Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

After a few bottles sips of this:

This is hysterical.

And so is this.

Just a normal Saturday night in the Dawg household.

The Cullens ain't got nuttin' on us.

If you wanna join in on the phestivities, head on over to Candid Carrie's for more foto phun.


32 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Vodka Mom

you are MY kind of gal......


I haven't had any of that and I can see how hilarious that would be. At the crack of dawn, they are merely really funny.

Does that make me some kind of superhuman?

sassy stephanie

Shit girl. I can down a margarita (or ten) but straight tequila? Last time I was 19 and left a puke trail from Austin to Houston. For reals. Can't stand the smell of it now. Ick.


Whoa- got totally sidetracked by clicking on your Cullens link.....we're going to the 4:15 show Friday!!!!!

Great photos!


What beautiful smiles!! And what a beeeeee-uuuuu-tiful little bottle. Is it noon yet?


I'll bring the limes!!!! Wahoooo! Par-tay time!!


LOL - Hey - I want to make stuff funny!


Great photos!


Hey, thanks for the link! I time-warped back to my drinking days, and laughed so hard I fell out of my chair :D.


shots all around!! :)

love the photos!

Jennifer and Sandi

Holy Cow.....You have One Big Mean Dawg!!!

*TINK* Think I'll go grab a shot glass and join ya!


- Jennifer

Jaden Paige

lol. What a great pic of LOML. :)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

How did you get the doggie to do that?? You are so much fun on the internet, cannot even imagine the fun in person. Hilarious.


Awwwwww, pictures of your twins!

steenky bee

Alright. I'm moving in.


LOL LOVE the dog's teeth! heehee
PS Jose is one of my very best friends ;)

Happy FFF!


TOO funny! The dog is cracking me up!

Melanie D

Ohh it just started snowing here, I could use some of that tequilla to warm up!!! Also love your halloween photos!

Swirl Girl

a weregirl - only after that teeny little bottle of Jose?

what would happen if you had more, huh?

Captain Dumbass

I may have nightmares about Light of My Life tonight. And was that my sister up there saying that it had just started to snow? Have to go over to her page and laugh now.

Mama Dawg

Yeah, that was your sister.


LMAO - great pictures!


Wow, that much wouldn't have made a dent in my tolerance back in the day. But funny pictures, anyway.

Trooper Thorn

Hmm, tequila just makes me wonder (out load) why I'm still alive while so many people have died. It's not alot of fun for the other party goers. Maegan

lol .....i love the last one.


It's also quite hilarious to see someone drink tequila and thus find everything funny...


Oh, the child, the dog, hilarious expressions. LOVE it.


Why is that bottle so small? Or are your hands huge?

Lynn - the piggy bank painter



I actually snorted when I scrolled down. lol

Glenda, saved by grace

did anyones clothes fall off? I heard a song the other day...


We used to get little bottles of tequila like that except that each one had a worm in it. It was pretty awesome.

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