Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Today's Question

Why is it when I wear ballet flats, I immediately start walking like a ballet dancer? You know, like with a stick up my ass? (no offense to ballet dancers, I was one myself for 7 years)

Does this mean that when I wear my hooker heels, I should walk like a hooker?

What do you think?


Mama Dawg

6 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Because they change the way you place your foot. Flats to me are harder to walk in than a small heel.


when you wear the stilletos, let me know, i wanna watch! lol.

Mama Dawg

Scargosun-that makes sense. I never thought about that.

Jared-wanna watch what? LOL! Me tripping and falling or me walking like a hooker across the floor BEFORE tripping and falling?


yes-that is what you should do. that is why i always wear slippers, then i walk like a mom,
in a hurry and yelling all along the way!
Sometimes-the hooker shoes come out. Only for about 3 mins, that is as long as my feet can take it. The hooker shoes are always the cutest yet they only allow us aware them for 2 mins! Dang!! MAybe you have some suggestions for the opportunity to wear them longer!?
Found you through sits
love this site-thirlled to get to meet new people!

Mama Dawg

Thanks and welcome.

No advice on getting to wear them longer though. I usually wear them when I go out and then I make sure I drink enough to make the pain go away. LOL!


definitely and when you wear(what Australians call) thongs (flip-flops in the UK) you should walk like you have a string for knickers!

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