Friday, October 31, 2008

Decision 2008

Guys, I just can't make up my mind.

I've been racking my brain for so long now on which way to go.

It's been driving me crazy with the choices that have been presented to me.

Do I go with something I've been through before and has proven to serve me well? I go with change?

I like change.

But there's something just so comforting about the old.

It's secure. It's the evil I know.

But change....I've always liked change. I like mixing it up. I like seeing something new.

So, I've put it to you, oh mighty bloggy land.

Whatever the majority of you decide for me, I'll go that way.

Pinky swear.

I will let YOU help me decide.

Canadians can play along. I don't discriminate.

Republican or Democrat, I don't care.

Black or white, doesn't matter to me.

Just give me your opinion on this very important life changing decision I must make.

Which TV show on DVD should I watch next...Rescue Me or Mad Men?

See, I've seen Rescue Me before. I watched the whole first 2 seasons, but then due to life getting in the way, I let it fall of my radar. I have the first 3 seasons on DVD and there's just something about Denis Leary that makes me all squishy inside. His blunt talk, his obvious WTF attitude, his voice.

But, I have Mad Men on DVD. And I've been hearing so many wonderful things about this show. I've never seen it before and would like to give it a try. I love that the setting is in the 60's and that it doesn't gloss over the ugly.

So, what is a girl to do?

Let me know in the comments.



P.S. You totally thought I was going somewhere else with this, didn't you? You should know better by now. Silly gooses (or geeses? geesi?).

23 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Bwhahaha. I was all about to be like, can you be undecided? Good luck on your dvd pick. I haven't seen either.

Jaden Paige

I love hoe you played it as if it was the election... lol.

I've never seen Mad Men, so I'm not much help with this decision... If it would have been the OTHER one, I coulda helped ;)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher



I love, love, love Denis Leary. And I need to come over and watch that DVD with you. I somehow missed the last season of Rescue Me (I think it was on during Top Chef, which is my favorite show ever).

Mama Dawg

PHST-I just finished season 3 of Weeds. Hands down one of my favorite shows!

Jaden Paige

Yeah, weeds is great! My fave! :D

Psst… I gave you an award if you want to stop by and pick it up :D

Jennifer and Sandi

Don't know either of those. How about the good old stand-by: PRETTY WOMAN!! Hehehehe


- Jennifer


We just finished the second season of Weeds. Funny, funny, funny.

Okay...from your options...I haven't seen either. But my mom LOVES Mad Men. And I know how much you love my mom :-)

For other ideas...have you seen Big Love? Or LOST?

Mama Dawg

I haven't seen Big Love but I'm in LOVE with Lost. I just haven't been able to watch it cause I don't get ABC and I don't have cable (or satellite).


So in this scenario, would Dexter be Ron Paul and Pushing Daisies be Bob Barr?

Mama Dawg

Dude, how did you guess?

manic mariah

Prison Break..unless of course you are all caught up then I would go with Rescue Me. HILARIOUS!

Mama Dawg

Girl, I just finished PB Season 2 and am totally in love with Scofield. He was so hot in this season. Now I just gotta sell enough stuff on etsy to buy season 3!

Captain Dumbass

Geese. And watch both.

Mama Dawg

Why you gotta complicate things, Captain?

Weith Kick

Mad Men Mad Men Mad Men!!!!! You'll love it!!! It's one of the best shows on TV these days!!! Mad Men and 30 Rock!!!


I am so sorry but I can be of no help. I haven't seen either show. :(


Go as one for halloween. lol.
Are you kidding me. Seriously. lol.

Swirl Girl

I would bag them both and go for some True Blood on HBO on Demand.

That show is awesome!


You should vote for whomever you agree with more...
don't watch either of them should go smoke a pole intstead.

sassy stephanie

Shit am I out of the loop. I have never heard of either one of these before. Go for the write in: Celebrity Rehab. ha!


I agree with Swirl Girl...TRUE BLOOD, baby. It's way good. You know me and vamps...

Or, netflix Lost...'cause I'm only mildly obsessed with that show. OK, I'm completely obsessed. I admit it.

BUT...I have heard wonderful things about Mad Men. Let us know what you decide.

Jodi @ blog-o-licious

mad men

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