Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mama Dawg vs. Mighty Mouse

It's Donkey Kong. You're going DOWN, Mighty Mouse.

Naw, seriously, you know how I wrote about a mouse and I having a stare down? And that I won because he (or she)* "blinked" first? But how he (or she) really won because he (or she) got away and I didn't catch him(or her)?

Yeah, well...

...caught him (or her)!

I knew for a while that we had a mouse. Mostly because I saw him (or her) running around in the living room. That's usually a pretty good sign that you have a mouse.

That and the mouse droppings all over the place.

Anyway, I bought this humane mouse trap because I couldn't bear to use one of those god-awful contraptions that broke their tiny little neck or back. God help me if I killed this guy's cousin. I'd go to hell for sure.

So, I've had this humane trap in my pots and pans cabinet for over 3 weeks now with no luck. Due to this, I finally broke down and brought out the god-awful neck/back breaking contraption and got all 4 of them set up with cheese and everything...not to stereotype mice or anything.

I went to open up the cabinet to take out the humane trap to clean it out and put it away when I noticed...I CAUGHT HIM (or her)!!!!

Yay! I found a way to catch the rodent without killing it (got tired of writing him or her).

However, since it appeared that the mouse had been in there for a few days (due to all the mouse droppings), it seems that this mouse has a cohort.

Which means that I still need to set out traps.

So, I went ahead and set out the god-awful neck/back breaking contraptions.

I checked all the traps this morning and 2 out of the 4 had the cheese stolen clear out of them.

It appears that I have a mighty opponent.

Reminder to self...look up how to catch a mouse on the Incredibly Clever Internets (hear that Internets, I'm butt kissing, better pony up the good deets).

Oh, and if you're wondering what happened to that cute clever little mouse I caught?

Well, in order to keep it from coming back in the house, it went on a ride with me in my car. About half way to work, I pulled over and let it out in a field.

Where it promptly ran out in the road and got run over.**

I kid, I kid. He ran off towards the woods. I swear I heard a high pitched voice yelling "Free at last, I thank God almighty I'm free at last".


Mama Dawg

*I have to politically correct or else the Non-Partisan Mouse Advocacy Group (NPMAG) will be on my ass.

**That would have made for a better story, but I fear the Internets would find out the real story and call me out on it and I can't have that. The least I can do is offer the Internets the truth and nothing but the whole truth.

12 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Momo Fali

You are such a sweet mouse trapper!

Mama Dawg

Thanks! I try.


Lol - darn inhumane mouse traps - it is like these micey knows how to get by - they laugh all the way going - ahh, sucker.. You need to be better than that to catch me..hehehehe

Mom Taxi Julie

Peanut Butter works good. They are so cute but ick mouse poop in the cabinets is NOT good.

Candid Carrie

Stereo typing mice by feeding them cheese? Good stuff.

Bobbi's Book Nook

Too cute! Unfortunately, I have what some might call an inhumane mouse trap - 2 indoor cats!


Mice are better than rats, I always say.


Best mouse trap ever: a large overturned teracota pot.

My sister-in-law lives out in farm country. Early in the spring they were working in the garden and left a large pot overturned. When it was time to start bringing things in for fall, the turned it over. There were probably 50+ dead guys in there. They could climb in, but couldn't get out. Worked great, but a bit too messy!


PB and/or chocolate is supposed to work good.

Those things can procreate rapidly. Better get them before you have 100+ mice.


My, oh my, you do have a mighty opponent in your home. Good luck with the second (and third or fourth?) mice in your home. hehe


I was wondering if these things worked. I'm glad to hear they do. I have cats right now so they are my exterminator. I hope you'll keep trying the humane trap. It did you right the first time.

Oh and you really don't want to see Mickey angry, do you? I hear he has quite the temper.


My spider would have eaten your mouse for breakfast. Just sayin'.

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