Thursday, November 20, 2008

Waiting for Rejection

*Updated to add that people are now responding and I have "spoken" to some people I haven't spoken to in years. My heart is happy to reconnect with some of these people.

*Update 2: Just so you know, I just sent out the request yesterday. This hasn't been an ongoing thing. It's not even been 24 hours. I'm just ANTICIPATING's not been long enough to get rejected...yet.

*Update 3: One of my most favorite people in the whole universe (at least from my high school days) has gotten in touch with me! And, he has his on blog. And, he has a beautiful wife and son. And, I'm so exicted to hear from him!!!!!!!!!!! Can you feel my excitement?

Ugh.....I've gotten sucked into Facebook.

For real.

My stomach's all in knots.

I found a guy I knew in high school.

His name's Phil. That's all I'll tell you about him.

Except...he was (and probably still is, you tend not to grow out of these things) funny as hell.

Seriously funny. Very dry, very witty.

So, I found him. And he has like a bazillionity friends.

Most of them from high school.

I recognized about half the names. The others I didn't recognize because I didn't go to high school with them.

"How can you be sure, Mama Dawg?" is what you're asking yourself right now.

I'm sure.

I'm sure because I have the memory of an elephant when it comes to the names of people I went to school with. I might not have the recall to tell you their names, but if I see it somewhere, I'll recognize it and know immediately that I went to school with them.

So, I checked out his friends list.

And found some people on there that I actually liked in high school.

More were people I knew but never hung out with. They were just in classes and whatnot.

I found 2 girls that I was real tight with while in school. One was from middle school (I've posted about her before in the post with the pictures from 8th grade) and the other was from high school.

I have the most memories of the one from high school.

I sent out about 10 friend requests.

I only heard back from Phil so far.

He seems to remember me.

I don't know why I think people wouldn't remember me.

Not that I'm NOT memorable.

But just because it was such a long time ago.

Or, maybe I'm not memorable.

Nah...that's not it. I have a healthy sense of self.

While I didn't make my mark in high school, I didn't necessarily piss people off all the time.

I don't think.

I can never remember what I was like in high school.

Correction, I know what I think I was like in high school.

But I'm not sure if others think the same way.

And I'm not sure that I care.

Yet, I have those knots in my stomach.

Sigh....this brings back memories.

And it reminds me why I hated being a teenager.

Does anyone else feel this way? Are any of you friends on Facebook with people you went to high school with? Have any of you put yourself out there like this? Have any of you gotten rejected?

Even though I didn't start off writing this for Mama Kat over at Mama's Losin' It and her Writer's Workshop, it actually fits the assignment of something that bothered me this week. If you wanna read more assignments, click here.


34 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


One person has friended me on Facebook....ONE. Of course, I have it under my maiden name and have never requested to be friends with anyone, but still!

Actually, I take that hot guy friend requested me, but he was just trying to sell his CD's!


This post makes the temptation to join facebook null and void for me.

Good luck getting your posse together. By thansgiving you'll be throwing back virtual beers with your facebook friends...mark my words.


I seem to get emails daily for people adding me as their friend on that site. But I NEVER go on it. I just know that if I try and figure it all out, the time suck will be more than blogging. And this is just fine with me...


I have this addiction thing with Facebook and is bad. Very sad actually.

Of course, I only graduated a mere 10 years ago...therefore it isn't difficult to remember most everybody...NOT TO MENTION, there were only about 65 people in my class. Makes it SO MUCH EASIER!

Have fun on the Facebook! Look me up sometime! Squeetthang at


Facebook does remind me of high school a little. People being friends, the possibility of rejecting you, etc. So far everyone I've befriended has friended me, even people I only was so-so friends with...but I keep wondering how I'd take it if someone didn't friend me...


yes... sadly, facebook has sucked me into the depths of rejection hell also.

adn i sent out a few requests to a very select group of people i went to school with....

...and heard back nothing. it was kind of damaging to my ego.

i just had to step back, take a deep breath and realize i live in the midwest now, they in california. we haven't talked, not once, in 6 years. so i can kind of understand.

but still. it stung. just a tad.

Mama Kat

Ugh. I know exactly what you're going through, but I think you're reading too far into it. Some people don't check their accounts that often. I'm sure they'll all except your requests!!

It IS like high school all over again though!!

And I'm signing you up with Mr. Linky riiiiiiight now. :)


I'm on Facebook! And I've only found ONE person I knew from high school. I also looked on (I didn't join), and it's creepy: the list women by their married names AND their maiden names so you can find them.

I only log in to FB every other day or so, so I'm sure it's just a lag. :D

Jennifer and Sandi

I'm on facebook and have no idea why. I dont have time to the shit I need to do now. I only hung out with a couple of chicks in HS and they are still my best friends today. I'd feel off tho I guess if you sent out shit tons of friends requests and no one replies.

But, who gives a shit right!! Your cool, I'm cool. Thats all that matters!!!


- Jennifer


Emily! It was great to get your Facebook friend request. I'm trying to find pictures of you and your daughter. Help a brotha out, here.

Mama Dawg

Rich,I just posted on your blog! Look in my categories for light of my life.


I had this one chick I despised during high school myspace stalking me. She would send a request, I would reject, she would send, I would reject. I finally accepted just so I would quit getting requests. Then I messaged asking her why the heck she cared if I accepted so much and she never responded. I think she just wanted to look really popular or something. How high school is that for you?


I'm sloooooowly getting into Facebook... blogging takes up most of my time, though. I'd be neglecting the housework, hubby and kids even more if I get anymore into Facebook...

Swirl Girl

I'll be your friend.

face to face or facebook.

Mama Dawg

Awww...I wanna be both. To everyone!


I am also on facebook! I was very addicted to it until.... I started Blogging! Blogging is much more satisfying; It is like a long term relationship where facebook is like a one night stand! I hope you understand that, because I am not sure I do...Ha.


Tell us more about this Phil guy. He sounds like a tool. He probably liked you in highschool but thought you were out of his league. He definitely remembers you and had fun catching up at the 10 year reunion a few years ago.


Mama Dawg

Yeah, Phil was a total tool. And if he liked me in high school, he had a funny way of showing it. He should have totally told me because he would have had a shot but it's too late now. If you ever see Phil, you can rub that in his face.

Oh, and I had fun catching up at the reunion, too. I wish we could have talked longer.Where did you disappear to anyway?


Many people don't check FB daily (ahem, P) so if you don't hear back right away don't worry. I'm on there and I also hold my breath when I friend someone I am not sure about. ;)

steenky bee

I think I've friended you haven't I? I must warn you, other than an occasional SUPERPOKE, I am a horrible facebook friend. I must also warn you, I SUPERPOKE my real-life friends too. Yeah, I'm just that wrong.


How could have Phil told you anything in highschool when you were too busy hanging out with the popular kids and ignoring band geeks? Not that Phil would blame you for ignoring band geeks.

Phil disappeared at the reunion and went to a hotel room. He's sorry.

Mama Dawg

Where the hell did Phil get this idea that I was hanging out with the popular people? Damon Burke said the same thing.

I LOVED the band geeks. I dated band geeks. The band geeks wanted nothing to do with ME!

So tell Phil to go smoke that! LOL!

So sorry Phil had to go to a hotel room. He should have stayed to talk to me. It would have prevented me from going out afterwards and having one of those so called popular people hit on me at the bar.


What band geeks did you date? I was the king of the band geeks and was not aware you dated any of my subjects.

Mama Dawg

I dated Justin Westervelt.

Granted, that was in the 8th grade, but still, it counts!

I'm sure I dated others. I'll have to go check out my yearbook.

Maybe I just dated regular geeks. Hmmmmmm.......


That's what I thought. Justin Westervelt = not a band geek.

You can't even name any band geeks.

You were popular. Accept it.

Mama Dawg

No way. Justin Westervelt was a total band geek and you know it. He was just a cool band geek.

You were a band geek. And so was that other guy and that other guy.

Leave me alone.

Me, You, or Ellie

Facebook is all Greek to me. Except without the gyros.


Momo Fali

You are brave! I know there are a lot of people I could reconnect with, but some others I would never want to find me or know anything about me ("Hi, stalker ex-boyfriend!").

anita doberman

I am not that into Facebook, I feel like I am not getting it...or not really getting into it
Good for you for getting in touch with people from high school :)

Captain Dumbass

Facebook was fun for the first little while, but then it just got boring. I did have quite a few people find me from school, but then I just found myself getting spammed with internet videos I'd seen years before and stupid pictures yadda yadda yadda. It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't end up getting the same thing from 50 different people. Nobody really wanted to talk or catch up, just send me freakin pirate invitation and crap like that.

manic mariah

I can't handle Facebook, A Blog and Twitter... or can I??

sassy stephanie

Patience grasshoppa. Some peeps (like me) get on while drinking. I turned off all of my email alerts. Cuz, I mean, I like my phone to "buzz" me an all, but I have to have time to get some shit done around tha house. So, anyhoo hoo, I go on every now and then (much diff than when I first discovered it and spent FOUR count 'em four hours on there) and see what is going on. Mostly everyone I friended/friended me are from HS. Some from my grown up life. It is so much fun to see old pics and recall stories. Me loves it.

sassy stephanie

But, oops, more drunken Sassy, I hate all of the requests and invites. I just ignore 'em. Only drink offered to me I have ever ignored: a virtual one. Late. Peace and hair grease.


Hello--I'm doggedly working my way through the Writing Workshop posts from MamaKats and just got to yours.

I just got into Facebook a few weeks ago as well and found myself facing the same anxieties. When someone didn't respond to my friend request right away, I got really paranoid. Like I thought they were just sitting around waiting to hear from me for 20 years. Eventually people got back to me and (gasp) remembered me and even wanted to talk. Some great friendships have been rekindled but now I find it kind of a pain to have to keep up with all these new friends and their e-mails.

Like the look of your blog too!

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