Tuesday, June 10, 2008

See What's In My Yard!!!

I love living here. When I lived in New Orleans, the only thing that grew was the trash in the street.

Here, I'm surrounded by yummy smelling and breathtakingly beautiful plants.

If you think honeysuckle reminds me of summer, the picture below REALLY takes me back to my childhood.

I LOVE the smell of mimosa's. Not only that, but they look like little "firework explosions" when you hold them. They are also tickley (as my daughter would say) when you brush them against your nose (when you're inhaling the oh, so, yummy smell).

In about another month or so, these will be delicious blackberries. I love being able to just pull them off and pop 'em in my mouth. My mother would prefer that I wash them first, but I've been eating 'em this way for YEARS and I'm not gonna change now. This is truly organic.

Can't tell yet if this fig tree is male or female. We've still got a couple of months before they are ready to eat (if they can even be eaten).

We have a plum tree!!!!! I pick up at least 10 a day in the yard. They are plump and juicy and delicious and smell like heaven.

This is blooming near the front of the house. The color varies from light blue to lavender to a mix of the two colors.

I also discovered that we have gardenias growing outside my kitchen window. Talk about a heavenly smell!

I also have wild roses, black eyed susans, oaks, pines, honeysuckle...it's truly a wonderful place to live.


Mama Dawg

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My grandmother lived in Shreveport and she had figs in her backyard. I'd eat figs until I was sick. And like you, I would eat blackberries right off the vine. They would grow in the sugar cane field across the street from our trailer on the bayou.

*Big Sigh*

Mama Dawg

If I knew I could get them to you without them getting all mushy, I'd send you some!


How cool to have all that fruit right in your yard! We did a makeover of our front yard...but I am thinking we need to plant fruit trees out back. I wonder if Plums would work here...

Mama Dawg

I don't know, but if they do, you'll be in for a treat. The smell of the blossoms before they turn into fruit is justification enough (in my opinion).


That last pic is a hydrangea. It's my favorite flower. You are so lucky to have all those wonderful things growing around you. We had a mimosa tree in our backyard when I was growing up. The figs! OMG! When they are ready to eat you HAVE to tell me what you did with them. YUM!

Mama Dawg

Yeah, I know the last one is a hydrangea. I was just too lazy to google the correct spelling and didn't want to look like an ass by misspelling it!

I'll let you know about the figs!


OMG--we had a mimosa tree in our backyard and I loved it!! I totally forgot about it until just now. And yes, they do look like little fireworks and smell so good!!


Oh and don't the little green leaves close up at night? For some reason I remember that. They are the neatest trees!

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