Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

Know what makes me happy?

Friends visiting.

I supplied a safe haven recently to some friends from New Orleans when Gustav was threatening to hit the Gulf Coast.

Here's the sign announcing their hotel location. My mom and daughter made these and posted them on either side of our mailbox. Forgive the big black blah in your face. It's covering up our address. (However, Trooper Thorn, you're more than welcome to get my address and come visit me! I'll even have you a warm bed ready *wink, wink*)

Here's a driveway full of cars. This makes my heart happy.

This is my favorite pic of all. A towel rack full of towels. It means lots and lots of people in my house.

I love having my friends visit. I love having a full house (only cause I know at some point, they'll leave!).

I miss you guys! Come back soon!

If you wanna join in more foto festivities, go check out Candid Carrie!


38 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Those are really nice towels! You have some very lucky friends.

Middle Aged Woman

Okay, that towel photo? You could sell that. I'd pay for that. Until then, I'll just steal it.


Love the towels...they're all color-coded. Genius.


That's it. I'm coming down. Don't wait up!

sassy stephanie

My girlfriend has 5 kids and everyone has their own towel color. You don't hang yours up to dry, you shower with a damp towel. Love all the bright colors.


Those colored towels are so cheerful! I need to get a set.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Love your yard and love the colorful towel rack.


What a beautiful thing to do and it seems like you really had fun with it! I would too:-) I love being the hostess:-)

Jennifer and Sandi

That is SO NICE OF YOU!!! and cool fluffy, colorful towels!!!

Bye people, come back soon!!!!

- Jennifer


You're awesome to host a Gustav hotel! And I love your big yard. And those colorful towels! I want some like that. Where did you get them?

Mama Dawg

Rhea-TARGET, baby, TARGET!!!!


How great thatv you did that! I love your rainbow towels too--what a great idea!!

Trooper Thorn

So will you open your Mississippi doors when snowstorms threaten the Canadian north?


I love having houseguests too... as a matter of fact, I'm having some tonight and should be cleaning and getting ready for them insteat of blogging!

Mama Dawg

Trooper-Hell yeah! Especially if it's you that's coming down! Just give me 2 days warning, that's all I ask!

Insane Mama

I'm with you, the more the merrier just go home when you are done. :)

Captain Dumbass

Your yard is HUGE. If it was where I live it would be worth a billion dollars.

I was going to say we're coming when the first snow storm hits, but we don't get snow very often. How about rain storm. Hmm, that could be any minute...


I love a house full of guests too. I can't wait until my family comes to visit before we move. My kids are going to die when they see their uncle. They love that scruffy bastard (I mean bastard in the nicest way).


Do you take visitors evacuating from snow?


Do you take visitors evacuating from snow?

Mama Dawg

I take visitors evacuating from any Natural or Manmade disaster.

Keep in mind, it gets scary dark out here at night and there's wild roaming mice and squirrels everywhere.

I currently have vacancies, so come on down!


I love these pics and that pic of the towels is cool! You should put it in a frame for your bathroom.

Mama Dawg

I thought about that. It would be kind of trippy to hang it on the door right above the towel rack!


need those towels!!

and so thoughful of you and your family. :)

Trooper Thorn

2 days! What if I don't have 2 days warning? I never figured you to be high maintenance Mama Dawg.

Mama Dawg

2 days is only to make sure that everything is squared away. Not with regards to me, but the house.

Hell, if you're putting me under that kind of pressure, you can come with no warning at all. However, coming from Canada, I figure it'll take you 2 days anyway. Just call me when you leave your house. That'll be plenty of time. men.

Glenda, saved by grace

What a nice person you are!


Yep, the towels are cool (note to self: must get to Target, stat!)

I like being the hostess, too... it can be a lot of work but it makes me all happy inside :)


Ahh..good times, good times!

I had so much fun except for the trying to get to your house part!

We love ya'll so much for puttin up with us lol!

Can't wait to go back up there WITHOUT the hurricane!! Maegan

awe..that's sweet.


I love visitors too. The towel picture is awesome! Now, I want to visit. Any vacancies?


Ooh, pretty towels. I like your mailbox post too.

American in Norway

What a nice friend you are... wondering about you & trooper Thorn?? Hmmm.
I like the towel pic too!


wow! How nice of you!


How nice.
I'll have to make a mental note for the next time we have a storm.


What a nice thing for you to do!!!

Maggie, Dammit

I love this!

It was good of you to do this. The towel picture made me a little teary. ;)

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