Thursday, October 9, 2008

Intolerance, Ignorance and Ingratitude

(For the record, I'm neither an Obama or a McCain supporter...I believe both are full of shit)

Sigh…my friends *wink, wink*.

My heart and head hurts.

I love to read blogs. I truly do.

But my heart and head is hurting since this whole election, schmelection thing started.

I don’t mind reading those blogs that can write a thought provoking, well written post about the candidates.

I can’t handle the ones that do everything in their power to announce EXACTLY why they hate either candidate.

I don’t like the ones where they basically tell the reader they’re stupid if they don’t vote this way or that.

I don’t like the ones where the commenters get all asshatty.

There are certain basic perceptions regarding both parties. In a GENERAL SENSE, Democrats are usually known to be passionate, TOLERANT people who believe in fairness and giving people a chance. While Republicans are not.

Yet, it’s Obama supporters that seem to have the most hate filled posts. Vile, filthy, disgusting things are said about the presidential and vice-presidential candidates. More so on Sarah Palin than any other.

This makes my heart hurt. Not because it’s Republicans that they’re vilifying.

But because it’s a HUMAN BEING that they’re saying all these things about. I’m not talking about the ones who point out exactly why she’s not qualified (believe me, I don’t think she is either). I respect and can even get behind most of the reasons.

I’m talking about the ones that talk smack about her knocked up kid. Like it’s her fault a 17-year-old teenage girl in a small town got knocked up despite her teachings and beliefs. Ummmm…..she’s a teenager with her own mind. Just ‘cause you preach it, doesn’t mean they accept it.

I’m not going to go into other examples. It makes me sick.

And, yes, the reverse is true. People say hate filled things about Obama, too. But it wasn’t an overnight issue like it is with Palin. Hatred for Obama happened over time. With Palin, it happened sooooo quickly.

I’m also tired of all the ones that paint Obama to be this Muslim terrorist cult minded African American (I REFUSE to use the word that I’ve seen floating around….to me, that’s far worse than the C word that people use to describe women) who will bring this country shame.

Cause you know what? It’s not true. I think he’ll make a fine leader. Just as he is. Not in spite of or despite his life or ethnicity or upbringing.

I don’t agree with a lot of his policies. But, do I believe he’ll bring this country down?


I don’t believe this of McCain either.

As far as ignorance goes?

I live in a very tiny town in Mississippi.

Where it’s still common to hear people use the “N” word in a casual setting.

Where the kids pick up the use of this word and say it.

I have NEVER used this word. I loathe this word. I think it’s the most vile and destructive word that you can use against a person. No matter who says it.

I teach my daughter not to use it. It was said in my house one time and I politely but firmly announced that we don’t use that word.

My daughter came home the other day and announced that when she was riding the bus home, the kids (ages 4-18) were discussing the upcoming presidential race and about 90% of the bus was voting for McCain (if they could vote).

This didn’t surprise me given where I live.

What did surprise me?

My daughter actually stood up and said that she would vote for Obama if she could.

I was so proud of her. Mostly cause she was standing her ground. And partly cause she was being a rebel.

But then, it lead to a girl on her bus saying that if Obama becomes president, he would make all the women in the United States wear clothes that covered their entire bodies except for their eyes and would also make the women walk 6 inches behind their husbands all the time. Who are these parents that are so uninformed that they let their kids believes all this crap?

I was literally speechless.

To think that there are people that STILL believe he’s a Muslim.

That they don’t believe he’s a Christian just like THEM.

I quickly and firmly informed my daughter that one, that’s absolute bullshit and two, the president doesn’t have that kind of power.

I even gave her permission to call “bullshit” if she ever hears it again.

I’m joking…kinda.

A kid also told her that they don’t like Halloween because it’s the devil’s birthday.

Seriously? It’s 2008. Use a computer, google the history of Halloween for f*ck’s sake.

It makes my head and heart hurt to hear this.

As for ingratitude?

I love reading and hearing people say that if McCain gets voted into office that they’re moving to Canada or anywhere outside of the US.

Seriously? Really, for reals?

If you’re serious, then please do. That would solve so many problems.

It would free up jobs for the jobless to get.

It would give me the opportunity to snake one of your jobs that pays more than mine currently does and live a better life.

I would love to see someone actually do this. I would love to see a news article that has an interview from someone who recently moved to Canada or Barbados or Sweden who said “I left because McCain was voted in as President”.

That would make my day.

If you’re not gonna do it, don’t tease.

It’s mean.

'Cause when you get down to it, despite all the problems our country has, we still have freedom. You know how I know that's true? It's true because if we weren't, there would be no blogs spouting off all those asshatty, vile, disgusting things they're saying about the candidates. And, that, for some reason, still makes us the best country in the world.

If you wanna leave a comment, be nice. Even if you’re calling me out on something. Cause if you get nasty, well, I don’t delete it, but I’ll post it and write about it.

Oh, for a more tolerant world.

And yes, I know I'm being intolerant for not tolerating asshates. If you wanna delete me off your blogroll or not read me anymore, I'll understand. Just keep in mind that I will still read you. No matter your views. Cause I don't hold crap like that against people.

So sue me.


31 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Lynn - the piggy bank painter

Great post! DO you suppose it will all go away once the election is over?? Personally, I am tired of all of it and just want it to go away.

Come see what I donated at the Super Duper SuperWAHMz Contest!

Middle Aged Woman

Many, many people go to extraordinary lengths to remain asshatty under all circumstances.

Minivan Mom

Well, I guess MY response is thank goodness there ARE people who care enough to be upset. It bothers me when people tout their apathy as if they are too jaded or cynical to get embroiled in politics - it reminds me of my Rhode Island teenagers who were "too cool" for school spirit. I can totally understand not being crazy about either candidate, and I can also understand not being "into" politics.

But what bothers me, to be honest Em? (just like you were honest about not liking when I blog about Palin?) Is when you come off as sanctimonious ABOUT your apathy. That's how this seems to me - you are not into (or dislike) the politics, but you are looking down on those who ARE very, very upset about the direction this country has taken the past 8 years, and is threatening to go as we move forward.

As for judging Palin, I think the vitriol stems from her stances that are so abhorrent to so many of us, and her arrogance and ignorance. Yes, I fully realize I'm speaking about another human being, but when that human being seeks to impose those morals and values on an entire nation? You better believe that I will rail against that (and fortunately, I'm not alone). I have nothing against her pregnant daughter, and it's not about what Palin chooses to do with her own family, it's about her seeking to enforce those values on the rest of us. Those RELIGIOUS values. So, yes, when a person like that seeks to flout the Constitution and wants to enact legislature that forces her religious beliefs on the rest of us, and THEN her 17 year old daughter gets pregnant, how can you not expect opponents to point out the irony?

At any rate, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but what puzzles me is how you can get so upset and tweet and blog so often about your "ignorant" coworkers and the statements they make...yet you not only don't have a problem with individuals who might gain the power to ENACT LEGISLATURE that matches those beliefs, but you criticize those of us who ARE upset? That seems odd to me.


What a great post. And oh, so true. I have a friend that loves to send me Obama emails. That I have to send her snopes links for. And her stance is that it's better to be safe than sorry. WTF? Better to believe lies - just in case? So very strange.

Then last week she sent me an email about how Obama is evil. And she prefaces it with a note saying she'd already snoped it, and it's true. Well...upon reading the's true that this guy wrote it. And called Obama evil. Doesn't make Obama evil. But what was amusing was that this same guy also wrote an article saying that McCain was insane. And that he was planning to vote for evil over insane. She didn't email that "article" around.

With all the hate that is going around about our candidates - who would ever want to step up to the plate to lead when it means that this will happen to them - and to their families?


Woot! Woot! You go girl! I'm voting for you Mama Dawg!

You get an "Amen" from this sista!


I just started reading your blog (thanks to MAW) and shit! I like you! LOL! Thanks for calling those 'tard out and putting it like it is. I am a proud Obama supporter, but not to the point denying that he is going to have flaws.

I don't give a shit that Palin's daughter got knocked up, welcome to everyday teenage life. Have these people SEEN high school these days? In my day it was rare to see someone pregnant in high school...and if you were, you hid it, but these days it seems maternity clothes are the in thing.

Anyblah, thanks for the post!


The world is full of asshats. I am one often. I joke about the election here and there, but I don't feel comfortable writing a post about how I really feel or how I think people should feel. We're all different. We're all motivated by different things. To each his own. I think this was very well put!!


'asshat' is my new word.

I'm like you and think debate is fine, but getting ugly about people personally is not.

Trooper Thorn

Believe it or not, Canada is not an oasis of enlightenment and tolerance. We have our own ignorant cretins too, so I hope there is no mass northern migration of US knuckleheads in the event either McCain or Obama win.

You, on the other hand Mama Dawg, are free to visit anytime!

BTW, our federal election is being held on Oct 14 so there has been a fair amount of mudslinging between the Left and Right here too. However, the stakes are much smaller, so the dirt smattering is less messy.


I'm sick of people hating the candidates and being SO strongly opinionated. We don't really know these people...yet we're willing to believe everything we see or hear....or how the MEDIA portrays the,?

I think all the candidates are decent people. I don't understand the hatred and strong feelings.

Great post, Emily! I wholeheartedly agree.


Equal rights for asshats! Equal rights for asshats!!

I decided that there was enough stuff spewed out there that I don't really need to jump in, because it isn't easy to do it without sounding ignorant/etc. yourself.

Let's just hope for a speedy recovery on all fronts in this country, so we can move on back to our mindless entertainment and relative safety!


You said it!! YOU GO!

My only hope is that may be one day ONE DAY people will actually do some research and learn about what's going on before making complete ridiculous judgments. But we are all guilty of doing this once in awhile. :(

great post!


Amen! Preach on sister!


I just fell a little bit in love with you. Wink.
I wish I had the balls to write what you just did, and maybe I will someday, but I am SO tired of all the hatred going on right now. We live in KY and it's the same thing here... I can't believe some of the things my kids have told me that they've heard at school. I know EXACTLY what word you're referring to and I HATE it. I don't know what gives people the right to say whatever comes to mind, regardless. I don't know what gives people the right to tell me I'm an asshat because of who I'm voting for. I would never say that to someone. Why? It's rude.
I was watching B and S this week with Mark and I guess Rob Lowe said it best... "You're adults. Get a filter."


You know I love you but I am one of those people who:
1. Has a boatload of hate for the Rebublican ticket
2. Have given consideration to seeing if DH might want to see if that xfer to Ireland is possible if they do win.

Surprised? Probably because I keep it to myself unless pressed...pressed meaning people saying ignorant things about Obama etc. I think that it's ok to feel this way but when you express it, at least be informed and factual about it.
Please don't hate me.

Captain Dumbass

To back up what Trooper Thorn said, don't be in too big a rush to come up here. Our current ruling party is pretty much cut from the same cloth as the Republicans and because all the other choices are asshats as well, they'll probably be back in power again. Also, while the whole health care deal sounds great from your side of the border, just remember that the money to pay for it has to come from somewhere. This is the second largest country in the world yet we only have the population of California or New York state. You think your taxes are bad?

On the other hand, I can go to Cuba anytime I want and they have sweet ass beaches.

Carrie, thats what I have say. Really, it picks apart the filth and the mudslinging and tells you whats real. Because personally, there are enough issues like taxes, healthcare, the economy, etc. to worry about that Sarah Palins daughter being pregnant is the least of my concerns.
And in your defense, its not that you are looking down on anyone who is into politics or has a strong opinion, but since when does having a strong opinion give a person the right to be hateful. You can feel strongly one way or the other about a candidate without the hatred.
Nice post!


Totally agree with all that you said. Bottom line is your initial sentence....Politicians are all full of crap.

And I have a sister-in-law who actually DID move to Europe when Clinton was voted into office! She kept saying, "We're going to just go away till the Clinton years are over!" Of course, her husband was in the military, but it was their choice and they did it!

Mama's Losin' It

I'm not voting for Obama because I heard he's having an affair with Oprah and I just don't think that's right.


Trooper Thorn

I hope the Obama/Oprah affair that Mama's Losin It mentions is true. They would have the best "couple name" since Beniffer. I suggest 'Oprama'. I like it better than 'Obah'.

Mama Dawg

Go Oprama, Go Oprama.

That gets a little too syllable-y for me. You have to take such a hard beat in between Go and Oprama.


Oprama Rocks? Maybe.....

Mama Dawg

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful words (even those that aren't in agreement with me).

I just wish the hate would stop.

sassy stephanie




Personally, I think it is all a time suck. I don't watch or read any of it. I'd rather be blogging. ha!

Truth: does it seriously matter who is the next President? I believe he, whomever he is, is just a tool. The system is so fucking corrupt. It is all about money now and it makes me sick. I think the President's job is much like the Madagascar pengiuns: "smile and wave, boys, smile and wave".

I don't use blogging to discuss my personal views. I don't hold it against those that do. I just won't get into a debate with someone, IRL or online. I think it's so stupid. Not like you can change someone's way of thinking by slinging mud.

And as for the N word...guess we are a little *cough cough* more civilized in my tiny town. The first time I heard someone say "those colored guys" my mouth hit the ground. Seriously. The guy caught my expression and scrambled in embarrassment. And I'm glad I made HIM feel so uncomfortable without saying a word.


Go Light of My Life!!! I'm very proud of her as well! Lord... that girl is so mature for her age...


Hey! I've been MIA for a bit, but thought I'd stop in and let you know that ignorance reigns over in my corner of Mississippi. But, I am proud for you that Light of My Life is already capable of standing her own even when the deck's stacked against her. Think she'd join the Libertarians? We need more Lights in this country...



You crack me up.

I refuse to blog about politics...people get all nasty and snarky and ugly and I just want to scream "CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?"


And I have a biracial nephew...a biological, biracial nephew. Somone says the "N" word around me, particularly in reference to him, and I go apeshit.

Just sayin'.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

I think you handled this topic very well. Also, LOML is awesome. And even if I don't agree with everything you posted, I do agree with most of it as well as the spirit of the post.

Insane Mama

The politics are driving me to drink. Seriously, I am so tired of it. Why does it have to be so nasty? If I hear the "N" word, I will rip out someones tongue.

'That Girl'

Oh, it's nasty here too. I am surrounded by relativelys smart, educated, worldly people...who discuss Obama not facing the flag during the pledge and possibility of him being the anti-christ.

You can bet your ass the Republicans don't have much real material when they have to resort to this crap.

'That Girl'

Oh, it's nasty here too. I am surrounded by relativelys smart, educated, worldly people...who discuss Obama not facing the flag during the pledge and possibility of him being the anti-christ.

You can bet your ass the Republicans don't have much real material when they have to resort to this crap.


alright, so, you wrote that 'you can take me off your blogroll if you wanna, if you don't want to read my anymore, i'll understand.'


thank you for being objective. thank you for being a true american, and thank you for making my day :)

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