Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

'Snot a troll...

Is too a troll...

No it'snot a troll...

Is too....



If you wanna play along, click on over to Candid Carrie's for more foto fun!


27 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Middle Aged Woman

Hey, 'Duke, did you and the Captain plan this out? Snot, snot, snot, everywhere.

Glenda, saved by grace

that IS a BIG troll!
Happy Phryday!

Jennifer and Sandi

Holy COW!! That is One Large "dude" Troll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- Jennifer

Matt's Miscellany

Someone needs to get that troll a Kleenex.


Oh, I should put up the pictures I have of the girls on this troll. Either that or of them trying on all the Viking helmets...


Is it a Grump Old Troll? hee, hee, hee.


Where is this troll located?! I LOVE it! Hilarious post.

Lynn - the piggy bank painter

I remember that troll.....I know just where he's at : ) And that looks like one mighty big snot. LOL
Cute picture.

DD read snot stew when she was in elementary school. It was a cute book.

Have you entered to win Petunia Pig?

Trooper Thorn

Wow, that squirrel grew up FAST!


That looks like something wack you'd see at a Cracker Barrel!


Are is that a boy coming out of your nose or are you just happy to see me?

Isn't that the troll from Epcot in Disney? Norway right? (I have been there way too much)

Captain Dumbass

What is going on with that troll's junk?

sassy stephanie

He looks a little giddy to me. Maybe b/c someone rubbed a backpack on his member.


Man, we have this troll in pictures but not FUNNY pictures like yours. Must. try. harder. next. time. That was hilarious!

Lex the mom

That is one BIG booger! Great photo!

Is a troll, for real!


There is snot over at Us and Them too. So, a lady at work totally has one of these sitting on her desk. It's a smaller version. (I want to clarify that I meant the snot troll and not a little boy) Can you imagine if she had a miniature boy sitting on her desk. I would never get any work done. I would just be haning around her desk gawking.

Swirl Girl

that is frickin' hysterical!


Thats in Norway at Epcot--right?? My son would not get anywhere near that ginormous thing!! LOL TFS


What's that thing near his peepee?


where is this from??!


That is a huge troll. Great photo.

Crazy? Where did you find such a statue?

Mama Dawg

Hi everyone, I was out of the office today.

This troll is located in Norway at Epcot.

Thanks for all the comments!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

I thought it was a local mall. Good thing you cleared that up for me.


That one made me LOL!


That is hillarious. It looks like his head is up the trolls nose. I better close this before the monkeys get any ideas.....


OH MY GOD I MISS EPCOT. seriously. miss. it. i. am. having. withdrawal. crap!

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