Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's in a Name? and Other Randomness

I've gotten several questions regarding the title of my blog so I thought I'd let you guys know the meaning behind it.

It's a HUGE, MONUMENTAL, LIFE CHANGING story. For reals. *

Not too long after I moved up here, my mom and I were driving from my grandmother's house back to the house I'm living in now. As I've described before, I live out in the country. A place where dogs run free (for the most part) and you can almost always see some sort of dead animal every mile that goes by.

My mom and I have a good relationship (how else can we live together for a year now without killing each other) and we have perfected the art of the "comfortable silence".

As we were driving back in relative comfortable silence, we both noticed out of the passenger side window these two dogs running in a field.

I turned to my mom and said "two dogs running" and she replied "yup".

And that, my dears, sums up living here in this wonderful, beautiful place I live.

Plus, it reminded me of that part in "Twister" when Helen Hunt and whatshisface are in the truck tracking a tornado and a cow goes flying past and she says "cow". That one word made me laugh so hard. It's just soooooo.....obvious.



My kid's gonna be in the paper again today. It's a special segment where they take your picture and tell a little bit about you. She's pumped.


Light of my life is studying the tooth in health class right now. They're learning all the parts of the tooth, how to take care of your teeth and whatnot.

She does her homework every afternoon with my mom and so my mom's been the one to go over all this with her. When it comes to the part about flossing, the book advises the kids to use at least 12 inches of floss to make sure that they have enough to do a good job.

So, last night, as light of my life was getting ready for bed, she got out her ruler and her tube of floss and measured out EXACTLY 12 inches of floss.

It took EVERYTHING IN MY POWER not to bust out laughing.

For anyone trying to figure out if it's worth it to have kids.....this is a good example of why it's a GOOD idea to have kids. Non-stop entertainment.



The other day, I swear to God, I saw a dog look both ways before crossing the street.


I heard a blurb the other day on NPR (shut up). They said "People who tend to get their coffee from Starbucks will vote for Obama and people who shop at Wal-Mart will vote for McCain". I just laughed and laughed and laughed at that generalization. (this is just an observation, not a political statement on my part...don't judge)


I had a Harry Potter moment the other day. I was driving to work and it was kinda foggy in some spots. I had been driving for a while with a clear windshield when all of a sudden, it fogged over and got an icy look. My first thought? "Oh, shit, the dementors are coming".



Some thoughts that keep me up at night:

When you lose weight, where does the weight go?

Do you think fumes (paint, gas, etc...) have a color? If so, what color do you think they are?

and the number one thought that drives me crazy...

If you have more than one doofus in a room and you're trying to tell someone that there's more than one doofus in the room, what's the plural of doofus? Doofuses or doofi? Any ideas? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


I have some incredibly stupid moments sometimes and I'm so glad that I internalize most of my thoughts. Why do you ask?

'Cause of this:

Sometimes when I listen to a commercial on the radio or watch one on TV, I think to myself "how do they find people that have that particular disorder or likes that specific product or has that problem" and then I realize that....duh *smacks forehead*...they're actors.


That's all I got peep. Have a good Thursday. I know I will. I have tomorrow off!


*not really. I justed wanted to make sure you read the whole post.
**the footnotes were for LiteralDan and Unmitigated. You're welcome.

34 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I love how you got came up with your name! That's so inspired!

I loved this post. But the best part about it? The cat. That cat is just not right. lol. We think a lot alike, by the way.

I have a question... Is JD blind? Just need to satisfy that feline curiousity, you know. :)

Mama Dawg

Thanks! I answered you via twitter about JD.


Glad I am not the only person who has had a Harry Potter moment. Those damn dementors are everywhere!

Momo Fali

That's all you got? It's a lot!!

As for kids...they are non-stop entertainment, and non-stop blog fodder as well!

Captain Dumbass

I was confused and then very excited when I woke up this morning... well, that's not unusual. Let me start again. My feed reader told me that mama dawg had posted something but when I went to her site, nothing? 'Oh ho!' I thought, 'she's posted something incriminating and scandalous but then decided to delete it last minute!' Muah ha haaaaa. But it was just blogger fucking up.

Dementors- ahahahahaha

Helen Hunt and the cow- I loved that part. Just one word and it was so funny. Ah, Helen Hunt...

And I would go for doofi.

Trooper Thorn

Get out of my head Mama Dawg and stop reading my mind!

I was on a conference call this morning (about network stability enhancements) when the moderator suddenly broke off and said "Oh, look! A hummingbird!".

If a person can be overwhelmed and underwhelmed, can the ever be just 'whelmed'?

Just two other random thoughts...

Mama Dawg

I'm whelmed every day.

I, too, get distracted by hummingbirds.

Mama Dawg

Kat, those dementors follow me EVERYWHERE. I so need to get me a wand.

MF-I agree on the blog fodder.

Captain-I did that on purpose, just to mess with your mind.

Mama Dawg

Oh, and Trooper, I have to stay in your mind. It's the only way I'll ever convince you to move to Mississippi and marry me.


Kids do make for some of the best blogging at times. Note to self, put ruler in the bathroom.

We were driving home one evening from dinner and there was a fox crossing in the alley. We live in the city. What did I scream. "FOX IN THE CITY!!" My hubby and son just looked at me like I was one dumb woman.

Mama Dawg

Aubrey-See, now THAT would make an awesome blog title. Maegan

hilarious post! I wish I had tomorrow off!!!


really 12 inches of floss?? That seems like a lot to me! ha!

cute story, by the way. I thought maybe your two cats act like dogs sometimes. ;)


This post rocked the house! Loved it. I loved your Harry Potter moment. And the conversation with your mom about the two dogs running was priceless, and I love hearing how you named it.

Your thoughts kill me...and crack me up. This post was awesome.

Mama Dawg

Rhea-glad you enjoyed. I so wish I could be making up these thoughts, but I'm not. I have a little recorder I take around with me and when the thoughts pop up, I record them and then transcribe them here for y'alls pleasure (to my embarrassment).


I could adopt your daughter - love the precise way she measured her dental floss.

I wonder where the weight goes too... I think we poo it out.

Mama Dawg

csquared-you know, if she wasn't so awesome, I just might let you adopt her!

Swirl Girl

It's doofi, like ani is plural for anus.

...just in case you needed clarification.

and I listen to NPR ALL the time...I knew I liked you for a reason.


I forgot to add, anytime I'm in the car, I'm usually listening to NPR, unless it's a really boring segment.


I love how some kids are just natural "rule followers." The 12 inch of floss sounds like something my kids would do, that is, if they flossed!

And, I SWEAR I have seen deer looking both ways before they cross the street here. They want to be sure to get to the other side and eat the neighbor's flowers, no doubt.

Mama Dawg

Swirl girl-that's my thinking, too. Yes, I love NPR (shut up). I listen to it more than I listen to music (in the car at least).

Rhea-I hear ya!

Mama Dawg

Cocette-LOL! I thought it was too funny about the dog. Just struck me as so "human".


MD - my canvases are so indeed for sale; if ya ever see anything u love, they're $40. I have an Etsy store (i'll post about that soon) and do local craft shows, too! Thanks for asking! : )

The cat freaks me out - 'tho I have held that breed and they are very sweet. Just fugly!

There's something about the silence and the shorthand language between loved ones that is so comfy. "cow"

Mama Dawg

uberburber-Cool! I'm on etsy, too and am always looking around.


I quoted that line from Twister on my blog when we had a hail storm. That movie just cracks me up. And trivia for you - Twister was the first movie released on DVD.

And I love this post. I should do more posts like this. Because I am always trying - unsuccessfully I might add - to flesh out the randomness that is my life.

Oh, and I did your Big Read thing today...


Love your stream of consciousness crack me up.

People who listen to NPR are uber-smart. I mean, impresses me. 'Cause I'm all jamming out anytime I'm driving. Meanwhile you are expanding your brain. Sigh...I admire you.


Did you know I was banned earlier from commenting on your blog.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I've always been curious about your blog's name and I'm glad I know now. It's wonderful and has some meaning. You're more than awesome. You're totally that way.

sassy stephanie that? Scary. Now I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Love the floss by ruler. I don't think I would have been able to contain myself.

Those pounds you are looking for, they take up residence ON MY ASS.


LOL at the measured floss!

And I would say doofi.

The Nice One

Oh crap, you know I'm gonna perseverate on the "where'd the weight go?" thing now all darn night.
Oh and I saw a squirrel look both ways. We had a pet cat, as a kid, that would. WE lived on a 4 lane highway, and we'd watch him, sit at the edge of the road, looking, and waiting till it was time to cross. So yup.


I love how u had a footnote for a footnote lol.....


Loved this one! Hey, my question is this: what if I buy my coffee at Starbucks, AND I shop at Wal-Mart? Who should I vote for then?

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

You have A LOT of funny, random thoughts. The plural of doofus is doofussies


I spent many mornings, afternoons, and evenings chasing my dog, who we had gotten at a shelter and who never understood that he couldn't just go for a run by himself whenever he felt like it. He always looked both ways before crossing the street, but still I worried he'd be hit before he would decide to run back home.

And the footnotes are totally mine-- Middle Aged Woman is just a copycat.*

* A talented one, no doubt, but a copycat nonetheless.

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