Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ok Scratch That

Everything in the post below...scratch that.

I was feeling that way yesterday, but then I had a very titillating and engaging phone conversation with a friend and all is well. My mojo's back.

I'm rarin' to go.


14 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Glad you got your mojo back. I think we all have those moments when we are not feeling up to snuff and just need to do a mind dump. Keep on Keepin on..

steenky bee

I'm so happy that mojo is back. Make sure you don't leave it out of your site again. Nothing's worse than lost mojo. Also? Used mojo...that's not good either!

Jaden Paige

Titillating and engaging is fun. Glad you found the mojo again :D


Glad to hear you're all good now! Sometimes we all just need to let out some steam. I say grab some ice cream, pop in The Notebook and cry it all out lol!

Btw, check your email. I sent you some halloween pics!

Love ya!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Well, there you go. Welcome back!


Your mojo wasn't gone, it was just taking a much needed nap. It has to recoup every now and then. :o)


Glad to hear it!

Swirl Girl

I thought I was the only one who had moments like that!

feel free to dump on me anytime

Trooper Thorn

Where there's mojo, there is not a lot of writing going on.


Mama Dawg

Trooper...it's like you can read my mind.

Captain Dumbass

I'm glad you're no longer mojoless. But if you do decide to cut off your head, can I have it?

Mama Dawg

Oh, I thought you'd never ask, Captain. Sure, it's yours for the taking.


oh so glad to hear you got your mojo back! I hate those kind of days.


My mojo is raring to go, too, 'causee I saw your comment over on Kat's blog and it made me happy. 'Cause you mentioned my boobs.

'Nuff said.

p.s. Glad you're feeling BETTER!

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