Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Night I Almost Screwed... finger.

Now, get your head out of the gutter all you nasty, nasty people.

This was just last night and I was hanging up pictures with my cordless drill/screwdriver.

I had to use the flathead bit and when I was screwing in a screw, the driver slipped and almost punched a hole in my finger.

Yeah, freaked me out.

I accidentally did that to my mom's hand one time.

I have never felt as low as I did when I screwed my mom's hand.

Yeah, quit snickering you nasty, nasty people. It was serious.

I was reminded of this when I read Scargosun's current post.

Come to think of it, she has a provocotive title, too.



Mama Dawg

10 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


OMG! What is it with screws!? and screw drivers for that matter! Finger is looking much better BTW. Polysporin does wonders for the healing process.

Mama Dawg

LOL! We should buy stock in Polysporing and Neosporin, we use it for everything!

Your post was what reminded me of what happened.

insane mama

YOur finger screwed you? Cool! No need for batteries or minty cool freshness like lulu has. hmm who would have thunk that a screwdriver could be so fun!


Lol - try electrocuting your dad- that is a story that I will never live done.

AS for your finger, sounds like you were just plain screwed...


Mama Dawg



We had our handy man over yesterday to put in a ceiling fan where there was no overhead light. He had to remove moulding and some other stuff...any way...he was putting it back when his screw driver hit a live wire! I'm lucky that I still have my handy man. He unfortunatley no longer has that drill.


Hey--thanks for stopping by my blog. When I came to yours, the title of this post immediately piqued my interest. I was hoping it would go this way: The night I almost screwed...George Clooney!" 'Cause that's the kinda post I really wanna read!

Glad your finger is OK, though!


I'm glad you're finger is okay too, but I must admit...I was all happy when I thought we were going to get some dirt.

Mrs. Romero

Good teaser.. I was hoping for some juicy tidbits... is that sad or what?

A hole in your finger, that's no good...

Mama Dawg

Sorry for the tease with no follow up.

No, nothing juicy for me. It's been a long dry spell here in the Dawg House.

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