Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Action...Take 1

Hey everyone. Here's part 1 of a series of interviews that I conducted with Light of my Life.

I feel the need to apologize for the dog, my gum smacking, etc....But, I'm not. It is what it is.

Enjoy! Part 2 will go up next week.


Mama Dawg

26 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

sassy stephanie

Uh huh, uh huh...numba one. I'm numba oooonnnne! Girl, she is a HOOT! So animated. You two have some THICK accents!

sassy stephanie

Future request: post a pic of you two side by side. I want to see teh similarities. purty please

Mama Dawg

Eh, we'll see about that. I hate pictures of me. But since it's you that asked, I'll do it. But only cause it's you.


I LOVE how much you two laugh. She's adorable!!


I was SO looking forward to this, and you didn't disappoint! This was AWESOME. Little LOYL is ADORABLE. She's so cute, and I love her accent, and her responses. You two interact so comfortably and genuine. This was fabulous!

Ashley. Unscripted...


I could do this with Wee One, but every answer would be either "no" or "go 'way mommy" or "NO PICTURES."


Yay! LOMF is beautiful! She is smart as a whip too. This totally made my day. How cute is she? I see why The Captain wants her to marry his son! I love her answers. Purple house with pink stripes? I got a little teary when she said she wanted to be a teacher and how proud of her you were. You two seem like you have the best relationship. I just want to gobble her up! On another note: You must come by and pick up your award at my place if you haven't already. It's collecting dust and I'm going to start charging you storage fees. I posted it on Saturday.

Mama Dawg

Yeah, I know. I just haven't had the chance to do a post on it. Tomorrow will be a good day for that. Please postpone storage fees til then. Thanks!

Trooper Thorn

Wonderful interview. LOYL is so happy and sweet.

Mama, your Southern Belle accent sure made my heart race a little faster. However, I can;t believe you "fart on the pot" the way she describes. I picture you being too much of a lady for that!

Jennifer and Sandi

THAT was awesome !!! Great Job!!! You daughter is beautiful. I can tell you guys have a lot of fun together!!


- Jennifer

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

She is awesome. You two both have so much fun together, loved all the laughing. Oh, and loved the accents.

Jyl @ MommyGossip

So cute! Love the smile and laughs and accent.

What a fun post!

Captain Dumbass

Please do a video of her just saying 'sidewalk' and 'road' over and over again.


awwww I love it. Love the accent and her laugh is way cute!

The Nice One

Y'all are so cute!!!! I love this.

Mama Dawg

Heather-Thanks. We love to laugh in our house.

Rhea-So glad you enjoyed it. I think that's the sweetest compliment "comfortable and genuine". I hope our relationship stays that way.

Ashley-Thanks! Believe me, I could only do this as she got older.

jenboglass-Thanks! She is smart. Yes, we do have a good relationship and I AM so proud of her. She's truly a joy.

Troop-Awww...I'm glad I made your heart beat faster. That comment made MY day. We won't discuss the fart comment. I'm too ladyli...naw, I can't continue. Sorry. I'm only human. However, the descriptive hand motions are NOT true. Swear!

Jennifer-Thanks. Glad you liked it!

PHST-Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliments. We love to laugh in our house.

Jyl-Thanks and glad you enjoyed it!

CD-At your service, sir, at your service.


The Nice One-Thanks!


I love that you did this as a video instead of words. I was expecting words. And it was so, so cool to hear what she had to say. And how she said it. And the facial expressions that went with it.


I agree, it was such a treat to see this as a vid. LOOOVvvvee the accents y'all! And she is cute cute cute.

Mama Dawg

Kat-Thanks! I thought the vid would be funnier and would really let you see how she is "in person".

Uberburber-Glad you liked it!

Middle Aged Woman

C'mon, Marmaduke! Get in the picture. That's a bright one, she is!

Mama Dawg

I thought you might like that.


Oh my goodness! She is so cute! And such a ham! : )

Thanks for sharing.

Insane Mama

This is the cutest thing EVER! She has the BEST personality! You guys are adorable.


Great page and cute kitties! Had to stop by and check out your blog cause your pic is super cool. Alice and Wonderland is the best ever!


Ron're going to totally hate me for this, but I STILL have dial-up Internet service, so Youtube's take like four hours to download.

I'm SOOOO sorry, Mama!!!

Hey...maybe you could email me her answers?


But I did see the image of her, and she is sooooo adorable! Wonderful sweet eyes!


That is one of the best interviews I have ever seen. I love her mannerisms, the Southerntwnag, and her giggles. Thanks for sharing- I can't wait for Part 2.

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