Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Get Low and Smack That

Ummm….is it wrong of me to listen to music like Akon (featuring Eminem)’s song, “Smack That” or Lil Jon’s “Get Low” while working at a Baptist Hospital where they do a daily prayer over the intercom?

Back in high school and for a few years after that, I listened to a lot of hip hop thanks to my friend, Mimi. I met her during my senior year and she got me into clubbing. I loved going clubbing with Mimi. Mostly because just being with her gave me some street cred since she was a terrific dancer. Oh, yeah, and she was Puerto Rican…in central Florida…where there are a lot of Puerto Ricans and Cubans.

Yeah, I was phat.

LOL!!!!! That reminds me of a story. It was about 1995 or so and Mimi and I were tooling around in her little blue car listening to music. I’m sure we were on the way to the mall or something like that. Maybe even Arby’s (I got her hooked to Arby’s and she got me hooked to Goya products). Anyway, we were listening the Quad City D.J.’s “Ride That Train” and we were really getting into singing it and dancing in the car and all. When it was over, I had the biggest shit eating grin on my face and I said, “Man, that was phat”.

I never heard Mimi laugh so hard.

Apparently, this little white bread southern girl who still spoke like a hillbilly couldn’t pull off “phat”.

Who knew?

I know that I’m about to be 31 (this Saturday to be exact) but I love Eminem. He is so incredibly talented. The way he puts words together…pure genius.

I don’t get offended by lyrics against women or any of that other feminist crap. I can’t. Really, they’re just words. Even if the artist means them, I really don’t care. I don’t have the energy to spare to care about crap like that. There’s so many other important things to care about.

Like, what the hell am I gonna eat for dinner and how soon til I get off work so I can pour myself a glass of wine or when is light of my life coming home.

You know, important things.

Anyway, is it wrong of an almost thirty one year old white bread southern women who also listens to Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel and the High School Musical soundtrack to also like Eminem, Akon and Lil Jon?


Mama Dawg

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Goya products? Hilarious! I know what they are but it's so funny to read about it.

I love "Smack That" and "Get Low". It makes me want to get funky dancing on my living room floor. Other favorites include Run It (Chris Brown), Low (Flo-rida), Don't Stop the Music (Rihanna), Caught Up (Usher), Yeah! (Usher), Sexyback (Justin Timberlake). Sometimes I even get my grooove on all pregnant and all. It is a hilarious sight to see me rolling my hips and mybig ole belly around!!!!!

Mama Dawg

I love it! I'm glad I'm not the only one!


I love all kinds of music, too, so you're definitely not the only one. I'm also jealous of Eminem's ability to put just the right words together in just the right way to make everything sound so natural even when it's not.


Nope! Makes you a well rounded individual. :) I gotta be in the mood for the hip hop though.


Nah, nothing wrong with that! I love all kinds of different music too. I lost interest in hip hop for a minute but as you can tell from my blogs, we're all about it right now. (LOL) I think it's great that you are open to all sorts of different genres of music!

Mama Dawg


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