Monday, June 2, 2008

"Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner"

The Daily Mish Mash is hosting a Movie Madness Carnival. Go check it out and participate if you'd like. There's a great give away as well.

Anyway, to participate in this Carnival, you need to write a post relating to anything regarding movies.

Ummm.....this is a Carnival right up my alley.

For those of you that know me, I have this little obsession of movies. Well, more like big obsession.

I personally own over 300 DVD's. That doesn't include my TV shows on DVD, my daughter's DVD's or all the VHS tapes I used to own (over 300 of those at one point, as well).

I "heart" movies. I love the feeling of disappearing into another World for approximately 2 hours. A World that I don't live in. A World that at times I'd like to live in (Princess Bride anyone?) and a World that I wouldn't like to live in (Donnie Darko anyone?). Especially Donnie Darko since it has Jake Gyllenhaal. I can't stand that kid.

I get this same feeling from books, but with movies, you actually get to see the stories played out in front of your eyes instead of having to use your imagination.

I love that when my daughter goes to bed at night, I can pop in "Sweeney Todd" or "Not Another Teen Movie" or "Schlinder's List"...whatever suits my mood and not have to worry about putting on a "family friendly" know, like "Grease" or "Footloose" or "Girls Just Want To Have Fun". My daughter's a freak for those movies. (the family friendly in quotations is meant to be sarcastic since these are definitely not considered "family friendly").

For the life of me, I can not remember the first movie I ever saw. I remember the first "adult" movie I ever saw. By "adult", I don't mean porn, I mean one that isn't meant for kids.

It was "Legal Eagles" and I saw it in the movie theater with my mom and her best friend. I think this wasn't too long after my mom and dad's separation which would probably explain why I was at the movies with my mom and her best friend.

I also remember the first movie I ever saw on VHS. It was "Dirty Dancing". That was the movie that HOOKED me forever on movies.

To this day, I will forever hold a special place in my heart for Patrick Swayze for the way he told those horrible, horrible parents of her "Nobody puts Baby in a corner".


Mama Dawg

61 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

insane mama

300 DVD's wow... Cool!
I'm with you on Patrick and Dirty Dancing, that is one of the movies I have watched over and over and still do

Mama Dawg

Yeah, I'm always loaning them out. So far, I've been lucky and they've all brought 'em back!


If we lived anywhere near each other, I would totally come over and "borrow" your movies.

I watched Juno recently and loved it. I have also seen Into the Wild last week and I liked it OK. It made me think a bit : ).


Thanks so much for playing along in the Movie Madness Carnival. I just added your link to my main post.

Wow! That is a lot of dvds! My neighbor has a huge collection too and is always letting us borrow them. :)

Would you believe I've never seen Donnie Darko? I'm really going to have to add that to my queue once I sign back up for Netflix.


That is a ton of DVDs, I thought we had a lot! I haven't counted but now will have to out of curiosity. :)

I've never seen Donnie Darko either, but am thinking I'm going to have to since I have heard so much about it today.

Mama Dawg

It's a weird, freaky movie.


Dirty Dancing is one of my wife's favorite movies.

Mama Dawg

It's one of mine, as well!

B Boys Mom

Wow 300 DVD's. I have a lot of VHS and then everything went to DVD I'm not spending all that money again. I do still have about 100 DVD's that people have given me or for the kid's. Now they are talking about Blue Ray. I'm not getting any of them. I now get my movie with blockbuster online. It's been working really good. Liked your post. I just did a review on the movie An Unfinished life.

Audra Krell

Dirty Dancing is one of my all time faves. The other line my sister and I always say to each other is "Baby? I'll do your, you're prettier your way."


I love Dirty Dancing! It was my first, non-parent-approved movie that I snuck over to watch at a friend's house. =0)


300 DVDs ??

Do you have a pic of your storage system ?


Horray for movies. There is nothing better than feeling like your in a different world for a few hours.

Jacki McHale

Just into the prime of my postpartum, I watched "P.S. I Love You" Good god I cried for days!

Now one of my favorite movies EVA!! I agree who dosen't love to be wisked away to a differnt world, or time in life...

SITS sister

Jacki McHale

Oh I just saw that your reading Dean Koontz's new Odd book "Odd Hours" I am getting it for my birthday! Cam't wait!

Jacki again
SITS sister


Oooh, Patrick was soooooo hot in that. But I had 5th grade eyes, so I probably would have though Steve Buscemi was hot too (btw, he's not)! Anyway, I loved and still love that movie. I watched it at my friend Carrie's house and her mom fast-forwarded all the "sex" scenes.


300!!! We have like 25. 24 are my kids' movies. OK, not that bad. I remember not really understanding what was happening to Patrick's first dance partner. I was a little, ummm, sheltered.


That was one seriously hot movie for a whitebread suburban girl. **sigh** I sooo wanted to dance like that and my only chance saw me falling (quite literally) off a swiss mountain into a graveyard. But for those few seconds with Jean-Marie? It was worth the drop!!!


Fun post. I think Legal Eagles may have been one of my first "adult/grown up" movies. That is funny. Of course who doesn't love Princess Bride, and OMG... FOOTLOOSE!!! hee hee hee!! Thanks for letting me relive some preteen memories.


I like movies to but you take the cake on the loving movies. Wow.


I wish I could actually stay awake during a movie.


You mentioned Grease, Dirty Dancing, Footloose AND Girls Just Want to Have Fun in one post...girl, I'm gonna faint dead away.

And I'm not owning up to the number of DVDs we have because gluttony is a sin. Just sayin'.


Hey SITSTA! I have a hard time watching a lot of movies more than once, so I just opt to rent them. Grease is TOTALLY family friendly! I've been watching that movie since I was a tiny tot!


I love movies too. I don't own very many, though, because I have a thing about not liking to watch them more than once. There are a handful that are worthy of over and over. Dirty Dancing is definitely one of them! Thanks for sharing.


I have much affinity for Dirty Dancing. NEVER get tired of that movie. We wore that soundtrack OUT when we were younger. It was our road trip tape (yep, tape...remember those?)!

I don't think I've ever heard of Legal Eagles. I was a sheltered child.

And *where* do you keep these movies? I totally imagine a secret wall that opens up into a vault. ;D


'I'm Karen and I own over 336 DVD's '

Well, that was at the last count, however I've since bought a couple more.

I'm with you on 'Dirty Dancing'. That movie has been played more times than I want to think about.


The Dirty Dancing soundtrack is one of my guilty pleasures. When I listen to it it takes me back to high school and happy memories.

Cray and Bickford Family

That's right, Bridget - the soundtrack is the best! I can hear a single song from that soundtrack and instantly be brought to a different place in time!


the sheer quantities of your DVD collection impressed me! my hubby would love you.

I have the sound track to Dirty Dancing still. hehe


I'm not a huge 'Dirty Dancing' fan but anybody who takes the time to give mention to 'The Princess Bride'... Well, they're alright in my book! :-D
"My name is Iniyo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!"
Man, I love that line!


OH yes, Patrick. yummy. I'm also a movie junkie but we haven't collected much since we moved in together and after having two.


Oh, I *love* Dirty Dancing. But we just call it "don't put Baby in a corner." If I am surfing and find it...gotta watch. But your dvd collection - wow! We just netflix...

Melissa Lester

So does this mean you were or were not counting down the days, hours and minutes until you could watch "Camp Rock" with your daughter? We were on a big-time countdown here with four kiddos. Help, I'm 35 and have Disney movie songs stuck in my head! It was very cute, though.


I am the same with books. I can't rewatch very many movies. But even though I don't re-rad books I love owning them! I own around 100 kids movies that my kids rewatch ad nausaem. But, my daughter and I can say every word along with the movie "Princess Bride." Love it!


I'm with you on "Dirty Dancing". I fell in love with Patrick Swayze though in "North & South"....and again in "Roadhouse". He's a hottie!

Jennifer P.

Well I'm glad you clarified the "family movie" thing. I just saw Footloose in a flashback showing at the theatre and found myself blushing just a bit....

But I'm a big prude, so what do I know about good movies?! :)

Enjoy all this SITS lovin'!


Visiting via SITS- Oh, I "heart" movies too! I'm on vacation, so I'm keeping it short today!

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I'm not sure why this happens, but with a few exceptions (movies I see more than a few times), I generally forget them after seeing them! I do love a good movie, though. Maybe I can borrow one of yours? :)


I love movies also. When the time comes-the wonderful hour when all the little people are sleeping-finally!
I love Dirty Dancing. I remember watching it at my BFF house, my mom didn't know I was watching it, I got in trouble. I also got in trouble cause I watched Top Gun without asking either!1
Whenever i need a good movie that my hubby wont watch!!-Dirty Dancing is it. Love it that I can call my sister and she will be right over. Chocolate, diet coke and Patrick SwayzE! Yes-thats a good night!!

Mommy Meryl

Love love love Dirty Dancing!!! And I have to admit - I think I like HSM and Jump In as much as my daughter does! :-) Love some of the Camp Rock music - movie was so-so. But my daughter and her friends think it was soooooooooooooooo good. . .


Dirty Dancing is my favorite movie of all time. EVER. I've seen it so many times I can speak every word of it while it play, which really annoys my boyfriend. He will usually leave if I watch it. lol. Great post.


Here through SITS - although I've never been one to buy DVD's - I am a hugge movie fan. Nothing beats going to the theatre for me and being transported to somewhere else for 2 hours. What a wonderful thing!


Checking in from SITS! I love, love, love Dirty Dancing. I've lost count of the number of times I've watched that move. It's my granny's favorite too. How funny is that?

Hairline Fracture

300 movies--wow! I remember I had to watch Dirty Dancing at a friend's house because my mom wouldn't let me watch it. She didn't even know what it was about--she just didn't like the title.


Wow, that's a collection to be proud of :) I remember being at a friend's house in elementary school and watching bits and pieces of Purple Rain on tv. I was so sure I'd get in trouble for watching it.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Ferris Bueller's Day Off are two of my all time faves, must watch again and again.


Even with all the new movies out all the time I am still watching Mr. Mom, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, and Baby Boom over and over and over!!!

Trenches of Mommyhood

Dirty Dancing is right up there with Beaches and Steel Magnolias for me!
(Found you on SITS!)

Mrs. S

Hello SITS sister! I do not own that many DVDs but definitely love movies! My husband lived a sheltered farm life & hasn't seen too many movies. We've known each other 4 years now and I've probably made him watch more movies in that time than in the rest of his 23 years of life.

Dirty Dancing, Grease, Footloose, & CryBaby were my favorite movies growing up. Still love them all. Of course, not family friendly but I didn't realize how dirty Grease is until about 3 years ago!

Bradford Bunch

I feel like movies are my only leisure activity these days, maybe due to lack of money, no time to actually go out and do something, and my three girls and hubby seem to come first.

Mama's Losin' It

I'd like to diagnose myself with "movie ADD" I cannot sit still. I'm a flipper. I've got to know what else is on at all times. :)


*swoon* Dirty Dancing.

Nichole Jolene

i love using movies to keep me sitting on the couch so i have to fold my clean laundry. good reward and motivation!


I love movies, too!!! Are they are GREAT for getting those tedious chores, done, absolutely- and for escaping!! Nothing like a Sunday afternoon on the couch with a GOOOOOD movie!!!

Mrs. R

LOVE Dirty Dancing. I had it on VHS and we watched it weekly.


300 DVD's!!! You could start your own Netflix business with that kind of collection! Love Dirty Dancing...haven't seen it in though.


Wow. That's a lot of movies and a lot of stored up knowledge. Like the quote -- I knew it sounded familiar, but until you said Dirty Dancing, I could NOT think of it, and it was starting to drive me nuts!

deconstructing jen

Woah, 300 dvd's. Impressive. Where does one keep that many dvd's?

LOVE dirty dancing - I just saw it at Target - you may have inspired me to pick it up.


My kids get soooo mad at me when I quote this line. It drives them insane so I do it often!!

DysFUNctional Mom

Oh, I so love Dirty Dancing. I just want to BE her, up there dancing with him. (swoon)
(here from SITS!)


I love Dirty Dancing in fact at 5 years old I am the one who taught them that dance you know, oh wait that was my dream LOL. I do still to this day dance right along with them at the end, though it's usually when my husband is not home and trying to do a lift alone (as if he does it when he is home) is quite comical I usually soaar through the air and land on the pillow pile in my living room I made. Well my kids get a kick out of it anyways

Judy Haley

Dirty Dancing came out when I was in high school. my friends and I spent hours quoting the lines to each other.

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