Friday, June 6, 2008

Well....I Was Wrong...

...for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!!

Yeah, right.

I've been proven wrong. I hate that.

Actually, I don't care. Unless it's my mother. And then for some reason, I care.

Anyway, it is not redundant to say tomato ketchup after all.

Thanks to my hung like a horse blonde GOD, Jeff.

He found a recipe for BANANA KETCHUP!

Ewwww...he said he's had it before and it's good on fries, but not on hot dogs.

Click here for the recipe if you're interested.

Sorry for the boring post. I've been cleaning since 6 am and left at 10 to get to NOLA.

Tomorrow's my b-day (yay me!) and I'll have a guest blogger. Her name is Light of My Life, my daughter.


Mama Dawg

44 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I still think tomato ketchup is redundant. However I have also tried the banana ketchup and it is pretty good.....on french fries. I wouldn't know about hot dogs. I prefer the veggie dog....

Love your site by the way.....

Your daughter is awesomely FIERCE. What a cuttie!

Looking through your profile a two things:

1. Yoga makes you centered even with ADD. I love it and recommend it to all. It is an interesting self discovery.... It helps you center the ADD tendencies....

2. I see you like the Alice in Wonderland... Have you ever read Coroline by Neil Gaiman? It is a twisted modern day take on the Alice in Wonderland idea. Weird concept, cool book.

Just some thoughts...

insane mama

can't wait to hear what your daughter has to say

Mama Dawg

jen721...I'm sorry I gave the wrong impression. I don't have ADD. It was just a humorous profile saying. But I am going to check out your recommendation. Thanks!


They sell BANANA KETCHUP in Asian grocery stores. I'm not a big fan of it. Only goes well with eggrolls, in my opinion. =)

Mama Dawg

I've never had it. I may have to try it. I LOVE egg rolls.


Banana? Yuck! But, I did have peach ketchup at a local BBQ place on their sweet potato fries, and YUMMMM.

Scary Mommy

Never heard of it. I'm intrigued!


I think I will pass on the banaba ketchup. Thanks for sharing anyway.


Your creepy feet salt and pepper shakers are really freaking me out. I'm all reading your great blog but seeing these feet look at me out of the corner of my eye. Scary.

At Home Redesigns

Banana ketchup...that might be good on an ice-cream sundae, with spareribs in it....


I love bananas, but that banana ketchup sounds SO NASTY!


I don't really go for the banana's mixed with anything. Totally have terrible flashbacks to throwing up at Disneyland (is that even allowed?) when I was like 11 after eating a chocolate covered frozen banana. Yuk.

Banana in ketchup ((shivers))!


I'm filing this recipe under my fat file entitled, "Just because you can, doesn't mean it's a good idea."


banana what?! Nuh, uh...

Cray and Bickford Family

Not a banana fan but my youngest has an addiction. I wonder if he would like the banana ketchup...


I like it. You can buy it in Asian food stores and it comes in a mild and a hot version. In other countries,like NZ, it's known as 'Banana sauce'.

Not only is it good with fries, it's also great as a marinade or a BBQ sauce.


Well, you can consider that, One link I won't be clicking on.... EEeeewwwww!


Banana ketchup? That's just wrong, like unsweet tea and hotdogs.


There is a BBQ place around here that makes peach ketcup to be used with your sweet potato fries. I haven't been brave enough to try and honestly they have the best potato salad and baked beans so I normally get those. Hmmm, maybe I can talk S into getting them next time and then sneaking a few.


Jennifer P.



Oh my, banana ketchup doesn't sound appealing, but hey, I don't like tomato ketchup either!

Mommy Meryl

Ok - love bananas and love ketchup - but soooo not together!!


this may be the only way I'd try ketchup. thanks fo the tip...
and happy birtday a month late... your in your 30's now!


It's kinda late, but happy birthday. And banana ketchup kinda sounds gross, lol, but to each their won. Tomatoes actually scare me. I have weird phobias. lol.


It's kinda late, but happy birthday. And banana ketchup kinda sounds gross, lol, but to each their won. Tomatoes actually scare me. I have weird phobias. lol.

Hairline Fracture

I'm thinking I wouldn't like that.


Hmmm, I'll try almost anything once. I blogged about weird food combinations once. I don't know what I'd put with banana ketchup though to make it a combo...sweet potato fries?

Those salt & pepper feet are...interesting. The prehensile toes are over the top :)


I think I will have to pass on this one!!


That banana ketchup sounds interesting, but I'll stick to just plain 'ole ketchup, thanks!

Neurotically Yours:

I don't think I'll be having banana ketchup any time soon.

Please pass the normal ketchup.

Mrs. S

I would try the ketchup but I don't think anyone else would...defeats the purpose of taking the time to make it. :)

Bradford Bunch

I just might try the recipe on my kids, I do not know if I am one for banana ketchup but one never knows.


tomato ketchup is redundant, it should be assumed that any time the word "ketchup" is mentioned it means tomato-based and then forced to be clarified any time the person is meaning bizarre food perversions like banana ketchup.

Nichole Jolene

i'm with ya on the whole "mom's right i'm wrong" bugging the crap outta me. right on sista! oh yeah, wandered in from SITS


I'll try anything once, but that sounds a little gross.


LOL! I can't even IMAGINE banana "ketchup", and I'm from the south. But I am laughing at the concept! EWWWW!!!


I think this is the only combination of food with ketchup that my kids have not tried nor do I think they will. Because really. It just sounds disgusting.


Okay. This is gross. Seriously.


Have you tried it? I'm so intrigued....

Happy SITS Day!!

Off to do some more lookin' around over here....


I've never heard of banana ketchup, and I think my life was better before I knew such a thing existed.

What can you do? ;)

deconstructing jen

Ew. I'm really grossed out by that.

DysFUNctional Mom

There is something very, very wrong with banana ketchup.
I'm also pretty freaked out by your feet shakers up there.


Oh Lordy, banana ketchup, well is it still actually called ketchup, anyways bleh it makes me think of the banana you have have to have to make banana bread the brown slimy ones, yuck, this is one recipe I will not be trying LOL. It just ain't right I tell ya

Judy Haley

banana ketchup? wow. I guess I've been missing out. I never heard of that before your post.

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