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Slow Kisses Against A Car Door

I’ve been kissing boys since I was 11. I got my first kiss from Chipper McMahon. Like Charlie Brown with his elusive little red-haired girl, Chipper was my little red-haired boy.

I crushed on him so hard from first grade til even after I moved away to Florida.

A couple of weeks before I moved, Chipper, my friend Jennifer Anderson, Michael Reulet and I all went to Sykes Park to have a final farewell get together. I was right at the precipice of teen-age-hood but not quite there yet.

We all kinda sorta liked each other. I still had a massive crush on Chipper, but Michael and I had “gone together” earlier that year and there were still some residual feelings. Jennifer, I think, liked Chipper and maybe was a little interested in Michael, but it was clear from the time we got there that there was going to be some competition between Chipper and Michael for my affections that night.

There was a playground there that had a slide. It was one of those that had the plastic tube around it but it went straight, it didn’t curve. I remember that we decided that we would all sit behind one another (spooning, for a visual, if you need it, except sitting up, not laying down) and then lay down to go down the slide. I can still clearly feel the thrill of having Michael’s head in my lap and having my head in Chipper’s but not really understanding why I was feeling that way. It was innocent fun, nothing remotely sexual, but that was the first time I can remember having “those” feelings.

Later, when it got dark, we decided to sit down and play spin the bottle. We were pretty much the only ones at the park at that time.

We found a bottle laying around and that’s when I got my first kiss. It was one of those real quick-blink-and-you-miss-it situations. I know that the more we played, the bolder we got. Michael and Chipper kept egging each other to “slip ‘em the tongue”. I can remember getting flushed but not really understanding what would happen if they did that. I was alternately repulsed but at the same time, intrigued.

I do remember Jennifer out-right refusing to do that and even though I verbally agreed, inside I can remember kinda hoping it would happen just to see what it was like.

I then moved to Florida and received my first French kiss from Pat Petito. I was 12 and I can remember being sooooo nervous. I also remember what a shit he was about it.

He had been teasing me for days about giving me my first French kiss and in between bouts of wanting to puke my guts out, I was anxious.

Like I said, he was a total shit about it. I lived near enough to the school to walk and it was a frequent hang out spot for kids after the teachers and students had left for the day. I was there with a friend and he was there with a friend. They had ridden their bikes up to the school but Heather and I had walked.

He had me pressed up against the brick wall outside of the seventh grade classrooms. I had my arms pressed against the wall and was so anxious. He leaned in close, put his lips to mine and SQUIRTED WATER in my mouth. I was totally humiliated. I slapped him and ran all the way home with Heather chasing me all the way there. I could hear him laughing while I was running.

For whatever reason, I forgave him and he finally fulfilled his promise by going full throttle with the kiss.

Yeah, I should have waited for someone else. It was slobbery and awkward and just gross. I can remember thinking “I waited for THIS?”

However, after I got rid of him and moved on to better boys, the kissing got much better.

I still had a few duds along the way but for the most part, they were pleasant and dreamy and wonderful.

I liked kissing. I liked the feelings of having my eyes closed while we did things with our lips and tongues that some of my girlfriends hadn’t experienced.

As much as I enjoyed kissing, I was not prepared for Brandon Delledonne.

In high school, I was a wrestlerette. This was kind of a wrestling cheerleader but we went beyond cheering for the wrestlers. We set up the gym, got our chosen guys bags filled with their favorite kinds of candy or snacks or drinks. We decorated and encouraged and whatnot.

Part of our duties were to walk in the opposing teams wrestlers and then walk in our own team.

Brandon was a wrestler from another school. I was the one that lead his school in at one of our matches.

We flirted and talked and whatnot. I was 16 when I met him. Over the next two years, we would see each other at wrestling matches but we never hooked up. The timing was never right. Either he had a girlfriend (who was always in the stands) or I had a boyfriend.

When I turned 18, I started going “clubbing” with my friend Mimi (from the Drug Mule story). We used to go to a club called “The Embassy” EVERY Saturday night.

One night was while I was dancing my ass off, I spotted Brandon through the crowd. I hadn’t seen him in almost a year. I went over to him and said hi. He remembered me and we talked for a while. For the first time since we had known each other, we were both single. We exchanged numbers and that was that, or so I thought.

Well, he called. And asked me if I wanted to go out and do something. I said sure. He lived about 30 minutes away but decided to make the drive out to where I lived. Instead of going out, we decided to rent a movie and get Taco Bell for dinner. We stayed in at my house. My mom retreated to her bedroom and closed her door to give us some privacy.

We ate our Taco Bell and sort of half assed watched the movie. I kept looking at him out of the corner of my eye and we would do those little touchy things. You know what I mean…arm around the shoulder, finger making circles on his thigh, him rubbing my arm, me laying my head on his shoulder, etc….

I remember when it was time for him to head out, I walked him outside. I can remember that I was barefoot and wearing jeans.

We got to my car and he gently pushed me back against my door. He leaned in for our first kiss. I was anxious but ready all the same.

You know how you read about feeling electricity shoot from your connected lips all the way down to your “spot”?

Yeah, that’s what it was like. For the first time in my life, I was experiencing a really truly passionate kiss. One that had me pressing my entire body against his. One that had me fumbling for naked flesh under his shirt. One that almost made me have an orgasm OUTSIDE UP AGAINST MY CAR DOOR. Completely clothed and just with his lips touching mine.

It was that good.

I couldn’t get enough.

I was hungry for him.

Unfortunately, he had to leave me high and dry (well, not really, if you know what I mean) because he had to leave right then to get home in time to get some sleep before work the next day.

We “dated” for the next couple of weeks, but except for the kissing (and almost but not quite other stuff), we didn’t really have much in common.

The relationship, as it were, didn’t last long.

But to this day, I can still remember that kiss.

And to this day, I’ve not had another like that. Sigh…………

Anyone ever had one of those?


17 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Oh yeah..........me and my love, Steve blew off our classes one Friday in college and drove around with a 6 pack of Heinekens. I'll never forget our makeout scene in the dark parking deck. Orgasm central. It's something I'll never forget and that was back in 1983.

I miss making out :(

Jaden Paige

*sigh* I totally miss making out too! Howcome making out loses its mystique and intrigue once you've been together for years? It's just one of those good things that everyone should get to have, I think.

Mama Dawg

jaden paige-I don't know, but I've been in such a dry spell, I'm considering kissing the next single guy I see just to feel something again.


OH MY GAH...I so have! And they are absolutely the BEST!


I fell for a little red-haired boy too - we were 16 actually. He still makes a cameo in my dreams sometimes.

My poor husband now, always wants to "make-out". I say, "Can't we just have sex? It's so much easier."



That was so nice to read... and I am now full of memrires of some some of my best kisses ever as well.

(My first french kiss was also gross... and to this day I hate Dorrito chips)

Jennifer and Sandi

Love Love Love Kissing!!

- Jennifer


I was like a heroin addict when it came to kissing. It was never as good as the first kiss with any one person.


I kept thinking the first boy in your story was named Chopper. That'd be cool to get your first kiss from a dude named Chopper.

Is that all the wrestlerettes did for the wrestlers?

Yeah, a "Taco Bell" kiss would be hot. I can see that. :)


arm around the shoulder, finger making circles on his thigh, him rubbing my arm, me laying my head on his shoulder

YES! This should happen all the time.

I love it. and I need a kiss like that SOON. :)

Swirl Girl

my first real kiss (french) was with Peter Siegal - we both had braces and wanted to practice on each other...

my first O , I was completely clothed, not touching myself and was in a crowded stadium with 1000's of other people. Springsteen was singing to me - 1981, fifth row floor seats... aaaaah.

Mind if I don't share the kissing story with the 9 year old?? She'll want to know what the 'spot' is.....oy.

Hot Tub Lizzy

A couple months ago I was in Atlanta, and Mr. B came to see me. I had Gert (my 5 year old) with me, and she was asleep in the hotel room bed, so we were pretty limited in what we could do. We just stood there kissing for.. jeez... 30 minutes or so? Best. Kisses. EVER... I will never forget how tender and precious they were....

Mama Dawg

Awesome kissing stories. I love 'em!


Before I forget... I wanted to ask if you've seen the new trailer for Harry Potter 6...



Hoooo-wheeee. I loved your kissing story.

I remember making out with Daddy Mo, although we were newly dating at the time, in my car in the pouring rain, after our first date. We fogged up the windows, oh yes we did.

Captain Dumbass

Last blog before I went to bed, glad I stopped here. And I'm keeping that story for myself.


I'm not sure I've ever had a kiss like that one. I'm so jealous!

I was totally grossed out by french kissing in those early days. totally grossed out.

I can't believe that guy squirted water into your mouth. That was SO lame.

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