Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summertime TV

Summertime TV sucks.

Well, it used to. And, it still a degree.

However, this summer isn't as bad.

There is a LOT of reality TV out there. I normally only watch Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother (yes, I'm totally embarrassed to admit this...go ahead, laugh and make fun...done? OK, let's continue).

However, we have found a couple of new shows (some new this year, others new to us).

My mom likes game shows and more specifically, she likes old game shows. When we had cable (story for another time), we used to LOVE the Game Show Network. I loved watching Match Game and Password and The Newlywed Game as well as the new shows.

Since then, we've had to settle for whatever comes on network TV. We're still fans of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy (even though I can't watch that since it comes on during the day now).

We've re-discovered The Price is Right and Drew Carey's not doing too bad of a job. Password has come back on and we're loving that right now. We're also watching Deal or No Deal and that's about it, I guess.

As for reality TV, we've recently discovered America's Got Talent. What drew us to this show is the previews talking about the guys from New Orleans that do that break-dancing stuff. See, we've met those guys before. They perform in Jackson Square...technically, they play on the sidewalk in front of the stairs across the street from Jackson Square.

They are AMAZING to watch in real life. The perform all these acrobatic tricks that including doing flips and tumbles over like 8 people and all these jumps and flips and dancing. They really are good. I'm rooting for them to go all the way.

As far as the judges are concerned, I love Piers Morgan and Sharon Osborne. The Hoff, well, I think he's this shows answer to Paula on American Idol. Flaky....

So far, we're enjoying it. I loved the illusionist from this week as well as the girl that was doing flips on that board thingie. That was pretty cool.

We are also watching Celebrity Circus. I love Christopher Knight and am really impressed with Stacey Dash and Antonio Sabato Jr. Wee Man is hilarious. He's so cute. He's so cute, light of my life wanted to call in a vote for him! So, we did.

I've always wanted to join a circus, but I'm not nearly talented enough in any arena so I have to live vicariously through D-list celebrities and Ringling Bros. Barnum and Baily.

The last show we're watching debuted last night. It's called Baby Borrowers. Anybody else watch that?

Oh, man...I'm loving this show. The look of pure abject terror on these kids faces are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

I laughed my way through the whole show. I love the girl that said she wants babies because she's good with kids.

Yeah, that's a GOOD reason to have kids. You know what, if you're that good with kids, be a teacher...or a daycare worker...or something. Don't just have a kid because you THINK you're good with kids.

I also like the guy that kept referring to a 6 month old baby girl as "it".

(When I say like, you guys get that I don't really mean "like", right? OK, just checking!)

I can tell that this show is going to really irritate the hell out of me or make me laugh all summer long.

So far, they've only had to deal with infants. I can't wait til they get toddlers to take care of.

Talk about birth control!

What are you guys watching this summer?


Mama Dawg

8 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


does nick jr shows count?

Mama Dawg

Sure, why not?

Mom Taxi Julie

I give up on the tv. We need to get Direct TV, we area down to 4 stations so about the only thing on is Judge Judy.


So You Think You Can Dance- love, love, love this show!


Currently making my way through Season 2 of Weeds on DVD.

Love Netflix.

Anxiously waiting for Big Brother to start again. Even more anxiously waiting for the Olympics.


I'll admit it too, I love Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother.

I haven't seen that baby borrowers show yet but I hear it's something to watch.

I just started DVRing the Jon and Kate plus 8 show on TLC about the parents with 8's supposed to be great.


I am really missing my favorite shows. My nights feel so empty without House, Law and Order SVU, Scrubs, and LOST. On the flip side, I do have a lot more time to blog...

Not watching a whole lot of stuff other than HGTV. I like to watch it and dream of the homes I can't afford ;)


Ok, you are making me rethink my summer tv phobia. I especially need to start watching Baby Borrowers. I love Piers and the "Hoff" cracks me up, but I just can't seem to get into that show.

Is Big Brother coming back this summer? I know I'll get sucked into that one again.

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