREAM on as the real life guy in a costume in a REAL LIVE coffin jumped out at her! I love the look on her face. Priceless!

Here's some glasses Light of my Life got as part of her haul. I think they're hysterical!

Next year we've decided to have a Halloween party at our house the weekend before Halloween. I'm dressing up as a vampire and Light of my Life has decided she wants to be my vampire daughter. We're gonna RAWK! (that's for you MAW)

So, how was your Halloween?


21 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Those pictures are great, Mama. I can't believe you got the shot of that poor girl freaking out at the coffin!

Adorable costume - I'm proud of you!


She looks so cute! It looks like ya'll had a blast!


HAHAHAHAHA! COFFIN GIRL = PRICELESS! Also, I did the rebel fairy thing for a while, even when I was too old to trick or treat. LoML and I should do a double act, her as the fairy and me as her bitchy big sister!

sassy stephanie

Oh man, this is so my idea of a good time. Growing up, we had a chain saw dude in our hood. I loved it.

I like the homemade costume. We did the same thing for Hannah Montana this year. We dressed like HM in real clothes (score! can be used for every day wear) and she was a stand out, rather than the ole $19.99 WalMart dress.


Hey, that's the costume I wanted to make up! That totally rocks! I'm coming to your house for Halloween next year. Your neighborhood does Halloween right.


Those pictures were AWESOME! I am with you on the screaming girl picture...PRICELESS!!

Jaden Paige

What awesome photos you got! I love Light's costume, and that pic with the girl... it's sweet. Great one.


Yowza! I LOVE the pumpkin, that's nicely done. And the costume is adorable.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

You have a great neighborhood. LOML's face makeup loos great and th epic of the screaming girl is the best.


We had a nice Halloween too.

I'm glad you posted about yours. LOYL looks wonderful in purple and I love the face paint! She looks great! I love the wings and outfit. Great work, Emily!!

Captain Dumbass

Those are awesome! Poor kid with the coffin, but at least we can be amused by her psychological damage.


I loved her costume! It always cracks me up when people set up a scarecrow in a chair outside their door a few days before Halloween and then a real person sits there on Halloween and scares the crap out of people.

steenky bee

Oh girl, I've missed you! I saw the picture of your cutie over at CD place on his Halloween picture thing and I've been meaning to run over here and tell you how cute her picture was! Forgive me, I've been sick and in bed just waiting for death to take me. It didn't so I decided to surf the web today. Missed you, MWAW!

Momo Fali

Fun! I want to come trick or treating in your neighborhood.


that picture of the girl screaming is hysterical! snapped that photo at the perfect time!!

your daughter is adorable. and the make-up is way awesome!

Swirl Girl

The eyes are too much.

can't wait to see your Thanksgiving pictures around Christmas!

Mommy Mo

I couldn't stop laughing at Coffin Girl- HYSTERICAL. Thanks for making my night. Can we come to your Halloween party next year?


Great pictures and great costume Mama!


Hey, don't feel so bad-- I am months behind on plenty of posts. Anytime it's not just a momentary strike I get to see through all the way, it will pile up in my Drafts folder.

Given that, I'm kind of disappointed in you for finishing up this post, because it makes me look bad.


I am always late with my posts. It was just a minor miracle that my Halloween posts were done within a few days of the big event. I love your daughter's make up. So very pretty!

Middle Aged Woman

Lord help us all when LoML and Ms. P-C get together...I'm just sayin...

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