Monday, October 13, 2008

Who Would You Do?

Ok, guys and gals, boys and girls, Jims and Sals. Here's your Monday Morning "Who Would You Do?" (book by Susan Segrest)

"Three saucy Aussies, Hugh Jackman, Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe are available for the following amorous activities: a fun-filled day on a nude beach with a Polaroid camera, an indecent weekend in the wine country or two weeks in the outback making love among the livestock. Who do you pick for each adventure?#

This one is a little different. You're not picking one person, you're picking one person PER adventure. Look at my comment to see how to do it.

#click on each picture to see some fine looking gents.

*Editor's Note---You HAVE to pick one of the choices. Even if you're a guy and the only choices are guys...same for girls...believe me, there are lots where it's only girls to choose from.


23 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Hugh Jackman. He is sexy on a stick.

steenky bee

Oh man. Jackman. He is sexy personified. Buy you know, I love me some Guy Pierce too. He was in that movie where he lost his memory and tatooed himself all over to remember who he was. Ahhhh! This controversy will suck all the life out of my Monday! Me loves me some Mama Dawg!!


Hugh Jackman.....and I'd do whatever adventure he wanted! But wine country is my favorite vacation spot, so I could possibly be talked into going there with a scary dude like Russell Crowe.

Mama Dawg

I'd pick Hugh Jackman for the nude beach (cause we've already seen him at the beach shirtless and wet...yum!).

I'd pick Guy Pearce for the wine thing. He's just flat out yummy. Even as an asshole in L.A. Confidential.

I'd pick Russell Crowe for the two weeks in the outback. Although I think I'd only last about a week with him. He looks like a rough lover.


When did you put that quote up there!? I am totally honored! :)

I am still thinking about my choices for today's question.


My picks are EXACTLY the same as Mama Dawg's.

Jackman at the beach.

Guy Pearce in wine country.

Russell Crowe monkeying around in the outback for two weeks. C'mon Mama Dawg, you could take him for two weeks...

Trooper Thorn

Since your activities are all time-related, I think I'd have to rank them in order of who would be least annoying for the the longest period:
I think I could only stand Guy Pierce's company for a day (like sand in your bathing suit), so it's the nude beach afternoon for him.
Russel Crowe would be fine for the weekend, but eventually his shouts of "Are you not entertained?!" would get on my nerves.
At least Hugh Jackman knows lots of Broadway songs and tells a good story to make 2 weeks in the outback bearable (except for all the gay sex).
Any chance we could throw a chick or two in?


Russell Crowe for the Polaroids and Hugh Jackman for the rest. Ew on Guy Pearce.

Middle Aged Woman

Hugh Jackman on the beach, Russell Crowe in the outback. Guy Pearce for the other one.

Momo Fali

I pick Eric Bana for all three. What? You should know by now that I don't play by the rules! At least he's an Aussie.


Hugh Jackman for all three. OH YES. He can wear his Wolverine costume too... if he wants.


I like Mama Dawg's picks, I'll go with those. Most of you didn't read the directions, did you?!

The Nice One

Who the heck is Guy Pearce, I have no clue? So, he goes with me to Wine Country because, for real, after 2 glasses of wine, I won't know who he is anywhere.
Russell, being the bad boy that he is, yea, we're gonna have fun with that camera.
And, I envision Hugh being a real outdoorsman, so we're going to spend the day in the outback.

sassy stephanie

Oh shit I hate you for making take on these tough decisions. I could slop any one of these up with a side of gravy.

I think I will TOTALLY take one for the team, spread myself thin and go on EACH adventure with EACH guy. I'm a lover not a fighter. I don't want anyone getting jealous, ya know.



This is my first time here for "Who Would You Do?" Monday. Would you mind if I was a prude this week? I'm a little shy it being my first time and all...


I'm going to have to go with Hugh Jackman for the nude beach, Russell Crowe in wine country and Guy Pearce in the outback.

Jennifer and Sandi

Hugh naked on the beach...HANDS DOWN.

- Jennifer

Jennifer and Sandi

Oh yeah, I don't like the other two...Do I really have to go somewhere with them?

- Jennifer

Captain Dumbass

Do you cackle when you do these? I like to picture you cackling. Sigh. Ok, I know Pearce was in Momento, which was a cool movie, but I can't really... picture him (and your pic didn't help). Wolverine and Maximus? Damn. Guess I'll have to go with Pearce on the beach. Wolverine for wine country and Crowe for the outback. He looks a little more outback than the others. Unlike Trooper, I would not get tired of listening to him shouting lines from Gladiator. And he looks like he'd be fun to hang out with. But how much "hanging out" is actually required here?

Swirl Girl

So I am a little late with this one...but just had to chime in.

I'd do the Wine country thing with Hugh Jackman. And if he order the fucking merlot, I am leaving.

Then , I would take the naked pictures of Guy Pearce and have Russel Crow take them to the Outback for two weeks and make love to them among the dingos and emus. (neither one of these do anything for me...)

...and is just me who thinks this or didn't Hugh state several years ago that he'd rather do the naked stuff with uh, er, um...bloggers like Trooper Thorn than you and I?

Not that there's anything wrong with that - just sayin'....


I'll take Hugh Jackman for all 3 please! After sseing him in the London production of Oklahoma I've been obsessed w/ him!!


Sorry, you lost me at Hugh..Have to pick him for all..Bow Chicka Bow Wow..

ps. Trooper Thorn is totally lyin. He totally has gay love for Hugh.


I was just coming over here to let you know that I am using your theme for Friday Eye Candy and I swear that I already did my post before seeing this one. I guess we had the same idea in mind--sexy Aussies!! I actually forget Guy Pearce. I thought he was British.

Anyway, I would choose Russell for all of them. I know that is breaking the rules, but he just looks like he would be really good in bed so I would want to experience him in all three settings. :)

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