Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

Here's some pics of me and my sick baby, J.D. He pretty much lives on my bed these days. I was snuggling up with him and my mom decided to take some pics of us.

I know I've probably mentioned this before, but J.D. has no eyes (story for another time). However, even with no eyes, he's still a pretty expressive cat. You can pretty much tell what he's thinking in each picture.

In this pic, he's saying "Hey, who are you and what are you doing?"

In this one, he's saying ", that's gross, get away!"

And in this one, he's saying "More, more, more!"

He's a snuggler, that one.

And yes, I'm wearing overalls. Shut up.

Everyone is allowed to have skeletons in their closet and mine are short overalls.

If you wanna participate or just check out some other cool photos, head over to Candid Carrie's. She won't bite...I don't think!


Mama Dawg

19 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Cat snuggles are the best! It almost looks like he's smiling in that last picture!!


I love the last picture.

Mama Dawg

Thanks. It's one of my favs.


You CAN tell what he's thinking, even without eyes. I'm impressed.

I love snugglers. I wish we could have cats but my hubby's allergic to them. We have a giant 80lb lab that thinks she's a lap dog. hehe

Love the overalls. too cute.

Mom Taxi Julie

Awww he's a cutie! I heart all cats :O)


What cute pics!

Candid Carrie

We have seven (yes seven) cats but my husband thinks we have five, sssh. Cute pictures, thanks for playing again ;)

Judy Haley

there's nothing like snuggling with a furry creature


What a great picture! I love snuggling up to my puppies every chance I can get.

There's nothing wrong with a pair of overalls. They're one of my fall/winter staples. :)


What a sweet kitty!


What a great kitty. And yes I'd totally baby that kitty.


OMG the tears are streaming down my face...your sweet little Kitty. Give him a hug for me!


Kitty snuggles are the best. He looks like a very loving and expressive guy.


Those are so cute! I love snuggles!


Hahaha. Laughing about the short overalls. Too frickin' hilarious. I had maternity ones that I would wear when I wasn't pregnant until someone tossed them husband perhaps?


I love snuggle furbabies. He looks like a pure sweetheart. Wish I wasn't allergic. We have a threelegged cat here. Story for later too. She rules the three dogs and us.

Veggie Mom

I'm a cat person myself! Have two--Patch is 13, and Pepper is just 5. I'm thinking about adopting a stray from the shelter this summer. I found your blog thru another link, and I'm very impressed! I have a new blog, and I'm doing a giveaway. Please click on to enter the contest. Hope you drop by soon!


The skeleton in my closet is a leapord print jump suit. I assure you it still has the tag on it. I might have been a joke, I just don't remember.
I love cats. My husband and son are allergic to any kind of fur imaginable, though. =(


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