Monday, June 9, 2008

Room Makeover Part 1 (of 2, don't worry)

When I decided to pull up roots and move to a small town, one of the worries I had was finding a place to live. There is a family house that wasn't available but would have been right across the gravel road from where my mom's building. So, since that was out, it was back to square one on finding a place.

Luckily, my uncle's secretary has a house that was available for rent. However, the last tenant was a drug user and trashed the place. He left three cats (or so) in the house and never changed their litter box. He would just come by every couple of days and toss some food in and would leave again.

Needless to say, the house was TRASHED. The only thing that saved the wood floors from being totaled was that there was like 4 layers of flooring (linoleum, carpet, etc...) and the cat urine managed to not get to the gorgeous original wood floors.

Light of my life's room is one of the newest rooms on the house. It was an addition that came along years after the house was built.

However, it had nasty linoleum and paneling. Gross....

Well, when I moved up there, I didn't have a job yet so I decided to help with the renovations to get the house ready to move into.

Mom and I worked on her room. I think it came out pretty nice, considering what it looked like before.

Here's the room before we got to it.

Here's the room after we painted it. Light of my life chose these colors. I think it's a pretty sophisticated color palette considering she was 7 when we did this.

Now here it is all decorated with all her "stuff" in it. The A/C is a new addition. A VERY MUCH NEEDED addition here in the south.

In the next post, I'll show my kitchen.


Mama Dawg

12 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I have to agree with you about her chosen colors. Not something I would have chosen for me but I am not a fun loving 3rd grader. I think they look great!

Mama Dawg

Thanks! She likes it.


Your little girl chose great colors. I love little girl rooms. We are about to re-do my daughters room as well.

Glad you have Light of Your Life back : )

Mama Dawg

Oh, man, am I glad I have her back.


You are a far better mother than I could ever be ... beige, that's what you are getting and you need to be happy with it.

insane mama

I like the green, my daughter would have chosen the same!


Turquoise and lime green. 1 word...HOT! I love it.


Those colors are so bright and cheerful! Your little girl has great taste!

Btw, I totally cracked up at your WDW comment on my cremation post. Thanks for the laughs. :)

Mama Dawg

Carrie, thanks! I'm a bright colors person. My bedroom in New Orleans was lime green and my daughter's was blue and green. My living room was coral and my dining room turquoise. My bathroom was lavender and my kitchen yellow. So, we're a big believe in bright colors in our house.

IM & Lula-Yeah, I love the colors. They fit her and her personality.

Jen-Thanks (for both comments)!


Love it! It looks fabulous!

Congrats on having your baby back home, BTW! I'm sure it was pretty lonely with her gone. =)

And LOL on the guest post - hilarious!

Mama Dawg

Thanks. She had fun doing it!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life

Very cool...I love color!!

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